Drop Everything- Run to LinkedIn NOW

linkedin apps LinkedIn just launched applications, and at I believe that for some of us, this has some really great potential to develop even more business opportunities. Not only can you display your capabilities in the broader sense, but with these applications, you can now display what you’re working on, your other passions, your travel schedule and more.

Others are going to write about the platform and what it means to have apps there and will this work as a business. I don’t give a rat’s ass. You, and I’m talking to you, run out and get into your account today. Link up your WordPress or TypePad blog. Put up a few of your last presentations using the new SlideShare application. prsentations Consider throwing TripIt on there, and showing people where they can run into you at upcoming events. This is just dog clever.

Run to LinkedIn and incorporate your stuff into your profile. Make sure it’s a great complement to what you’re already doing, and amp up the way you promote yourself using that service.

What do you think? What other kinds of apps should LinkedIn be seeking? What apps do you use that make sense as another addon to the platform? How will this impact how you’re doing business?

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