Three Minutes On Social Media

Chris Brogan talks about this and that

I had the pleasure of talking to deputy editor Teri Evans at Entrepreneur Magazine after keynoting their Growth Conference in Long Beach. This ends up being a few tips about small business and social media. Hopefully there’s something useful in here. (Oh, and for a behind-the-scenes detail, check out what I shared with people on Google+ about the day we shot this.)

Can’t see the video? CLICK HERE

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  • Jez

    That was a really nice, succinct interview for looking at things from the perspective of an SME getting into social media. I think Laura Roeder uses the ‘cocktail party’ analogy too, and I’ve personally found that subtle shift in mindset works wonders.

  • Ltortman

    I’m a student at Syracuse University studying social media @DR4WARD @NewhouseSU and really enjoyed your view on the positive advantages social media provides for companies and the consumer. I liked how you pointed out how important it is too see how your audience is using their social media tools so that as a company you know how to promote your product the best way possible. “Your buyer is on the social web.” #NewhouseSM4

  • Jacqueline Teo

    Looking at social media just like any other way we would use to grow our business hey? That’s a simple yet amazing way to put it. Whenever start-ups or small business owners talk to me about expanding their market, I asked if they have tapped into the power of social media, and I get this look on their face. I always made a mistake by explaining too much to the extent they get all confused especially the non-social media savvy people. 
    Glad to have seen this video. I’ll make sure I explain it the way you do. Thanks.

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  • Rex Williams

    What do you prefer, Chris, to have a bunch of comments here on your blog, or on your G+ post? 

    I know you’ll get a bunch on both, but explain the reasoning you might prefer one, or the strategy for dealing with two comment streams.

    • Chris Brogan

      I don’t care. Anywhere someone talks is worth it to me. : ) 

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  • term papers

    Great article! Simple truths. Love your blog.

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  • David Bourne


    Good stuff. I like the phone analogy and will use it.

    I often use a similar explanation when folks complain about the social media technology. 

    Once upon a time we hated the phone because it would ring an interruptive bell in what was once a private space. Then we got used to it and won’t do without it. 

    And we also got used to radio, TV, pagers, email, the Internet, mobile phones and now Social Media.

    Most SM dissenters can relate once you remind them of the list. Or heck, just remind them of email. Something they can’t live without now. (I’m sure I missed a few in the list, too.)



    As a video creator, there was one thing bugged me watching the video. The B camera shot of you was not different enough from the A camera. 

    Ironically, when cameras are not 30% different it makes you too “jumpy”. Our brains compute a larger jump, but cuts between two similar images looks weird.  I thought you might be interested since you are getting into video so much.

  • Robin Reid

    Loved your cocktail party analogy – a good one to use with folks who are still struggling to “get it.” 

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    Keep up the good work – for sure i will check
    out more posts.


  • rmsorg

    Chris, we all need to be reminded that your customers are online… 65% of people come to your site via a search.. Great stuff here!

    Thanks Chris!


  • Ashley

    Three cheers for social media!

  • Rufus Dogg

    If all my friends are searching for the same things as me, I really need to be looking for some more exciting friends!  Google Plus

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  • Marcie_Hill

    It’s amazing how people are still getting freaked out about the term “social media” in 2012. What’s even more interesting is when  I ask people to conduct interviews on Skype, they either ignore the request or ask for audio because they don’t fully understand it. And many times they don’t ask for help. And I’m here to help!

  • Julie Dawn Harris

    So true. Social media is a powerful tool in promoting and
    advertising that can help your business grow. But before pitching in anything, you
    must first build a relationship with the online users on your niche. Thanks for
    sharing this interview.

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  • Tuwiki

    Great post!

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  • Tufail Shahzad

    Chris, love the way as your presented your thoughts i always tell to me clients that if you’re going to Engage your targeted audience on Social Networks then you can be a successful business owner.

  • electrical wholesalers

    This is a major communication tool for us as a way to speak to our customers as to what is going on in the company.

  • Paid for Surveys

    Good! Liked it…

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