A Shout-Out To Ed

My friend, @Ed (Ed Shahzade), did me a very big solid favor for me the other day. I asked him if he’d connect me with his friend and Twitter contact, Tony Robbins. Yes, THAT Tony Robbins. Ed said, “Absolutely! No problem.” 10 minutes later, I was emailing.

Now, what Tony and I are doing together isn’t the point of right now. This post, in its entirety, is about Ed. Watch this, Ed:

Know who’s a trust agent? @Ed.

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  • http://www.superdumbsupervillain.com/ superdumb

    That was the coolest thing, ever.

  • http://www.MyBonusBlog.com/ Chris Cobb

    Let us know how many new followers Ed gets after this :)

  • http://chrisbrogan.com Chris Brogan

    Ed has more followers than me. : )

  • alejandroreyes

    My boy Ed is THE man! Super humble and will out give ANYONE!

    Great video Chris. Awesome story & awesome connection.

  • http://www.therisetothetop.com David Siteman Garland

    Two things:

    #1: I can definitely attest to @ed being the man. He is like a magical fairy (I mean that in a good way) who just randomly appears sometimes and does all kinds of good. It is ridiculous.

    #2: The awkward pause at the end of the video is classic. Epic.

  • http://www.andrewnez.com/ Nez

    This really doesn't surprise me at all. Ed has always been a shining light on Twitter, and someone I'm proud to call a friend. :-)

  • http://chrisbrogan.com Chris Brogan

    I left it in for that. (the awkward end). He was such a pro camera guy (our shooter), and I was in the middle of praising him for that…. HE assumed I'd edit that. Me? No way.

  • http://www.therisetothetop.com David Siteman Garland

    I know, I loved it.

    I always tell people at the end of videos during interviews: “When we are done, just awkwardly pause for a second after the final words.”

    It is the best.

  • wotanuo

    Let us know how many new followers Ed gets after this

  • http://twitter.com/MikeLangford Mike Langford

    Ed is truly one of the greatest “I have never met in person” friends I have on Twitter. He has been so supportive of me and my efforts over the last 6 months or so. I can't wait to meet him in person.

    Of course seeing you get to meet Tony Robbins is pretty kick ass too. You have been a great friend as well Chris and to see you connecting with Tony, who has had such an enormously positive impact on me and my life, it's almost too cool for words. Rock on!

  • http://www.Guydz.com/moneypowerwisdom/ drmani

    Woo-hoo! Ed ROCKS. He's a LINCHPIN – http://bit.ly/7XAzUE

  • rogerrayenz

    That meeting must have been amazing

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  • http://www.cargiant.co.uk/cars/usedcars.asp used car

    Ed is my father's twitter friend. And I am very much impressed from his tweets. He is great guy. Ed really rocks.

  • http://twitter.com/deb_orton Deb Orton

    And he has the best twitter handle! @Ed, I mean how cool is that. Tony, Chris, and now @Ed show us what being Social is all about, and being a Trust Agent.

  • ankush009

    It looks so good when two friends meet! well m going to add Ed Shahzade on twitter. I am geeting traffic to my blog http://ankushwood.blogspot.com from twitter!!


  • http://www.aligned-marketing.com steve_hartkopf

    And Chris did me “a big solid favor.”

    I had an “ethical” question and asked Chris for his take. He had “no frame of reference” but immediately put me in touch with his top guy on such matters who is helping me.

    Thanks (again) Chris!

  • mikemcallen

    I never realized how small Chris Brogan is. I shall call him Sprout from now on.
    Nice work @Ed. I will have to follow you.


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    Best of luck guys! I'll follow up what is coming next. It is always very useful to learn from specialists in Social Media like you.

  • http://www.brandonburgh.com BrandonBurgh

    ahhhh…gotta love Tony. Did you see him out your balcony window and figure …”man…once in a lifetime opportunity. :)”



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    Hi Chris,
    Thank you for re-introducing me to Tony Robbins. I really like what he is doing with the innermetrix stuff http://www.whatsyourgenius.com/genius-mindset/w….

  • http://www.yuregininsesi.com yuregininsesi

    Ed is my father's twitter friend. And I am very much impressed from his tweets. He is great guy. Ed really rocks.

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  • http://storiesmynanatells.ning.com Lesley Dewar

    Two absolute gentleman of Twitter and Social Media: Chris and Ed. Both always prepared to take the time to acknowledge others and help where they can. Happy to have met them both, through Twitter and blogging.

  • Anonymous

    Subscribe to your newsletter and love learning about effective trust agents (yes, I bought the book). So I immediately followed Ed based on this post. But I politely asked him about a political post he wrote – maybe that’s not a good idea with some – and he about jumped down my throat, throwing every right-wing boogey-man at me, because I didn’t agree with him. I was really surprised, as he seemed professional when tweeting about social media (enjoyed most of his posts), but decided I didn’t care to follow him after this experience.

    Still love your stuff (I don’t follow you on Twitter, as your stuff gets lost in my feed; I prefer the newsletter.) Keep up the great work, and the recommendation on other trust agents to follow.

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