Gmail Has a New Inbox for You

Gmail Has a new Inbox For You

When I logged into Gmail, I noticed the above-mentioned graphic. Above my list of emails was this text:

Try on a new inbox: Classic / Important First / Unread First / Starred First / Priority Inbox

Isn’t that interesting? I’m trying Priority Inbox, which already existed, but the new look and feel of it really seems to have made it work out even better. I also liked “Important First,” so might toggle for a while.

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  • James Thoenes

    I tend to just take each email in order and delete, save, or read it as it comes. I don’t see too much advantage in the offered views, yet.
    I don’t get anywhere near the email you do so maybe this will change.

    • Michele Welch

      Wish I could do that! I get and average of 50-100 per day. Many of it non-essential though.

      I like the idea of “important” Chris. Oddly enough, didn’t notice it until you mentioned it. Email blindness I guess. ;-)


  • Brian D. Shelton

    Chris, as a helpful tip, the new UI design can be accessed by clicking the gear icon, choosing “Mail Settings,” clicking the “Themes” tab and choosing “Preview” or “Preview (dense)” from the options listed. It doesn’t appear that choosing a “new inbox” triggers the new IU theme. Hope this helps folks.

  • Braddo

    You should try the flooding plugins to make your GMail even better: Rapportive, ActiveInbox and Boomerang. There is some overlap between ActiveInbox and Boomerang but I live with that for the convenience the latter gives in scheduling emails.

  • Braddo

    You should try the flooding plugins to make your GMail even better: Rapportive, ActiveInbox and Boomerang. There is some overlap between ActiveInbox and Boomerang but I live with that for the convenience the latter gives in scheduling emails.

  • Carol Locke

    Yikes! I *star* very judiciously, so I don’t forget important stuff with a “not immediate” deadline. I delete RUTHLESSLY – and that’s even on my biz account. I do that probably 2-3 times a day, even on my “real” account, as opposed to the obligatory crap gmail address I use for everything but business.

    It’s working OK so far, but I’m totally OCD about my inbox. Check, check check…. delete.. every.single.time.

    I clearly don’t get the volume of email you do…
    but I worked at an agency where the owner berated the creatives for not sending her WIP#whatever – though it had BEEN sent a week prior, because she couldn’t even manage her inbox, and part of my job was to mediate – so I’m hyper vigilant about email.

  • Ricardo Bueno

    Noticed the layout yesterday and I’m a fan. I try not to live in email, but I’ll star things that need responding to so I can revert back and remind myself. So it’s neat to be able to easily toggle back and forth. 

    Aside from that, the new design is just (dare I say): Sexy!

  • swbuehler

    I switched over a while back from Google Apps to Microsoft’s Office365 (basically Exchange and SharePoint for the masses). Yes, it’s $6 a month, but for that price I actually get support (the same can’t be said for Google; I’m still trying to get back my zombie feeds from Feedburner and they are just referring me to Groups that they obviously don’t read).

    • paul martin

      Be fair – you dont get owt for nowt, except fae Google

  • Ken Faw

    Hi Chris. I have Google Apps for Domains, which couldn’t be linked to Google+… so in order to activate G+, I created a new gmail account. The account accessible from Google+ has the new inbox option, but the Apps for Domains does not… so it is possible that not all of your readers can use the new inbox yet.

    Kind regards,

  • Anonymous

    Hi Chris
    I like the new layout of Gmail!

  • Nigel Legg

    This annoyed me right away, and I went back to the old view.  Inbox zero policy helps. 

  • Nigel Legg

    I changed round the format a couple of times, but went back to the original.  Inbox zero policy handles that kind of thing. 

  • SharelOmer

    Hi Chris,

    Indeed the new UI and Fous on the priority inbox help us to better manage our mails feed…As a person that receive over 500 mails a day i’m sure you use this to the extreme :)

    There should be also “priority inbox” to social media feeds :) 

    We like the new design a lot… 

    Thanks for sharing, 

  • Max Furniture

    Haven’t used the Gmail’s new inbox sorting styles … Upon reading your post, I think my favorite inbox style will be #2…Thanks for the share 

  • photo contest

    Nice to see new modification in gmail

  • Sebastian

    Thanks Chris for posting.  I personally am a fan of the unread first.  I get so many emails its good to have unread ones appear first.  

  • Faywood

    Don’t know if I like this or not—yet. Browser can not find my inbox. Help

  • wedding photographer

    This inbox is awsome! I love it…I simply adore this board – so so pretty!

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    Nice styles of gmail new inbox  Pretty distressing. Fabulous coordinates! What a wonderful set!!!

  • Decolapaul

    i cannot access ma e mail?????????????   whats up againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn???

  • WFG Women

    I have my account on gmail…its new inbox seems to be very nice and convinient …Inbox automatically identifies your important messages ….its awesome.

  • eBridge advertising

    I also have Google account and even I also seen the changes which is done by it..Although I liked the changes..They were user friendly..

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  • Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj

    The new inbox looks great in it’s design but I think that I am fine with the old one.

  • Phillipsbettyann

    I can not log into my gmail account to check my mail. if u send me a message use my hotmail one cause if u send it to my gmail I can not get to my account to even read any of my mail. thank u

  • Michael Trevino

    I always have a hard time trying to log into my gmail account.

  • Mishrakuldeep63

    how are you vivek

  • JK

    grootfontein is cool