Go to Social Fresh West

I’m really late in sending this out, but I need you to consider whether you’re going to Social Fresh West in San Diego on August 22nd – 23rd. I went to Social Fresh East and found it refreshing for a few reasons:

1.) They put people on the stage who wanted you to win at your business game.
2.) There was a strong no-BS experience.
3.) The information provided was very up to the minute.

Want to see a video of what it’s like?

Can’t see the video? Click Here.

Cool, right?

Want to see a sampling of who’s speaking?

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 6.15.37 PM

Special Discount

If you’re thinking of going, use the code “BROGAN100″ to get $100 off the ticket price.…

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Working from a Human Story

I was having one of those annoying customer problems – you know, where I’m the annoying customer? The one who doesn’t know anything, in this case. You see, I’d had an accident and somehow shredded my Macbook Air cable, though I had no idea how this had happened. And so I bought a new one, only…um, it didn’t fit. 2013-08-08 08.47.52

I brought it home, plugged it in, but the part that connected to the Macbook Air didn’t fit. Hmmmm. So, I returned it. I ordered one off Amazon, after looking it over and being sure this was very much the same cable I’d had in the past. Only, um, that didn’t fit either.…

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Hide and Seek

When we’re not sure what to do next, we tend to hide. 2013-07-26 17.33.59

No matter how successful we become, we sometimes hit this space where what comes next isn’t clear. Sometimes, we’ve fallen into a rut. Other times, we’re just in between inspirations. Still others, other challenges have taxed us to the point that we’re hiding in plain sight, even though we’re not really fully engaged in what needs doing.

Systems Help

I’m going through the interesting experience of having a coach for my fitness efforts. I actually used the services of one coach and am now working with another.…

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Motorola releases the Moto X and It’s Pretty Cool

A few weeks ago, Guy Kawasaki invited me and a whole cast of interesting characters out to Google headquarters to meet the new Moto X phone. Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 6.50.56 PM

Being that I don’t tend to write posts with any great detail about the tech guts and stuff (you’ll have to read Robert Scoble’s piece or wait for Leo Laporte or any host of really smart people who care about megapixels and stuff. But what I really loved about the phone bears talking about, for sure.

Awesome Battery Life

If you’re a smart phone user, you know one thing: battery renders all of us fierce wall-scanners, seeking out the power outlets in any public place and asking several strangers (poor restaurant and bar staff) to plug in our phones at the drop of a hat.…

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The Connections Will Always Matter

In business, we’re told to focus on our primary function. But some tend to do this to the exclusion of any other efforts. The connections will always matter.

2013-07-05 17.21.17

There’s a conversation I have with S. Anthony Iannarino often about this fork in the road, he observes, between transactional selling and relationship-minded selling. He writes about it often (one example). It’s funny, we both observe, that so many people “say” they’re in the relationship business, but they work from the transactional mindset. Sell. Move on. Sell. Move on. Forget the person as soon as you’ve sold them.…

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Sponsored Post – There Are No Cubicles

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” – William Gibson 2013-07-25 10.48.04

The following is a sponsored post for Cloud Powered Work. All the ideas are mine. They just want you to think about this space a little bit. Are you?

I just finished up a Skype call with someone for his book project. Before that, I had a quick call on my cell phone while running an errand. I’m writing this post on my nifty Dell XPS10, and will upload it to the web by tethering to my iPhone. I’m working. If you saw me, if you looked over at any point in my day or saw me sitting on the park bench by the river, you’d wonder what kind of role I had.…

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Your Out of Office Message Stinks

Wow, your out of office message stinks.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 3.31.28 PM

As an email marketer, every time I send out a letter, I get a chance to peruse the “out of office” and bounce replies. Some of them are so amazing.

“It’s our busy season.” < - wait, so you're not going to reply to a prospect because you're busy for an ENTIRE SEASON? Why would I take advantage of your company's offerings.

“I’m away at the beach.” < - while I laud your honesty and lifestyle, lie to me. I'm at the office.

“If you need this, do ____. If you need this, do ____. If you want pizza, press 4.” < - or something like that. I get it. It's helpful. But holy cats. You must be one really busy jack of all trades.

My Ideal Out of Office Message

If I had to craft the idea message for a business or professional who’s out of office for some duration of time, it would read like this:

Subject: Away from __ until __ and not checking (or limited access) to email.…

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Do We Have an Inherent Problem With Sharing?

I took my kids to a water park the other day, and around certain areas, there are chairs set up for parents so they can watch their kids play in the giant toilets pools. Notice something in this picture? 2013-07-21 13.21.06

People have “staked out” their chairs, but technically don’t need them. They are somewhere else. So over 90% of the “community” chairs aren’t available for what they’re intended to do: let people sit on them. I think this bears consideration.

Do we have a problem with sharing?

There are lots of new apps and businesses built around sharing. AirBNB is about sharing your home or vacation place while you’re not there.…

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Language Shifts

Sometimes a shift happens in culture and we don’t notice it, or don’t think it has much to do with us, or we just don’t care. Other times, we should perk up and take heed. I think this is one of those times. 2013-07-20 11.09.52

This post by Nick Bilton is, on the surface, not exactly mindblowing, and yet, it is. It might be. It’s something worth thinking about. And yet, something a lot of us hav been doing without thinking much about it for a while.

Essentially, the idea is that the way we communicate is (has been) shifting towards visual cues.

I wrote about the rise of the Junkweb a while back. The concept was different, but it relates to this.…

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Hold No Ground Solid

It’s so easy to get set in our thinking. I spent 2013 working hard on creating courses, and paid a little less attention to my media efforts. I’ve also started work on some rebranding efforts. All of it gives you and I a lot to think about.2013-07-18 10.21.35

What In Your Plans Are You Holding As Solid?

For all of 2013, most of my business has come from offering courses to help people grow their businesses. Some are about blogging. Others are about productivity. Others are about building out a better digital channel for marketing and business-making. Zero are about “social media.” Most people still think of me as a “social media” guy, which is irksome, but whatever.…

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