Pick Tech to Suit Your Needs, Not Tech That’s New

I just used Nudgemail to send myself a reminder. It’s the first time I’ve used that app in about 5 months, maybe. But I love it. Marshmallow Guy Boy

Nudgemail is so simple. I just send email that looks like this: “nextthursday@nudgemail.com” and subject: “Remind me to bother Adrian about my book proposal,” and guess what’s going to happen? Mail. Will come. To my Inbox. And remind me to bother Adrian.

The Shiny New Tribe

There are lots of people in the “shiny new” tribe. You might be one. I used to be. But I got out. Know why? Because the two most successful tools I’m using in my business are much older than five years. My newsletter and podcast aren’t new. They aren’t shiny. They’re just really effective for my business.

Pick What Works

I love paper. I carry at least one notepad with me all the time. Yes, I also dictate notes into my iPhone. But when I need to do something fast, paper is it. Regular, non-special paper. It works. Paper

In looking over what it’s going to take to get my next phase of my company going, precious little of it is highly technical in nature. And yet, some of it is just tech that works. One instance: the cloud. Finally, people are getting it and figuring out a real live solution set to how they want to move files around, store information, etc. Me? I’m using a blend of Dropbox and Google Drive and SkyDrive from Microsoft. and it all works. You don’t need “new.” You need “works.”

Aim for an Outcome

Instead of asking “what’s new,” switch the question to: “What will help me reach my desired goal of _____?” This seems simple, and yet, it’s not how we look at such matters.

Yes, you will miss something. No, it won’t matter much. Until it does. The cult of “must know today” rarely creates anything amazing, because they’re busy staying up on matters.

Me? I’m writing out plans on a yellow legal pad, and I’ll be launching something later in the year that might be shiny and new. Only, it’ll serve those who have an outcome in mind, not an interest in shiny.

And you?


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  • http://www.robertkennedy3.com/ Robert Kennedy III

    Awesome! I just finished writing about why I still love my iPad 2. Its not shiny and new anymore. It just works. As much as I love new gadgetry and tech, there is just so much that you can get swallowed up. I will still get shiny and new sometimes but, like you, I’m looking for what “works”. Thanks Chris.

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      You and me both. Though I have to admit, the Mini is the BEST shape I’ve found so far.

  • Reinaldo Miguel

    I wish more productivity blogs would write or podcast stuff like this. But then again… they wouldn’t have anything to write or talk about. Thanks for saying it.

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Exactly. It’s not in their best interest to tell you that paper is awesome. : )

  • http://twitter.com/ReneFerret rene ferret

    Great content, You and Michael Hyatt are one of my favorite blogs, you make my life a lot easier lol

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Very kind of you. : )

  • Joanne Sprott

    I used to be mesmerized by new. Gave me a similar feeling to an addict getting a fix. All those Christmas presents…but then I read that shiny and new is…Stone Age stuff. Survival business. Now I get why companies can hook us on new all the time: we needed to be primed to recognize the new (particularly the visual new) in order to survive. If something’s new in your jungle, it might be dangerous or a great food, so it pays to notice and deal with the new. And we’re thus hardwired to pay attention to shiny and new. Since I read that, I’ve been actively short-circuiting the desire for shiny and new, in agreement with your what-works philosophy, but sometimes, it’s difficult…;)

    • ChiliMac

      I think we get stuck in a feeling that new = cool. I remember being a kid and feeling cool when I was the 1st to discover a new band or a new tv show. But we don’t go into business to be cool. Cool does not necessarily mean success.

  • http://twitter.com/mitchjackson Mitch Jackson

    Don’t know what I’d do without my yellow pad sitting on my desk :-) Having said that, I decided to download and try an new app this past weekend. Long story short, by this evening (Mon night) I’ve used this new free app more so than any other shiny new toy I’ve gotten my hands on over the past 6 months. Guess what it is. It’s the new Google Keep. Talk about an EASY to use note taker. I’m hooked and keeping Keep!

  • http://cashwithatrueconscience.com/rbblog Ryan Biddulph

    The pad jotting approach is timeless and powerful. Something about actually handwriting the words on paper which brings order to your mind.

    I use some tech but am heavy on blogging, with a strong new emphasis on my newsletter. Simple always works well, with a dash of tech when you feel necessary.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005538491098 Uzma Khan

    wow man that’s just an awesome blog of yours!

  • anymonous

    Why does the picture link to the newsletter sign up?… is there a point to that?

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Only that I want you to get my newsletter. Who cares? : )

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  • ChiliMac

    If I’m working then there is either a steno pad or a larger post-it note pad sitting by my right hand. Pen & Paper rule!

  • http://josephratliff.com/ JosephRatliff

    This post is so important, it’s not funny.

    The allure of “new” is a marketing theme, nothing more… which is effective for increasing profits. Ever buy a device that does WAY more than you need it to, just so you can think you have the “new” one?

    Yeah, we’ve all done that multiple times.

    Picking tech to suit your needs, that should be the main objective for everyone… unfortunately the latest Android 453s-LTE-a came out, and I just “have” to have it :) (not)

  • ChiliMac

    Old is becoming new to me. WIth the demise or Google Reader I’ve realized I have all these “started” articles that will be going away. I thought I’d start cliping these articles to Evernote. But as I did that I wanted to highlight the important sections but realized you can’t do that in Evernote. The solution? PDF! PDF, a technology that I’ve considered old and boring is all of a sudden my new best friend. I can highlight, add notes and THEN save it to Evernote. For me a beautiful marriage of old and new.

  • Darlene S. Esser

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