Pop Goes the Weasel

So last night, I’m working out with Kat. I am doing what’s called a split squat lunge. Do you know it? It’s when you take a really big step forward, then lower your butt until your back leg’s knee nearly touches the ground. They work your hip flexors, your quads, your glutes, and actually, pretty much every leg muscle you have.

During one, something went wrong.

I lowered my butt down, and then suddenly, the back leg, the one stretched out and bending towards the floor, something deep inside my upper thigh muscles went POP! I mean kapow loud like, like the granddaddy of all knuckle cracks.…

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Blogger Problems Part Deux

According to Blogger Status, there are two problems, one with general load balancing, and one with a specific server. Guess we’re in a little issue zone here, folks. I find that if you hit reload 1000 times, you get through it.


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Blogger Question

Are other Blogger users having industrial strength problems using Blogger lately? I can’t even access several people’s blogs without a prodigous amount of reloads.


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5K in 30:34

It was in the high 70′s, but with 100% humidity, it felt even hotter. This 5K starts off up a fairly steep hill, so I got my heart rate right up into 91% almost immediately thanks to keeping a decent pace going. But what the hell. It’s race day on the 4th.

I ran 9 minute miles the whole way. There were walking breaks here and there, and because the place was so well stocked, I had cold water at every aid station. Even the local fire department contributed, with a hose/fan combination that blew chilly spray at us. When I booted down the final 400 meters, I really enjoyed the loud music and as I got near the finish, the crowd’s cheers were DEAFENING… and then I realized the cheers were built into the music.…

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Off to the gym for some elliptical and a swim. Yesterday was rest day, which is steadily becoming one of the hardest days in the world to me. I really have to remind myself frequently that recovery is just as important as running, if not more. Rest, rest, rest.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words about my decision to train for the marathon in November. To Rebecca, the answer is: Stone Cat 2004. I’ll post a link once the sponsors have something worth linking. You’re all great people, and I draw much strength from the friends I’ve met through this running blog group.


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Strength Twice, and a Decision

I did strength training at the gym at lunch, and again this evening with Katrina. I did different things at the different parts of the day, so as not to put too much extra stress on any particular body parts. I’m feeling good, except for my glutes, which man… MAN! How can your ass muscles hurt so much?

I’ve decided to run a marathon in November. It’s a trail run, which is the first draw. Second, it’s a combo event with a 50-miler and a marathon, so I’ve actually got 13 hours to finish, if need be. Finally, I plugged in Hal Higdon’s novice training schedule for a marathon and I can knock that all out with two weeks to spare before this event.…

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Happy Canada Day + 4.2 Miles

Happy Canada Day to our northern relatives and friends!

I ran at Salisbury Beach State Reservation, barefoot on a gentle sloping beach as the tides slowly crept back in. There were a dozen breeds of seagull all interested in big sea snails, oysters, and the occasional sand dollar. Little fast-running birds like plovers and others I don’t recognize ran through the tall grasses skirting the dunes. The sun was fat and lazy over the ocean.

I’d arrived after the serious commercial fisherman, around the time the lobstermen and lazy fishermen get started. The surfcasters were already starting, at least the seniors, and there was one sea kayaker getting ready to head out.…

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My Program

Jon asked me in a comment if I was getting up at 4 or 6, and or commented about my program. I thought I’d write out the rough picture of what I’m doing.

  • Wake at 4AM.
  • Take my vitamins and my allergy meds.
  • Drink 32 oz water.
  • Eat a banana (sometimes some dry oatmeal, too).
  • Drive to my running destination: Maudslay, Bradley Palmer, Willowdale (all forests), the ocean, or the gym.

    (My program is a slightly modified Hal Higdon)

    Monday: Strength (AM or lunch at the gym, PM at home)
    Tuesday: Run (Decent length. Usually once in AM, once at night).
    Wednesday: Run or crosstrain (I do both. Run + cross in AM, same again in PM)
    Thursday: Run (Decent length.

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    2 Miles on the treadmill at Gold’s, and I had a first. I was faster than the treadmill. I got it up to 8 MPH, but I felt like I had *tons* more to give. It was a NordicTrak one, and I honestly only picked it because it had a video screen for watching tunes. But man! Faster than a treadmill? Not usually, man. Whoa.

    And then a nice 12 laps (is a lap down and back?) in the pool. Very decent cardio and cross training.

    Yeah! I feel pumped.


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    Morning, Y’all.

    “Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training, and some of us are not.” – Dr. George Sheehan

    I’m off to do some poolwork, and either 2 miles now, or 2 miles at lunch, or both. Still feeling great with my double-to-triple training days. I’m not overdoing anything, near as I can tell. I’m listening very closely to my body.

    Well, except for the voice telling me strongly, “Go back to BED!”


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