Portland, Oregon – I’m Part of #pdxpioneer

Chris Brogan Podcaster I’ll be in Portland, Oregon to speak at Chris Guillebeau’s Pioneer Nation event. It’s built for Owners. Are you in Portland?

My Business Intentions for #pdxpioneer

I have one goal in mind while speaking at Pioneer Nation: to convince you that the freaks shall inherit the earth. But I’m not going to sell my book. I’m not going to sell my business services (though if you subscribed to my newsletter, I’d be grateful, and if you started in on the Owner’s Mastery Foundation Group, I would LOVE you.

But no, my goal is that personal business is upon us. Business is about belonging. It's been a trend I've seen coming for a while. Not CUSTOMIZATION, and not just rinky dink small or lifestyle businesses. There's gold in them there hills. And I want to start you off in search of it. That's the story I'll tell on stage. Those are the maps I'll hand out. I hope that's useful.

On a Personal Note

Come. Say. Hi. If you’re at the event, do NOT feel shy. Do NOT feel like you’re intruding (unless you try to sell my something). DO come and say hi. That’s why I flew 3000 fricken miles. To meet you.

Oh, and I need to know where a decent gym with free weights is near downtown that offers a day pass. I know where to get coffee, and I’ve got food sorted, mostly. But a great gym? You could help.

Okay? See you there. Oh, and I look like the guy in the picture above.

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  • http://www.neilcormanimages.com/neil-corman-photography.php Neil Corman

    Look forward to saying Hi at the event!

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Great! Make it happen. : )

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  • http://tylertervooren.com Tyler Tervooren

    Can’t wait to welcome you back to town, Chris!

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Excited for that, too. : )

  • http://www.heinzmarketing.com Matt Heinz

    Any planned trips to Seattle? If you like Portland you’ll LOVE Seattle!

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      None in the near future, though it’s a great city. : )

  • Runpatrick1

    Love the irony in this post ;)

  • http://areyoucuriousenough.com/ Rex Williams

    I might just drive 3 hours just to say hi.

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Today’s the best day. : )

  • http://www.phase2solutions.net/ Jason Verdelli

    Good luck at the event Chris. I’m going to jump into your services a bit and see what I can do to help on the referral end.

  • Michael Rashmir

    What were you doing at the age of 25?

  • http://www.fluentlanguage.co.uk/ Kerstin

    Just to say THANKS for your talk at Pioneer Nation, Chris. I went over my notes again today, and they rang all the more true after 2 days of this event. I’m working on a project to put service at the heart of what I do, as we speak.

    • adasd