Aramark Strike in Houston

Houston Aramark Strike Protest Outside our ITEC Houston event, representatives from the SEIU service union are protesting for worker’s rights. I spoke with a few of them, and what might have been their PR representative. They want better wages, health care, and to protest other concerns they have with their work conditions.

Meanwhile, I’m inside at the CrossTech Partners booth with an ear infection, deaf in that ear, and thinking about what else needs doing.

Wishing you well.

Houston Aramark Strike Protest

Houston Aramark Strike Protest

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Business To Business Forum 2008

b2b conference Marketing Profs is throwing a
Business to Business Forum event on June 9th-10th in Boston, focusing on Driving Sales: What’s New and What Works. I’m one of the speakers, as are some of my friends:

Tons more folks are also speaking that I’ve yet to meet.

It’s not free, but it’s reasonable for a two day event with lots of sales and marketing leadership information.

If you’re interested, check out the event page for more information.…

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Still Here

In Repose Some of you sent mail asking whether I was going to stop blogging. Short answer: no. I could just as much stop blogging as I could stop breathing. For over ten years (a decade!), I have been writing my thoughts and ideas down onto the Internet for people to take away, change, challenge, and adapt. Not because I just want to give ideas away, but because you enrich me with your thoughts and points of view, and because I love seeing where you go with the things I put out for consideration.

Some of you asked me what book it was that I read on the plane that helped me gain my most recent perspective. The book is called CrazyBusy: Overstretched, Overbooked, and About to Snap!

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Saying No

stop sign Doing anything well requires the ability to keep your plates clean and ready to accept a helping of what comes next, but by saying yes to every little thing that comes along, one will be less likely to be ready to handle the things that come up. ( David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, handled this topic well in his book, Ready for Anything). In looking over all that I have on my plate, I realize that I have to go back and say no to a few things, in order to be fair to my more pressing obligations.

I should state clearly that part of this stems from my eagerness to please, and my own weakness and aversion around saying no firmly.…

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NTEN Rocks


The NTEN community reached out to have me as part of their “Ask the Expert” sessions. I told them I’d give them some blogging and social media resources. So, here you are, guys.

Social Media and Social Network Starter Points

Social Media Starter Moves for Business

Writing Effective Blog Posts

Keeping the Blogging Fires Burning

Seven Blog Improvements You Can Make Today

Measuring Social Media Efforts

Oh, and I’m doing a newsletter too, if that’s useful. …

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How Does Your Blog Relate to Your Business

I’m working on something, but don’t have time. Job stuff to do, and heading off to Houston to work on ITEC Houston, which will be fun, too. Anyhow, I have a question:

How does your blog relate to your business? Does it? What does your blog do for you?

Let’s get a discussion going, and I’ll share more of what I’m thinking on this later (or tomorrow).

What’s your take? Take over my blog for me today, okay? …

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SOBCon08 was Great

Jon Liz and Ann Flying back from SOBCon08 in Chicago. It was a great experience, and I’m grateful to Liz Strauss and team for putting it on. I’ll have more to say soon. I’m working on my business right now, and trying to get things done, and kind of overloaded. I’ll put up something meaningful for Monday, but I wanted you to know that SOBCon was a good time, loaded with great people, and is worth your radar for 2009. …

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What Were Your First Steps

Let’s do a post inside the comments post today. I’ll ask some questions, and then let’s talk about it in the comments. Fair?

What were your first steps into social media?

Who were your early people you admired and followed?

How did you get started?

If you were going to give advice to someone starting out, what would you tell them?

What will you do in the next few months with social media?

(Let’s see where this goes). …

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