How are You USING Your Blogging

I wrote a post over at my company blog called Why bother blogging at all, wherein which I mentioned that it’s pretty tricky to find time and resources to get blogging done. After writing what I thought of as a kind of throwaway rah-rah post, I realized that there’s a lot more to this, if you give it some thought.

Because right after asking yourself why one should bother blogging, if you’re doing this as a business, the next question after why do it at all is, “What’s it doing FOR me?”

( And as always, when I say “business,” you can interpret this as you need. )

If you’re blogging to make some kind of impact happen, how are you measuring whether that impact happened or not? For instance, if I invite you to check out Thesis (affiliate link), I sure as heck go check and see how many people clicked the link over the next few days. If I’m writing what I consider to be a thought leadership post, I look for number of trackbacks. If I write a post that’s linkbait (hey – we all do), I check to see if you bit into my bait.

So, quite simply, HOW are you USING your blogging, and what are you asking it to do for you? And how are you measuring that it worked? runs on the Genesis Framework

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  • elizabeth dulemba

    My blog has become the engine I use to share my Coloring Pages every Tuesday <>. Each week I post a new coloring page on my blog and advertise one of my picture books with it. I encourage people to sign up for my Coloring Page Tuesday alert, and when they do, they get the coloring page every week and even more information about my picture books (and more shout-outs to people who use my images in fun ways). Sounds silly, but I have almost 2,000 subscribers now and they are mostly my demographic: parents, teachers, librarians and booksellers. Because of this odd marketing idea, booksellers are now coming to me, rather than me trying to find them. It's been incredible! LUVS my blog!
    (Oh, and I'm currently giving away a code, on my blog, to download my iPad app LULA'S BREW for free.)

  • Thu Nguyen

    I started off blogging because I was interested in the profiting aspect. That was tempting. Then one month in I felt the creative urge to write more about other matters that were interesting to me. Can't figure out if I'm branding myself or a business. How do I measure creativity?

    I just said what the hell and decided to go with the creativity. If it impacts you, great, if I'm making money better. But I want to speak about what I want. That's just me.

    Thanks for the discussion Chris.

  • birkenstock

    I hadn't thought along this axis, Christine, but I like what you've brought to the post. Thank you for sharing your take. : )

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  • Devon Jordan

    My goal with my blog was a selfish one, to develop my “personal brand.” Like most of the comments below, I wanted to improve my rank in the open market. But that didn't mean taking from the community and not giving back. I know that I am getting value across in my writings (because they are shared) and I know the personal brand thing is working (I got a job). So I guess that means GREAT SUCCESS?!

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