Business Relationships Yield Value

The other day, I went from being so frustrated with Disqus (the blog commenting system I use on []), to being very much happy that I’d built a relationship with the company, and with one of their main voices, @Giannii.

Disqus commenting platform

I had a problem. I was receiving several hundred spam comments on my blog. It wasn’t some kind of software glitch. I’m just lucky and lots and lots of people were directing their spam to my comments section. I was beside myself, being that I’d had to go back and manually delete over a thousand comments.

Giannii and the team knew I was frustrated, and that I was starting to get a bit whiny on Twitter (I’m willing to admit it). Instead of pointing me to a FAQ or a how-to video, Giannii very calmly walked me through the two things I had to do differently to fix my problem:

  • Moderate any comments with a link in the comment.
  • Use the restricted words list.

Once you see those options, and understand them, it’s clear that’s all I had to do. This would’ve saved me HOURS over the last several weeks, I should point out, had I dug in and found these options. But I’m not that way. And honestly, neither are most users of products and services. The percentage of people who read the manual is a lot lower than the percentage of people who get frustrated fast and complain even faster. (Wish it weren’t so, but I challenge you to tell me that’s not the environment we’re in.)

How Relationships Yield Value

Giannii and the Disqus team act as trust agents by talking people through their issues and getting them into better working order. This, in turn, keeps me on their platform and lets me promote both the individuals (hi, Daniel!) and the team overall for their efforts.

Customer retention is a calculable ROI, as is acquisition.

The next time you need to provide another proof point to the boss that social media relationship management matters, think about moments like the above. I’m a supporter and fan of Disqus because they use social media tools to get to the bottom of issues, and because they have a strong customer-minded focus. That’s bankable value.

(And before you pull the “yeah, but you’re Chris Brogan” line, go back and search their tweet streams. The Disqus people help everyone equally.) runs on the Genesis Framework

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  • Ed Entrepreneur

    When Disquis provides support to their users (not just Chris Brogan) they are buying high value advertising at a very low price. What a smart strategy.

    I have been impressed with Disquis and am going to look into them for my blog.

  • Andrew Crook

    Thank you for the reply most interesting

  • Chris Brogan

    Um, where are they being taken off?

  • skykid

    I am having a positive experiences with Disqus and their customer support which is why I am sticking to them fir my blog wishing that more people will recognize their value. There are having some troubles with their latest update for WordPress, which I hope will be resolved in the near future.

  • ConcernedAmerican1

    Why are my comments being taken off the blog when it is neither offensive or obscene, while other more vile, profane, and ugly comments are allowed? My username is ConcernedAmerican1

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  • Woodworking project plans

    Real customer service is important. The folks at Disqus listened and responded.

  • William Hushburn

    Well, that’s a good decision right there.

  • William Hushburn

    Well, that’s a good decision right there.

  • William Hushburn

    Anyway, I appreciate your post. Thank you very much.

  • William Hushburn

    Anyway, I appreciate your post. Thank you very much.

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  • Business Energy

    Some good points here! A key for business communications is definitely to embrace the Social Media movements and take their communications ‘to’ Social Media, not away from the business.

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