Google Admits a new OS is Coming

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Just read this post on Mashable saying that Google confirms they’ll have an operating system for computers out for late 2010. This is a huge move. A new OS isn’t to be taken lightly, and yet, today I was having the conversation with Rob Hatch that neither of us really use native apps that often. We live in the browser.

This doesn’t hit for another year, so let’s not all go crazy. And yet, think about this.

MSFT has decades of experience. Apple does, too. Linux isn’t a big slouch.

Would you go full-Google?

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  • Jon (was) in Michigan

    If its as “exciting” as Google Chrome was? I'll pass.

  • Brian Kung

    I'd try it out, but I'm happy with Windows. Got used to the keyboard shortcuts, and Windows 7 is compelling.

    I think Google can make it work for the market segment they're targeting. If I got a netbook, I'd probably only use it for, well, the net anyway, and if they can make the OS that much more transparent, I'm all for it.

    Instant on? Twitter plugins for your OS? Online storage sites as native drives?

    That would make a compelling netbook.

    As for competition, Google is competing on another level than MSFT or AAPL…it's a noncompetitive development cycle, and it's based on linux, so I think it gives them the flexibility to pour as much or as little money into as they want or need.

  • PJ Mullen

    Like you, I live in the browser. I write my blog on google docs before transferring it into WordPress. I got tired of all the errors I would get with MS Office '03 and Vista, so I deleted it off my computer. It ran slow, hung up and crashed often. I tried Open Office to little success, not sure what the deal is there, but I've received no response from my multiple crash reports. So, I've uploaded all my work files for my blog, the music column I write for another blog and some consulting projects I've managed to scare up while being a stay at home dad to my son to Google docs. I get lots of annoying 'network' errors while in the middle of editing, but I have yet to lose any work. And it isn't nearly as frustrating as the constant crashing and hangups I've experienced with Office '03 and Vista. I will definitely be interested in trying it out, as I long abandoned IE for Chrome. It isn't a full featured, there is still a lot of support holes and plugins that don't work yet, but for what I need it is fast and loads quick. I'm not a tech guy, but I am curious to see what they can do with an OS. Assuming I don't make the switch to a Mac before it come out, anyway.

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  • submitqueen

    Google is always good in whatever it starts. But i think Google's announcement of new OS has some connection with Microsoft's BING this time.
    Microsoft's is always the lovable by all users being it more user friendly dont know if Google's new step further will have any impact on windows popularity and peoples choice.

  • dtsonev

    Nothing new here… it's Linux inside.

    But I'll try it.

  • Creative Copywriting

    I would Not Go for It for What i have Heard For Now as i have heard most of the Os Would Need a Good connection To work efficiently.

  • Ben Hein

    Probably not.

  • VitaminCM

    Count me out.
    Chrome has no compelling features. I have a MacBook Pro with Windows running in Paralles. I think I'll be just fine without this POS.

  • socialnerdia

    That's crazy that Mashable was the source for this. They've become a news source.

    Regarding Google creating an OS, it's awesome news. Finally we will have a truly new option. As much as I like web-based browser apps, the fact is that a lot of people use software like Adobe, MS Office, Air apps, etc. I mean, you can't use iTunes on a browser and you can't edit audio online? Sure, companies like Adobe are doing great things in the browser, but the OS is still the core (and a cash cow).

    I will be interviewing the Sr. Director of in a couple of weeks (for “The Social Nerdia Show!”) and it'll be interesting to see his thoughts on Google's move into the OS space and the work that Adobe is doing for the browser.

  • jackieadkins3

    Let the hype building begin. Unfortunately this is going to have very high expectations from a lot of people since it's Google, which sets it up for a less than satisfactory launch (hello Android phone). It will be a long tough battle to surpass Windows, as it is so entrenched in society, especially the corporate world. Some would argue if anyone can do it, it would be Google, but I'm going to have to disagree. Windows 7 may raise the bar even higher.

  • victorliew

    Coming from a third world country, Malaysia, here is another angle.

    Google OS take up will be in the 100s of millions.

    Microsoft is up the shit creek without a paddle.

    My thinking…

    IT take-up in third world countries like Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, China in the past was driven by pirated software.

    I'm not advocating piracy.

    In recent years Microsoft's overzealousness in preventing piracy, coupled with, ridiculous applications and OS pricing, made the PC unavailable to the lower class third world masses.

    The netbook's rise indicates the masses have voted with their wallets. They don't need Microsoft's overpriced engineering.

    Google OS turns the device into a tool like a VCR recorder. The OS won't matter. What's important is what it does.

    It's the 80/20 rule.

    Surfing, Facebook, Messaging, YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, Word processing, Spreadsheet, PDF….

    I foresee the third world take up rate to be phenomenal.

    We live in interesting times.

  • schweickism

    Chrome has somehow managed to pick up about 6% of Internet users as of last month, yet in my opinion any neat or remotely attractive features it offerred were taken from Opera (which remains the browser of only about 2% of Internet users). I suspect that Google's OS will get significant use, for a while at least, just because it's Google, but I don't anticipate anything more than another Linux distro.

  • Sarbartha

    It will be big shift in OS world. Microsoft got a fresh challenge.

  • huangqin
  • UPrinting

    Eehh… I don't know. OS? Really Google? I admit Chrome was good but an OS is another thing. Oh well… probably won't use it anyway.

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