How To Blog For Business

How to Blog For Business A while back, I started a project called Blog Topics, which is still running and provides hundreds of people with ten or more post ideas plus writing advice every week. As I looked into what else people were asking me for, it came out that people were also interested in understanding how to better leverage their blog to build business. I gave a free webinar on the topic and had almost 3000 people register. Because of that, I’m ready to offer the budding web entrepreneurs in the audience a new product that might be helpful to you called How to Blog For Business.

This Isn’t Get Rich Quick Stuff

There are Internet marketers aplenty who will tell you that you can be making six figures in a few months’ time with just a few simple, tested formulas. I’m sure some of those things work rather well, and I am not saying that some folks aren’t making that kind of success, but that’s not what I’m selling. With “How to Blog for Business,” you and I are going to look over several things, from how your site is designed and ready to accept business, to some of the various online business models that might or might not work for you, to how you might promote your offline business via your blog, and more. None of what I offer will fall into the camp of “get rich quick,” and so, if that’s the goal, you might look elsewhere.

We Will Talk About Motivation As Well as Actions

Selling is okay. Wanting to make some money via your blog is a valid wish. If you’re a person who wants to grow your business, this is for you.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Yet)

We’ll cover different topics every week, and along the way, you’ll find some things that resonate with you and others that won’t. Don’t jump into this whole hog and think that you’ll be paying your mortgage right away. Instead, let’s figure out what works well for you, how you intend to build your web business via your blog, and let’s see if we can find what makes you successful.

If This Sounds Interesting

If you’re interested in learning more, swing by How to Blog For Business and read through the offer. You’ll also see the free gift I’m including for people who purchase this before the offer expires (on Thursday, August 11th). I hope you’ll find it useful for your own business goals.

And if not, hey, a new free and potentially useful post comes out tomorrow! runs on the Genesis Framework

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  • Jim Connolly

    Good luck with the new venture, Chris!

    • Chris Brogan

      Thanks, Jim. Just something I think might be helpful. : ) 

    • resume

       can i join this comment? i’d like to..

  • Helen

    Hi – may have missed it – but its 9 something a month … for how many months?

    • Chris Brogan

      As long as you’d like. I’ll keep writing new stuff that helps with the process along the way, but you can quit whenever you feel confident. : ) 

      But, a question about that: would you prefer a finite number? Does that make it more appealing? 

      • Rick Henry


        As long as the content is fresh, I like the ongoing “drop at any time” sturcture.  If I know there is a six-month commitment, I may refrain from joining.  I am curious, if I join for several months but drop the class due to time constraints or something else, can I rejoin again at a later date?


  • PetCareRx complaints

    Well There are Internet marketers aplenty who will tell you that you can be making six figures in a few months’ time with just a few simple,tested formulas..Really nice one..

    • Chris Brogan

      Yeah, I’m not them. : ) 

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    Is this is more efficient than to other blog site? What would be the advantage and disadvantage if we could used this?

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    This is really thoughtful information and topics to improve content and increase engagement with customers.

  • Jim Lastinger

    This is perfect Chris! I’m getting the hang of blogging on my personal blog, but the blogs for my brands are definitely struggling.

  • Justin Dupre

    Thanks for sharing this info. I think it’s useful for those into blogging.

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    As much as possible offer something like tips, information or free stuff. People always dig into this strategy.

  • Henry Louis

    Chris, I am seeing that you are trying to sell your product here :). I am choosing to come back tomorrow & read the other post.

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  • Ryan Thompson

    signed up , pretty excited

  • Jennifer Aniston

    for sharing your information with us..this is really interesting

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    Don’t jump into this whole hog and think that you’ll be paying your mortgage right away.

  • Phillyseo

    Blogging for a living is volatile and is very difficult to break into.

  • Anonymous

    For business we can do two type of blog. One type is write blog about own company , product and services so by this we can get trust of visitor or customer. And second is that write blog about people’s interest with providing best information so that we can engaged them to response us and this way let them to visit our site.
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    Blogging is such a great help for business in so many ways. 

    Able to promote your site, showcase your products and another thing that make blogging helpful is your ability to express your ideas. There are type of people who doesn’t like to talk about what they feel but if they do it through writing they can definitely say it well. 

    Somehow blogging becomes a therapy too.

  • Guest


  • Raela Drigger

    Also, those formulas they’re blabbing about? They change by the minute – or depending on what is the great Google’s horoscope and mood for the day. Kidding aside, SEO and business blogging are really under the mercy of search engine sites, and the only thing we can actually rely on is our creativity when it comes to providing relevant content for our business site.

  • Satrap

    I am glad you mentioned “don’t quit your day job yet”. Sadly, because of all the hypes on the internet about blogging and making money online in general, lots of people think its a quick process and you can start making money over night.

    I read these sad stories of people who quit their jibs whcih was their only real way of making an income, because they really thought they were going to make it in  matter of weeks or months. It takes much longer than that to truly succeed in blogging. And the most important thing is you never stop learning. Blogging is evolving, so there is always something to learn.

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    I like blogging….And thank you so much for providing thoughtful information and topics to improve the blog writing.

  • Wesley Wise

    Sounds interesting! i will surely check How To Blog For Business and check what you offer. I really like to blog specially during my free time! :) More power to you!

  • Terry Crowe

    Don’t quit your day job… AMEN! SO many people think that they can just start making money right away just by throwing up a blog. Not true. In fact, those same people are the ones who are constantly chasing the “one button to riches” schemes and end up spending a ton of money, instead of making a ton of money.

    Plan your work and work your plan.

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    Thanks Chris

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    Oh, I like that! I mean the part where you said that this isn’t a get rich quick thing. There are people that actually think that these kinds of stuff will get them money fast. Well, it will give them money, but it takes patience before they can get actual results.

    – Ray

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