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Chris Brogan and Michael Port

I’m blessed to get to talk with really smart people, like bestselling author and world class speaker, Michael Port. Michael sat down with me and talked about how to drive more business. We did it for Kitchen Table Companies, a place where small business owners can go and get business advice and find many more interviews and tools to help with your business.

In this interview, Michael Port and I talk about how to get more clients, how many clients is enough, how to think about pricing, and all the kinds of things you would want to know about business. It’s a really great interview, and will definitely give you a lot to consider for your business.

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  • Anonymous

    Two of my favorite guys in one video…you look and sound great!

  • Virtual Business Assistant

     This is such a great post  and two great guys sharing their views. Really a good one for small business owners like us. Thanks for the share.

    • Chrismonerat

      What share?

  • Yonnel

    You’ve got to be kidding me… This one is not very straight, Mister Chris.You definitely should mention that this vid costs 47 bucks. I naively clicked on what I thought was a video, but it was just a link to a page with “buy now” all over the place. What did I think? “I’ve been tricked”. I don’t like it and it does not give me a good opinion of you, which is not what you want and not what I want. What happened to trust?

    It’s OK to pay for good content, and your economic model is OK -quite inspirational, actually. But it only is if you tell it like it is.

    • Robert Vining

      Yeah, I got suckered from my feed reader as well… it never dawned on me that you would be selling a membership into KTC by way of this video post. It clearly sounded to me like you were offering some free content.

      Not saying you aren’t allowed to sell on your blog… clearly you are, and you do. You usually do it really well. I’ve checked out every single one of the companies you support, from NML to 501 to KTC and everything in between…. more than once even… but I felt a bit suckered today.

      Step up Brogan. This ain’t you man…

    • Chrismonerat

      Yes, unfortunately I felt tricked too. Wouldn’t mind being told it costs 47, but the post was entirely misleading.

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