Sponsored Post – Two Weeks of Office365 and Windows

I decided to challenge myself and really put Office365 to the test. Dell XPS10

The following is sponsored by Cloud Powered Work, which is a project with IDG, LinkedIn, and Microsoft’s Office365. Everything in this post is mine, and my opinions are my own.

I’ve been dabbling with and enjoying the experience of working with my Dell XPS10 tablet for a month or two now, and I really dig the new Office365 experience. The thing is, my entire business runs on a totally different operating system and using a completely different suite of cloud tools. So I’ve really only been dabbling all this time. I decided it’s time to really put this platform to the test.

Two Weeks in the Office365 World

For the next 14 days (starting today), I’m committing to using Office365 from Microsoft, SkyDrive, Bing, and my Dell XPS10. I’ll use only this platform except for the production of my radio show, because that’d be too big of a pain to swith.

Here are my predictions:

1.) I am already used to cloud computing so cloud powered work using Office365 will feel the same to me.
2.) I will enjoy the fact that my files are both native and synced instead of just online-only, because sometimes in my current workflow which uses Google products mostly, I have to sometimes drag text out of a Google doc and throw it into Pages while I’m offline for a period of time.
3.) I will enjoy Bing more than I think (I’m saying this because when I tried the test at Bing it On, I ended up picking Bing 2 out of 3 times).
4.) It’ll be a fun experiment.

Are You Rocking Office365?

Are you using SkyDrive and 365 and all the cloud stuff from MSFT yet? If so, let me know what your experience has been. What should I look for? What will be a surprise to me?

And if you’re a hater, have you even tried it yet? There’s a reason I’m working with these guys to promote Office365 and cloud powered work and it sure isn’t the business relationship. I believe that Apple and Google have a serious contender in Microsoft with their mobile and tablet experiences, and in the post-desktop world, there might be a huge shift coming.

If you ride the wave almost at the shore, the ride is short and spent. Find the fresh new wave and ride that.

Okay, let’s do this. Will report along the way!

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  • http://www.12boxes.co.uk Malcolm Sleath

    Thinking of trying this myself – currently use Google – so will be interested to hear how you get on.

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Will keep you posted, sir. : )

  • lucrecer

    I don’t know about Bing. I do enjoy the convenience of Google. Now, Office365, I actually really like it and I did not think I would. The Skydrive is a good thing for me since I need to get to documents from multiple places. Looking forward to your review.

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Thanks! Can’t wait to share. : )

  • http://clericaladvantage.com/ T.Marie Hilton

    I’ve been using Office365 for about two months now and I’m finding some real positives. I don’t have the cross platform issue, since all but my phone are Windows devices. I find the sync between Skydrive and my devices a great feature, and the fact that I can stream the full featured versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to my aging netbook when I’m on the go is a huge plus. So far, so good.

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Have you used it like the commercials much? Like the whole “check on the phone but then slip into the tablet” mode?

      • http://clericaladvantage.com/ T.Marie Hilton

        I haven’t yet. But part of the reason I signed up for 365 rather than purchase the latest Office software is because I’m looking at purchasing a new laptop and or tablet in the near future. I felt that 365 would give me the power of Office no matter which option I end up going with. I have to admit, the lure of one of the laptop to tablet ‘convertibles’ is tempting and the Office 365 commercials make it even more so. :)

  • http://tedprodromou.com/ Ted Prodromou

    I made the switch from PC to Mac about a year ago. Instead of buying Office for my Mac I decided to go with Office365 which helped me transition platforms. I also wanted my email to run on Exchange so my email would be in sync on my Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad. Before moving to Exchange my Sent folder wasn’t synchronized.

    When I purchased a MacBook Pro a few months ago I purchased the yearly subscription to Office for $99. This lets me run the latest version of Office on 5 devices whether they are Mac or PC.

    I use Skydrive but still use Dropbox to share files since most people don’t use Skydrive.

    I’m almost 100% Mac now but love the Office365 tools.

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Agreed, Ted. I have Dropbox as well, but for my Office docs, I keep them in SkyDrive because it’s just more seamless that way.

  • http://living-business.co/ Todd Lohenry

    Also, the only versions of Office apps work quite well and are more robust than google docs. Especially powerpoint…

  • helen hoefele

    Looking forward to your report back on the experiment, too!

    If it’s okay for me to ask: If you have the opportunity to come across answers to any of the following related questions, maybe you could report back on these following points, too? Thanks in advance!

    1. Are all cloud networks the same? Cloud is starting to sound like a commodity these days. Is it a mistake to believe that?

    2. What triggers the syncing between the O365 native and online files? Is the syncing automatic or scheduled? I assume it works equally well in either direction?

    3. For Bing, I assume you’ll be trying all kinds of searches? I find searches for things like directions or restaurants to be much prettier on Bing than Google, but for more informational searches, I might tend to prefer Google over Bing. I’m curious if you’ll find the same?

    4. This does sound like a fun experiment. Would be nice to see O365 tested on a Mac, too. Wonder if you may end up eventually also installing O365 on your Mac, too? For me, I just wish O365 included a version of Access for Mac, too.

    Anyway, hope you don’t mind me bringing up these extra points of inquiry. Looking forward to reading about how it all works out. Maybe I’ll do some poking around in there myself, too.

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      All interesting questions. I’ll ping @office365 on Twitter and ask them to drop by. : )

      • helen hoefele

        Much appreciated. :) Thanks so much!

  • http://www.stevenwb.com/ swbuehler

    I really loved Office 365 when I was a Windows-only user, but when I switched back over to Mac I ended up switching from Office 365 to Google Apps as the latter seems more Mac-friendly. I do use Skydrive and Office Web Apps, but these days nearly all my docs are either on Google Drive or Evernote.

  • http://www.ronstauffer.com/ Ron Stauffer

    Wow, fascinating idea! I don’t have the stomach to switch back to Windows, but I must say, SkyDrive is one of the most impressive offerings I’ve seen from Microsoft in a very long time. I use Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive in tandem on my Mac because none of them are able to give me all the control and features I need… though the options for collaboration with SkyDrive are unparalleled with anything else I’ve seen, and it’s really cheap! I’ve also recently used Hosted Exchange with great success and have seriously considered Office 365. I’m really looking forward to your conclusion at the end of this experiment!

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      @ronstaufferjr:disqus – I have the same mindset. : ) I use the bunch.

  • http://www.sproutspire.com/blog Carlie Hamilton

    I am currently not using Office365, but I am moving more and more towards being fully on the cloud. Looking forward to hearing what you are saying!

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Great! It’s definitely making it work. : )

  • http://themedia3.com/ Media3

    I just using sky drive right now but no office 365. i do have it in my mob dunno how its works….

  • davelutz

    Chris, one of my new employees has been using Office 365 for a couple months. So far, we like everything we see with the exception of Outlook. We use Google Apps as our corporate email provider. It works like a champ with Outlook 2010, but not yet with 365.

    For a small business cloud based solution, we’re loving our paid version of Dropbox. it will be interesting to hear what you think the potential of skydrive is to support small businesses and shared/synced folders. With Dropbox, I’m able to get access our entire teams files from any device.

    Good luck!

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Quite interesting, about the Google Apps to Outlook365 issue. I wonder if that’ll change. I use paid Dropbox as well. SkyDrive is pretty much the same, only different. : )

  • http://www.danerickson.net/ Dan Erickson

    Sorry, I’m a Mac and Linux guy myself.

  • http://doingthings.net/ Andrzej Tucholski

    I’ve tried the Office 365 trial lately and it’s great stuff. I love the smoothness of cursor’s movement :)

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Seems so quick. I’m digging it. : )

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/TheLeadershipGeek Sean Michael Kelly

    Having just spent such an enormous amount of money on a brand new zippy fast Samsung Chromebook (less than $249). I’ve been as happy as a pickle in brine, especially with the 100gb of GoogleDrive that I have for free for two years. When GoogleDocs isn’t enough for what I need, I use LibreOffice (free) on my Dell laptop running Linux.

    I may check to see how Office365 runs on my ChromeBook, though, as it might be nice as an additional choice. I’ll stay tuned!


  • eddavis

    Been using O365 for a while. Love OneNote/Skydrive combo. I also use Win8 Phone so all my stuff is available there too. Been using it for sevreal months, very happy. Interested to hear your thoughts.

  • Dave Bowland

    I am definitely going to try Office 365. I have both mac and pc but I have a growing dislike for Google. Microsoft makes no bones about what they do – provide good products and make a lot of money. Google tries to act holier than thou with lots of pretense, but the way they act is like a bully and more and more sneeky and dishonest. I’ll take Microsoft’s straight-up approach any day.

  • Brian Reilly

    Great that you’re testing this, Chris. As a Microsoft Office 365 deployment partner, it’s no surprise that I love the service and functionality. If you have questions rolling this out or need help along the way, please reach out. Happy to help!

  • OBVAVirtualAssistant

    Have not tried it yet..but will surely check it out.

  • Anne T Stone

    Brave to shake up your ‘business as usual’ basics this way!

    • Wanda Davidson

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