Inner Coach

I read somewhere (forget where now) that I needed to fire my inner critic and hire an inner coach. At first, the idea seemed kind of laughable. Then I realized I’ve been doing it for a little while now, and I’m glad.

Think of the conversation that happens inside your head all day long. People like me, with low self-esteem, tend to listen a lot to their inner Critic, that voice of negativity that tries to help you navigate life by protecting you. Only, it has a really bad way of protecting you.

The Critic likes to say the worst possible things to you, I guess as a means of settling your expectations, maybe buffering the things someone else might say to you externally.…

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Beach Running

This morning, I ran my 30 minutes alongside the Atlantic Ocean. The sun was busy painting the clouds. Little fast birds raced along the waves. As I ran, the water lapped at my legs. It also killed another pedometer on me.

I forgot to remove the pedometer from my ankle before my feet were submerged. It was something else.

But the run was good. I enjoyed beach running. Tonight, though, I read that it wasn’t so great according to the Runner’s World guide to Running. We’ll see about that.

Worked out tonight, which was really a beast. It’s so hot right now, and we haven’t installed the downstairs AC.…

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Core 2, Day 4

Tonight’s workout was rough. It didn’t start until well after 10PM, and I was doing it solo. I slogged through it, paying great attention to NOT shortcutting or skipping steps. I made it through.

I had 12 minutes of cardio to do, so I ran. I stayed in the 130s for most of the run, but near the end, I did two 30 second sprints. Man, I love running balls out for short durations. I wonder how long before I’ll actually be able to sprint a little longer.

Know what’s funny, though? According to the heart rate monitor, I only burned about 80 calories. That’s what? 1/2 of one of the slices of pizza I had at dinner?…

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Last night, I knew enough to NOT workout. My body said, “You had a plate full today, mister.” I’d already run 2.25 miles in the morning, and then did another 20 minutes of cardio at lunch. Guess I’m glad I knew enough to relax instead. Oh, and eat plenty of protein and drink lots of water.


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It’s official. I’m running a 5K. I’m registered. I paid them money. I will even have to collect a number. I will run up a hill that I used to think was too steep for my CAR to climb.

But what’s up with getting there at 7 something in the morning? That’s NUTS!


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2.25 more miles

Today’s theme was: Dealing with Discomfort.

I worked on my mental game, because my watch was broken so I was using kat’s. I left my pedometer at home, so I had no sense of mileage, except for my pace. I ate my carbs too close to the run, so my belly was a bit wonky.

But I did what I set out to do. I ran. And I ran up to the high school and found their track. I did a few laps around that. When I was in high school, I never once ran a lap. I did partials, but never once around the track.

So that felt really rewarding.

I proved I could work under bad conditions. It makes running under the good ones all the easier. Yeah!…

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Core, Week 2, Tuesday

Strength workout tonight. Man, the same thing still kicks my ass. I have a trouble with shoulder presses, evidently. I’ve shied away from them for years. I’m glad to be taking them head on this time.

Site to check out: Tennis Welcome Center. It’s a bit of a primer for people who might want a little something different in their workout.

Oh yeah, I joined a gym yesterday online. Guess I should check it out at lunch. : )

Cool thing: the gym not far from my house is affiliated and I can use their pool twice a week. Rock!


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Two Two Two

In the space of five minutes, I destroyed the functionality of two watches, by losing the little metal watchband attachment thingy for two of ‘em. Not one. Two.



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Whey to Go

So, I’m looking into getting a whey protein supplement into my diet. I have heard from three decent sources that this is a good idea, and I’m willing to try it out. But I need to research, so I walk in off the street to GNC.

The young lady was informative, knew everything about the 50 or so versions of whey on the shelf (I’m not kidding), including which ones had how many grams of what, and which ones were better for what kind of workout, etc. She had all kinds of variety on the shelves, and all kinds of price points. She left me feeling like I’d spent my time with a nutritionist.

But I usually think of GNC as the evil empire.…

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2.24 miles in the morning
All day’s walking
A workout
1.10 miles before bed
20,000 steps
11.34 miles

Oh yes, my friends. I’m getting there. (Check with me tomorrow and see if I can walk).


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