Fever Dream – Video Book Review

I’m grateful that my dad, Steve Brogan, is available to do video book reviews for Hachette Audiobooks from time to time. In this review, he checks out Preston & Child’s Fever Dream (amazon affiliate link). He hooked me when he asked the question, “How does John J. Audubon fit into all this?” Before that, I was thinking, “oh well, another book.” Now? I might want to have a listen myself. Thanks, Dad.

If you want to check out the audio program, get it here :

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  • Amy

    I just love your dad. He seems so peaceful. I love my dad too and not a day passes that I don't realize how lucky i am for every minute we have together. thanks for sharing your dad with us…and thanks steve, for being so open to new things that you have expanded, not just your own world, but ours as well.


  • http://chrisbrogan.com Chris Brogan

    Yeah, I like him. Pretty easygoing dude. : )

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  • http://www.kherize5.com Suzanne Vara

    ooh this is a book right up my alley. I enjoy the suspense but yet the investigation part. Writes this down to be sure to buy (affiliate link of course =-)!) Special thanks to Mr. Brogan for this review as I will like this book as it is a down time from the world of advertising & marketing but will be sure to spark a million of ideas. If I may, you share some features and mannerisms with your dad which I think is always great for a parent to hear as I know when me and Andrew are walking together or sharing some times with friends, they make sure I know that there is no doubt that he is my son.