Decisions are Dominos

Innocent Coffee Last night, I stayed up an hour or so past my bedtime to be with new friends. I ended up having trouble sleeping. That made waking up difficult. That made getting to the gym difficult. I’m now running late for a big day with a big event.

Decisions are Dominos

Our choices tip other choices closer or further away from us. “It’s just one cookie” is a choice further from our fitness goals. “I’ll call her later” is a choice away from a business goal. “200 words on my book today is plenty” is a choice away from your publishing goal.

Your decisions do have follow on effects. Tip over one decision and it’ll knock all your dominoes off onto new patterns.

It’s not to say that everything is fragile. It’s not to say that you can’t be flexible. It’s not to say that you can’t choose to live outside of your structure and plan. But know that every choice you make will smash into another choice and there WILL be a follow on impact.

What Decisions Are You Making Without Much Thought?

It wasn’t until I stopped eating bad food that I learned just how much it affected my general health. I got all of one cold this entire winter season, and that was basically sniffles for two days. Meanwhile, all my friends who just came back from a big week long drinking session disguised as a “conference” are all reporting SARS-like symptoms from their beds. Decisions.

I didn’t make a single sales call yesterday. Decisions like that will put me out of business eventually. Thus, I have to choose a different set of actions, lest I find myself wondering where my business went.

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  • Raul Colon

    Yes I got a bit of the SXSW-SARS this time the climate was horrible. I do agree that week with a different pattern has me off schedule completely. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Ben Fanning

    Definitely agree with Chris. Reminds me of the idea of planting lots of seeds today in hopes that one will grow into something special tomorrow. The more I put my self out there on projects, programs, guest posts, etc…the more results I see. Then I usually have to remind myself that the results I’m seeing are from putting myself months before…better get back to it :)

  • Harleena Singh

    Decision without thoughts are like shooting arrows without taking aim. Choices without priorities is like fishing without the bait.

    Choices-priorities-decisions; we weave our life with these threads and create different patterns. Yours is still better than mine! My new decisions bring me up on your site. :)

  • Brandon Jones

    Such a great metaphor, Chris, that decisions are dominos. Your post really makes me reflect on my daily decisions. It is also interesting to think about how your decisions domino affect other’s lives and decisions. We are all intertwined on the domino board.

    Lately, I’ve had to make the difficult decision to stay late at work due to being understaffed. I simply can’t get it all done in 8 hours so I’ve had to work lots of overtime. This means less time with my kids before they go to bed, and less time with my wife in the evening. So we stay up later, and I am continually fatigued. After a few weeks of being over-tired, I got sick. Decisions, decisions… Thanks Chris for the post!

  • Meg Cook

    Pressing snooze, then waking up an hour later than planned, then chasing the entire day to catch up and starting again the next day with snooze. :)

    • Chris Brogan

      Yep. That’s a tricky one to catch back up to, I agree.

  • Josh St. Aubin

    It’s so true Chris. Each thing you put off makes the next one that much easier to skip. Good intentions don’t matter if you’re taking the wrong actions.

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  • Mary Engelhav

    Well said… I have to sell my old car which is broken and I have to move to a warm, sunny all-year-around country but I am not because I am a chicken

  • Will Lenzen Jr

    “I’ll do that tomorrow” is one of the worst phrases we can act on. Great post Chris!

  • Katy

    Great post. Just another reminder that you’ve got to take action to be where you want to be. Nothing just falls in our laps.

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