Former US Navy SEAL Can’t Seem to Retire

Pete Wikul from

I don’t often get to talk to Nobel Peace Prize winners (co-winner, Pete would correct me, as he did every time I called him that), nor Navy SEALs who have earned the title of Bullfrog (longest currently active serving SEAL), nor someone who seems at all able to retire. Pete’s story is amazing. His current venture, Mission Ready, is a nutriceutical company he founded with his good friend and former swim buddy, Jim “Skip” Mackay. Pete has been experimenting with natural remedies for a long time, and this has since evolved into his work at Mission Ready. We talked about one of his products, Sleep Ready, a natural sleep aid.

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  • Michelle Gilstrap

    Congrats on landing such a neat interview.

    • Chris Brogan

      My friend, Deirdre Breckenridge was kind enough to make that happen. : )

  • Dennis “DenVan” VanStaalduinen

    Um, is this an affiliate pitch? Because if it is, I don’t see the disclaimer. And if it isn’t I don’t see the point.

    • Chris Brogan

      It’s not an affiliate pitch, no. And you don’t see why I’d want to talk with a guy who won the Nobel Peace Prize and who served in one of the most elite military forces in the world for longer than you’re probably alive?

      I would have gladly talked to Pete about what color paint he was painting the back closet. What he’s into right now is his company that helps people get their sleep in order.

      • Dennis “DenVan” VanStaalduinen

        All right, so I get the first part – not an affiliate pitch. But I’m still not clear what this or the recent tea guy video – have to do with this blog. I get that you’re into them as an individual, but how do they apply to Brand Brogan?
        Seeing this stuff here is like showing up at an Air Supply reunion concert to find out they’re into thrash metal… no wait, that would be an improvement…. let’s say you show up and they don’t play music at all, but spend two hours pushing condo properties at some “awesome spiritualist centre” in Florida – not for money, just because that’s what they happen to be really enthusiastic about right now.
        They would have every right to do that: It’s their show and they EARNED that audience. It just wouldn’t make sense.

        • Chris Brogan

          Interesting point. Thanks for the question. The answer will be revealed shortly, actually. : ) Hint: I’ve transitioned this site several times in the past 12 years. : )

          • Dennis “DenVan” VanStaalduinen

            Okay. Interested to see where it goes. But seriously. Remember Air Supply (or at least my fictitious version of them).

        • Market Fan

          No,wait, Air Supply pushing condo properties instead of playingmusic would also be an improvement! :)

  • John Michaelson

    Great interview with a guy who is a National Treasure

  • Berni Xiong (sh-UNG)

    Deeply inspiring story and guy, that Pete. Thanks for sharing these stories, cuz.

    Always keeping me on my toes.

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