MP3s (for Bug and family)

Here’s the playlist of music I listen to occasionally while running:

Session- Linkin Park (from Matrix 2). My warmup.
Inner Vision- System of a Down. Get running.
I Come From the Water- The Toadies. Move.
Rollin’ – Limp Bizkit. (Sensing a theme, energy-wise?)
It’s the End of the World As We Know It – The Suicide Machines (punk).
One Vision- Queen (Bug’s Dad will appreciate that song)
Crazy – Seal.
Payback- Fatboy Slim.
Without Me.- Eminem.
Sugar- System of a Down.
Start the Commotion- Wiseguys.
Belleville Rendez-Vous.- Triplets of Belleville
Business- Eminem
Gimme the Prize- Queen.…

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Body Image

I’m a former fat guy. Sure, I’m still 30 or more pounds overweight. I’m 40 pounds overweight according to the national standards. But when I look at myself, I see a fairly fit guy who’s got some pounds on that need to come off.

That’s a first.

For decades, I’ve had one of two opinions. I’ve either thought I looked just fine and what’s all the fuss, or I’ve thought I was a fat guy that looked pretty okay for being fat.

I was telling Kat that I find myself running little diagnostics on my body these days. I’m always sizing things up, considering my training, looking at everything I’m doing from the centerpoint of how I got to where I am right now.…

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Little Slow, I Guess

Seeing as I’m without a pedometer, I have been guessing my mileage by time. I’ve been assuming a slow pace to be 12 minutes a mile. Guess not. Today, when I was done running, I went to the car and traced out the route. Instead of 3.5 miles, I’d done 3.1 in just under 40 minutes. Whoopsy. That’s a little slow, even for slow me.

I think I’ll give the treadmill a whirl at lunchtime and get a better feel for a 12 or 11 minute pace.

Not that I’m complaining. I ran down by the Merrimack River, where all the wooden sailboats are in the water, where loons dive like calligraphy to find fish.…

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Mental Toughness

Last night on that four mile run, I wanted to stop somewhere around 20 minutes into the run. I was going around a track, and I’ve learned that tracks are evil to me. They keep me fitfully aware of all that time passing, and I can’t stand them.

And yet, I persisted.

The “old” me would’ve just given up. In fact, my mental critic said to me, “Who cares? There’s no one out here. You can just go home.” But of course, *I* was still out there, so I couldn’t just go home. I had to finish my running. That’s where the mental toughness kicked in.

I started ticking off answers to the various pains in my muscles.…

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Seeing Double

I just got back from another 4 mile run. This is the thing: I have this urge to do double workouts every day that I’m working out, and I used to think this was horribly bad. Only now, I’m finding supporting information.

This month’s runner’s world has a profile of a woman who does ultras and the like. She runs six miles at a pop three or four times a day to practice up the mileage she needs. Thomas Jane, the actor who plays The Punisher, trained twice a day, with six hours rest in between, to get as buff as he needed to become the main character.

So, I’m not feeling injured. I’m not feeling overly sore.…

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4 Miles (I hope)

I have now officially destroyed my 5th Walmart pedometer. I wear them against my ankle and I guess my sweat doesn’t do them much love. At 2.60 miles, it died, but stayed showing that number for the next mile and a half. To mark out 4 miles, I ran for 50 minutes, which was four 12-minute miles plus a little on top for just in case. Rats.

The run was nice. I was a bit chilly but just the same, I endured and enjoyed. I saw some kind of bird that looked like a football with a black drinking straw sticking out of its nose. I ran by the new gym that’s offering $10 monthly memberships (strip mall sized and not exceptionally impressive).…

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Gyms On Saturday Nights

Short post. Turns out, they’re not open. Damn.


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Cross Training and Nutrition

I did 2 miles on the elliptical machines at the gym this morning. Man, I finally figured out how to use them. You jump on and watch whatever TV is playing in front of you, and you DON’T PAY ATTENTION to the mechanics of the movement. If you do, you immediately get messed up.

Anyhow, that’s how I did it.

Regarding nutrition, I ordered a book from my library by Chris Carmichael, who’s Lance Armstrong’s nutrition guy and all around training feller. I’m still looking for some kind of new guidance for doing athletics, but obviously not at Lance’s level.

Great looking day out.…

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What The?

Bowling just kicked my ass. I’m not kidding. Four strings of big balls. Yep. I’m beat. My ITB is screaming. My forearm is dying. Don’t ask about my thumb.


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Hello Drizzle

3.5 miles in drizzle and high humidity, and even my Under Armour stopped wicking. I had a weird hip pain somewhere around halfway, but then I realized I’d been running on the left side of the road exclusively, and that was the hip in pain. Duh. Switched sides of the road (despite that being running WITH traffic), and the pain went away immediately. Humans, huh?

I’m off to do some stretching and shower before the spider monkey wakes up.


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