Forget Cider Houses- Authority Rules

authority rules New from Brian Clark of Copyblogger: Authority Rules, a free report to download (no crazy barriers or forms) that helps you understand what it is about certain websites that earn our trust and develop a reputation. It’s interesting, because Brian’s report expands on stuff that Julien and I talk about in Trust Agents, so I’m excited to read Brian’s thoughts about it at Authority Rules.

It’s free and it’s interesting. Swing by and pick up a copy of Authority Rules. I’m already making some notes for how I’ll use what I learned there. It will help my clients, so it might help you, too. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  • Stuartfoster

    Great stuff Chris. Just am thumbing through it now. (Always fun when I get 5 emails in the morning telling me to check out the same thing).

  • Rob Wilcox

    We've downloaded – thanks for the tip. I've also added Brian's blog to my reader.

  • Brian Clark

    Thanks man… you're a gentleman and a scholar.

  • bigguyd

    Great stuff. Thanks for the heads up.

  • NatMich

    Wow, thanks for suggesting it! Looks concise and interesting from the get-go. I'll definitely read through it today and update with what I think!

  • Peter Mis

    Thanks for the info…

    Absolutely incredible content! And it's free. That info would cost a fortune at business school…if they even taught that at business schools!


  • Geoff

    I think the following article dovetails really nicely with this post.


  • Stajo

    So it tells us who uses our trust for good reasons and who need it as a way to fill up their pockets, probably a good read, if they made a book of it would probably do some advertising for it on twitter.

  • Jamie Favreau

    Great stuff. @bchesnutt posted this yesterday and I saved it.

  • maxOz

    Thanks Chris for your ever generous offers,
    Have downloaded 'Authority Rules' …
    Will return with feedback


    Michele (@maxOz)

  • inforwrangler

    The free report is a great read and very informative.

  • Marketing Infowrangler

    The free report is a great read and very informative.

  • micro sd card

    Well, it (not long to pick) and there was some really solid advice in there finished reading! I practice the Clark campaign, good title, captivating hooks did an awesome job, through to what he says is what they teach, etc. demonstrated the value of the layout is terrible, brief but break points with links to other sources for more detailed information =).