Hello, 4:40AM

After two days of waking up late (er, uh, 6:10AM), I’m back to my regular running time. I did my morning ritual:

*Fuel- two handfuls of uncooked oats and a banana.
*Flintstones (multivitamins).
*Friends (read blogs while food processes a bit).

And now it’s off to do 42 minutes of Run 4/ Walk 1. Hello rain. Hello fog. I am your companion. I do all my training in this weather, it seems, but I’m thankful it’s not 100 degrees, so I’ll deal. I’m ready to go out there and try a few things. I’m feeling good about everything. See you later.


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  • Tord

    Wish I could download podcasts as mp3. Won’t be listening since I can’t.

  • http://twitter.com/DennisMcIntee Dennis McIntee

    Great stuff. I really appreciate how energized I feel after engaging with your blog and podcast! Hope to catch you “live” sometime in the future!