Come to NYC With Me

Learning You are invited to a live event in New York City with me, on March 26th, 2013. What are we going to do? Grow your business.

This is the 201 Stuff, Not the Fluff

I’ve built up a program for ImpactNEXT built around two core approaches: content marketing (including blogging, email marketing, webinars, podcasts, and more), and digital channel mastery (what to do with all this various social media stuff), with two 3+ hour workshops on the subject material. In these, we’ll work through strategy early on, but move into direct tactics, recipes, and action plans so that you’ll leave with a notebook full of next steps to take. That’s the whole point of the experience. You’ll be joining me for instructions and learning that you can apply to your business immediately (or maybe after your team meets for some planning and integration).

There’s a Lot Going On, But Not Too Much

The day gets started early on the 26th, and you start the morning with Mastering the Digital Channel (details here). We break for lunch and then reconvene for the afternoon session, Creating Content That Matters ( details here). Sprinkled in there will be some special guests that I’m not fully at liberty to tell you about, but who are successful business professionals in their fields with lots of actionable insights and ideas that will be directly applicable to your business.

Then, that evening, join my co-author Julien Smith and I for an hour long conversation about how to stand out, make impact happen, and get your ideas seen and acted upon. Julien is a dynamic speaker with a lot of energy and the two of us together will leave you with a lot of ideas to take back to the office.

So, it’s a full day, but not a crazy and overwhelming experience.

An Intimate Setting

We’ve built this event in the Helen Mills Theater in New York City (details here), which is a smaller venue, which means that you’ll spend lots of up close and personal time with me and others at the event. It’s all in one room. There aren’t all kinds of sideshows and craziness to deal with. It’s you, it’s me, and it’s some of your peers. Oh, and Julien and a few subject matter experts to really juice this up.

Who’s Coming?

So far, the people who have bought tickets are either business owners of smaller businesses, or agency professionals looking to add tools to their toolkits. There are a few consultants sprinkled in there, as well. I’m excited about this, because I’ll be helping people with their own companies, but also helping those who provide services to others to be able to do more for their clients.

Get the Scoop

The details for this event are here: ImpactNEXT 2013 in NYC. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me: chris @ chrisbrogan . com , or Rob Hatch ( rob @ hbway . com), and we’ll gladly tell you all we can. I hope to see you there!

ONE LAST NOTE: We WILL sell out, so please consider making your purchase as soon as possible. Once we hit the fire code limits, we can’t keep selling tickets. :( No, it will not likely be filmed.

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  • Annabel Candy

    You already live in new york don’t you? I would LOVE to come along. Maybe some day if the sun shines on me :)

  • Maz

    I’d LOVE to attend but live in London…. when will you come over this side of the Atlantic? What can you share of the day with those can’t make the event?

  • CallTheMarketingGuy

    Chris, I know NYC is the “media capital” of the world, but I live in Orlando, and don’t travel north of Daytona Beach during the winter. – lol. Best of luck, and hopefully I will attend your next event………….when it warms up ! :)

  • Bob Garrett

    Love to attend but beyond my pocketbook funds – any free tickets?

  • Ada R. Wooden

    I would LOVE to come along.. here this Details..


  • Jared Easley

    All of the session sounds great… I am particularly interested in the session with Julien Smith. I wish that I could make it to NYC.

    @Chris – What is your favorite memory of NYC?

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