Experiment- 30 Days of Bing

Bing After meeting with my friend, Betsy Aoki, from Microsoft Bing, I had the inspiration to decide to go 30 days with using only Bing as my search engine. We all know who owns the market share, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for improving the experience and the user interface and the way we all use search. To that end, I thought I’d go on a quick 30 day test to see what I come up with. (I’m not sponsored by Bing, unless they decide to send me a bag of money, and if so, I have a contact form with that option waiting for you.)

From where I am today, I’ll write a post about what comes up, what I like and don’t like, and where I think things can move forward with search in general. I don’t normally cover search here, but in light of my recent January sponsor, it’s on my mind.

I’ve gotta tell you, on day 1, there’s room to grow. Here’s what I see when I “bing” my own name:

I'm not Chris Brown

In the realm of people I don’t want to have come up when you search for me, Chris Brown’s pretty high up there (if you don’t know the backstory of his little problems in life, I’m not telling you. Just bing “Chris Brogan” and you can find all about Chris Brown).

That’s where we are 30 days out. Not that the thing is built to appease me, but if I can’t find me easily, and if Bing doesn’t think I’m relevant enough to come up for my own name search, I’m not there yet.

Cool part so far? Visual search. I think that’s got some legs.

Anyhow. Here’s Day 1. See you back in a month.

Oh, and Bing people: please fix my entry?

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  • http://www.buildthatlist.com/ Tom | Build That List

    It will be interesting to hear your thoughts after the 30 days is up. I automatically go to Google for search. In fact I haven't done one search in Bing yet.

  • http://www.kherize5.com Suzanne Vara

    Wow. Maybe the CB of you and the CB of him is a likeness within their algorithm? Nonetheless, it appears that Bing is not up to speed when it comes to exact search terms.

    Well, you are lucky as for me having a last name that itself is bi-lingual (italian and hispanic, me being the first), my bing gave me results of the hotel in Vegas that took my last name and added a “d” to it. Vdara. Though a bi-lingual last name (which I suppose I can use in my favor depending upon where I am) and a hotel that altered it is far greater than showing up with the other CB.

    Visual search … have to delve more into that.

  • fabulousphotogifts

    Hi Chris – Happy New Year.

    Now I'm too paranoid to type my own name, lest I get one of the Muppets.

    I wonder what the worst miss-match is that's happened to any of your readers?

    It's always worth pointing out, particularly if your website / blog is e-commerce to check not only what your site looks like, but how the functions work and pages look when they load up in different browsers.

    Does our bespoke shopping cart even work in some browsers? How do you know unless you've checked them? You can't rely on potential customers to tell you – they'll just move onto the next one.

    Cheers Chris.

    P.S Query – are you now Bling-ing?

  • http://chrisbrogan.com Chris Brogan

    Yes, I'm bing-ing. : )

  • http://chrisbrogan.com Chris Brogan

    So, Bing seems to want us to be wrong about our own name, it seems. For the record, I'm glad you're not a hotel.

  • Daniel Lillqvist

    I don't know about the local variants of bing out there. Seems that the bing site I am routed to when searching from Finland has no problem recognizing you as the first hit on the web search. As a matter of fact.. there's no Chris Brown as far as I can see.. :)

    Or maybe someone at bing fixed it ;)

  • http://www.drewbeatty.com drewbeatty

    What they should do is have it so when people search for Chris Brown, your picture comes up! That would be awesome.

  • praburajasekaran

    If that happens, can we call it 'chris brown got binged' :)

  • http://alleykatzri.com/ Wood Foss

    RE: 30 days on Bing… Day 1 now 7:30am 3 hours after first post. Guess who pops up #1 on Bing. The grand poo bah of Social Media – Chris Brogan…. Not bad…. (All said with gratitude Chris and I like Bing)

  • http://www.vitabits.co.uk/skin-health/flaxseed-oil-1000mg/16362 flaxseed oil

    WOW,That would be very interesting.After 30 days you will be habitual.Waiting for your ideas after 30 days.Great….

  • BryanPerson

    Those images of that other Chris, if you squint heavily, do slightly resemble you :)

  • petermackellar

    I really like your idea, wonder what the results will be from the trial. I had never really used Bing, but after reading your post, I went to check it out. The visual search is different, interesting to watch the expansion of this feature over time.

  • http://twitter.com/engagethem Engage Them

    I really like Bing's image search too, but it's no wonder they've had problems with explicit content on their image searches. Apparently they're the top choice for users looking for pornography. It'll be interesting to see how they handle the content censorship – otherwise they'll never see success in certain segments of the market.

  • http://biznicillin.com/ Kathleen Jaffe

    Is it wrong that I first laughed out loud when I saw the search vs. search results?

    How about if I tell you that, after I laughed, I thought “Oh, that sucks.” ?

    I heard someone interviewed on an NPR program… last week? who said he uses http://www.bing-vs-google.com/ to see the differences in searches. And so far, Bing seems to be behind the curve.

  • http://www.kaplancopy.com/blog Jodi kaplan

    I got some hits on my blog from bing in the last month, so I just went and looked at the keywords that sent people there. Here are a few of them.

    1) mike mcgroaty (have NO idea who that is)
    2) how to fix broken stairs (my blog is about marketing)
    3) question marks

    It did find me when I searched for myself, but I was the 7th “me” on the list (boy that sentence looks funny).

  • http://www.yukiba.com/ Travel

    haha you might want to consider changing your first name

  • http://www.dan-menard.com/ Dan M

    That's interesting — I actually get better results for my name on Bing than Google. My blog (the url is my name) ranks 6th on Google but 1st on Bing.

  • http://www.relenet.com/ Tom Rau

    Might not be the correct search result, but it gave me a laugh and so Bing has brightened my day bit.

  • http://funnynamemedia.com/ Trent

    I've been trying to use Bing more because I'm way too reliant on Google. It's nice to know the options. I use it now about 80% of the time, but there are some things I just find better results on Google.

  • http://attractionmarketingandmindset.com Judith Atkinson

    I did a visual search just for fun and let a scream of glee when my name came up on 3 pages. Soemthing must be working somewhere. Thanks for giving me today's excitement.

  • http://www.lotusjump.com/ Robert Brady

    I really like using Bing for image searches. The ability to just scroll down the page and quickly scan tens or hundreds of images is great. I understand why Google makes me load so many pages (ads) but if I'm searching images it's always Bing.

  • Jenn

    I think it's funny that below your Chris Brogan website link are videos of “Chris Brogan” and they're all Chris Brown music videos. Apparently you have been moonlighting and not telling anyone.

    I'm surprised thought that it's not exact matching correctly. That's very odd.

  • http://www.lisacast.com/ Lisa Padilla

    In Google, you fix your own entry by clicking up arrows or an “x” to remove and itemfrom your search results. The future lies in the smarter Al Gore-rythyms which must be written, an inconvenient truth for software developers.

  • http://twitter.com/clayhebert Clay Hebert

    Good idea to try this experiment, Chris. I think we often give up too quickly on new tools.

    You gave Google Wave a 2nd (and 3rd and 4th) chance and now really like it for certain things. I'm sure Bing is better than Google at some things and only by giving it a fair shake (like your 30 day trial) will we learn what those are.

  • http://zaneology.com zaneology

    Giggling Quietly to Self…Chris Brown came up when I bing'd myself too. JK

    I am a big Betsy @baoki fan – we talked about how fun it would be for Microsoft to call something “bingalicious” when it was deemed awesome. By who? Us, I guess. We didn't get past the concept part of it all.

    Thanks for doing all thew work,


  • williamroth

    It might be easy for bing to correct your entry, but what about people that have common names, or worse, share a name with a celebrity? How do you achieve front page glory when people search for you and find out that you are a senator from Rhode Island that started the Roth IRA? What if your name is Michael Jackson? John Smith? How do you compete with that?

  • Cal

    I did wonder about Chris Brown showing up and it did bug me. So when I searched on Bing for you 5 minutes ago was delighted to find no more Chris Brown and just Chris Brogan. Then I read your article and laughed so hard the guy in the hotel room next to mine on the phone stopped talking….. Which brings up 2 things.

    1/ You have some major pull gringo;-)
    2/ am in a hotel where the walls are way too thin or the other guy and I talk WAYYYY TOO LOUD.


  • ritaashley

    People rarely change without huge incentive. Sometimes that incentive is relief of pain. I have no pain using Google. I Binged my name and came up with my website and repetition of SERVICES that list my name. (Facebook, Twitter, classmates, zoom, plaxo and on and on. ) Google found my websites, articles, blogs, LinkedIn posts and all manner of highly relevant identity information. Bing also found people with similar names and posted on the first page. Google had four pages of my own search info. Long live Google.

  • http://www.lefthandblue.us Jaimey

    Hey Chris,

    This is a fun experiment and journal about Bing. Thanks for doing it.

    The thing that popped into my head when I even just saw the name of your post on my iGoogle page—and that you've validated in the post above—is that this exercise would be fun to do for a lot of different products, personal quests in a blog or public forum.

    For example – 30 days of shopping hyperlocally, and journaling that process.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • http://www.bing.com/ Betsy Aoki

    Hi, I'm the Betsy Aoki who met up with Chris Brogan at CES .:) Thanks everyone for the comments and especially thanks to Chris for offering to do a tryout of Bing for a month (it was all on his own he offered and obviously not timed to go perfectly the first day :) ) .

    When we saw that his name query wasn't coming up correctly Sunday, I put in an email to the team before my booth shift at CES – it looks like our spelling corrector got too aggressive. For most folks, it should be fixed…let us know at twitter.com/bing if you still see it. In case anyone's wondering, that kind of “We see a bug” email is what I did every day for everyone I saw at CES – the complaints and kudos people had for me at the booth, went straight via email to the engineering team that day. I was there all 4 days so got a lot of great feedback.

    Good places to give us detailed feedback (more than 140 chars) if you have it are in the bing.com/community forums.

    Oh yes, – Zane is still waiting for a feature from us called Bingalicious. It's definitely still in concept. :)

    Thanks again everyone,
    Betsy Aoki, Bing

  • Prakash

    I guess they fixed it. goes to shoe the power of brogan

  • http://blog.mdsuburbanhomes.com Ken Montville

    Glad you're going to take Bing out for a serious test drive. I've been using BING since shortly after it launched and, for my purposes, it works just fine. My name takes up the whole page but, then, I have an uncommon name.

    I like the splash page. It aesthetically pleasing even though you could get sidetracked. In any case, I'm looking forward to reading about your experience.

  • http://www.davidwalker.tv/ David Walker

    Moi aussi, Tom.
    I have yet to do a search on Bing despite the raves I've heard, or maybe it's because of the raves since all they talk about is the background changing daily and some nice fish pictures when all I want is a simple interface with no clutter. Google does that for me.
    I'm interested in seeing what Chris will have to say after another 29 days although day 1 hasn't been that encouraging, has it?

  • christinagammon

    This seems to be a good spot to ask since we are on the discussion of search bars. Does anyone know a decent custom search bar… other than Google? Yes, I was banned- too many friends THOUGHT they were helping me by being click happy and now I can't find a good replacement for my site. Thank you for the help.
    Chris- I love your blog- you keep me thinking! Thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/amie.gillingham Amie Colonna Gillingham

    I periodicaly check Bing since it's been in our top five Traffic Sources (per Google Analytics) to EBSQ for a few months now, so somebody is using it. Just not me. I don't see what it does for me that Google doesn't already do, and do better. Am I missing something? What void in my life is Bing supposed to be filling?

  • spiffydave

    I love the bird's eye view Bing offers in their maps. Great for looking at real estate and much more useful than a straight satellite image. I'd love to see Google add this to go along with Street View.

    I also love being bribed to use Bing via their Bing Cash Back program. I've already saved a lot of money using Bing to buy from eBay and elsewhere. Keep it up!

    With that said, I continue to use Google as my main search engine and feel it provides better results across the board. Oh well…

  • Betsy_Hansen

    I will be interested to watch for your 30 day trial. By habit I go to google but lately I have been trying out bing. I like options – when they are good options.

  • bobcofbc

    For eco-friendly search try Ecosia.org. Each search saves a chunk of rainforest – instead of paying Bills salary.. ;)


  • drwright

    OH wow,, HOW funny is THAT~ :)

    Dr. Wright
    The Wright Place

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  • http://blog.fcon21.biz johnfurst

    OK, “Visual Search,” sound interesting.
    I follow your link, and get “…not available in your country,” but there is a link that says, “USA/English.” I click it. Visual search comes up with lots of nice pictures. I click celebrities, and a dialog commanding, “Install Microsoft SilverLight!” appears. The no thank you link is next to it. I think a couple of seconds, … Well, let's give it a try.

    The final scene shows “Microsoft Silverlight may not be supported on your computer's hardware or operating system.”

    Voila, no thanks.

  • http://www.wheelmax.com Wheels For Sale

    I also love being bribed to use Bing via their Bing Cash Back program. I've already saved a lot of money using Bing to buy from eBay and elsewhere. Keep it up!

  • http://www.yuregininsesi.com yuregininsesi

    This seems to be a good spot to ask since we are on the discussion of search bars. Does anyone know a decent custom search bar… other than Google? Yes, I was banned- too many friends THOUGHT they were helping me by being click happy and now I can't find a good replacement for my site. Thank you for the help.
    Chris- I love your blog- you keep me thinking! Thanks!

  • http://security-wire.com/01/how-to-remove-disk-optimizer-fake-security-program.html remove disk optimizer

    Maybe you will get disappointed:)

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