Rackspace Service Cannot Be Beat

rackspace logo You might or might not write something to the contrary in the comments, because maybe you’ve had different experiences, but I’ve gotta say, every experience I’ve had with Rackspace (affiliate link) has been amazing. (Quick disclosure: they host my site gratis – that has nothing to do with what I’m writing about here.)

I just tweeted a problem. Within three or so minutes, I had a DM on Twitter, a Text message, and someone already dug in deep enough to help me out.

The problem wasn’t theirs. It was a WordPress problem related to the weird hack I’m still seemingly suffering from. But they still helped me find the problem and correct in a few minutes.

The part I like the most: I’m a bit more tech savvy than the average user, and without even having to say this, they treat me FIRST like I know what I’m talking about, and then second like they’re willing to explain if they’ve shot past my ability.

Thanks, Rackspace Cloud, for hosting my site, but more so, for keeping customer service at its best.

For those evaluating a host, they cost a bit more than others, but if you want REAL service, it’s worth every penny.

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  • http://www.webconsuls.com Judy Helfand

    Glad to see your site is back online. Also good news that Rackspace Cloud was ready, willing, and able to find and fix the problem. The funny thing is this: you tweeted at about 10:30PDT (1:30EDT) that the site was down. I noticed it was down at 8:30PDT (11:30EDT), as I was trying to read http://bit.ly/c52wVO and the link didn't work; however, I didn't send you a Tweet, because I assumed you knew it and didn't want to be tweeted to death about it.
    I guess I have two questions: (1) do you want your regular readers to tell you when they can't get to your site? (2) Since a site can go down for any number of reasons, do you know of some kind of an “alarm” code that can be sent to a site owner or manager to alert one that a site has gone down?
    I think I will go back to ready my copy of Social Media 101…have a good weekend.

  • http://twitter.com/rjamestaylor Robert Taylor


    I am manning the @Rackspace account today and saw your tweet for assistance. Immediately, I contacted our Cloud Support team to look into the issue with your site. This is how we respond to any customer's issue submitted through a ticket, phone call or even tweet. (Though, for expediency, I strongly recommend the former two methods as these are manned around the clock).

    We're happy to have helped resolve the issue and this is what we're here to do — assist you and others whenever needed.

    Thank you for your continued trust!

    Robert Taylor
    Sr Sys Engineer
    Realtime Customer Intervention
    Rackspace Hosting

  • http://www.stevecurtin.com Steve Curtin

    Thanks for your weekend post.
    Personally, I've had no dealings w/ Rackspace so I can't comment on their customer service levels. I did read a complimentary case study about the company in SWITCH by Chip and Dan Heath.
    That said, I couldn't help but think of the obvious as I read your post: Um, of course they're going to be responsive to Chris. Look at his platform. I mean, they're even covering his hosting fees. It would be like Barbara De Lollis (hotel industry blogger for USA Today) blogging about how the hotel GM met her at the registration desk and personally escorted her to a complimentary suite – without having to wait in line like everyone else. Yeah, that's great service but it's also in the best interest of the hotel to take extra special care of Ms. De Lollis.
    I think it's fair to say that influential customers receive preferential treatment – whether food critics, celebrities, or well-known bloggers. The best companies are the ones who minimize the gap between how they serve their most influential customers and how they serve everyone else.
    Steve Curtin

  • http://davidrisley.com David Risley

    FYI, I've been with Pair Networks for years and they've always been super responsive, too. IMO, they are as good as Rackspace (if not better) but they aren't as active out there in social media circles, so not as well known.

    I've flirted with Rackspace a couple of times, but each time, decided to stay right where I am. :-)

  • http://nikolay.com/ Nikolay Kolev

    You are Chris Brogan. If you were John Smith (i.e. having zero influence in the Social Media), then your post would have mattered.

  • http://www.mikeslife.org Mike CJ

    I've wanted to put everything on Rackspace for a few years now, but they are expensive. I either need to “grow into them” or become important enough for them to offer me free hosting! :)

  • LyndonReid

    Wrong they treat everyone like gold. You pay for it but they are amazing!

  • Simon G

    I've been with Rackspace Cloud for going on three years. I have agreed with this post maybe two or even one year ago but not today. I have not seen service like you are talking about in some time. If you doubt what I'm saying just check out the forums. More than enough proof that RSC's customer support has dropped substantially.

    Glad to see they cared about helping you so quickly.

  • http://www.scottfoley.net ScottFoley

    Wrong? lol…I don't think so. I've yet to see treatment like what Chris is talking about and I have been a customer with Rackspace since they were named Mosso.

  • LyndonReid

    Hmm they have been amazing for me (client sites). They are not in the cloud, they are full blown load balanced dedicated web servers and sql servers. But yeah, service has been great.

    How long do they take to respond you with a request. I have been thinking about trying the cloud for my personal stuff.

  • http://wanderingfoodie.com/ Foodie

    Maybe you want to change that sentence to, “they host my site gratis, they know my name, and what kind of media reach I have.”

    I recently reviewed 93 restaurants, and they all comped me. They all knew I was coming. They all knew I was going to write about it on my website and they all knew I was bringing another food writer along with me. The service I got was exceptional at just about every place I went. Owners and chefs came out to meet me at the table, some of their best wines were presented, I always had the best table, and the service was on point.

    Nikolay is 100% correct. Why do restaurant critics work so hard to protect their anonymity?

    My challenge to you Chris, is that if you want to see if what you're writing is actually true, have someone set up a dummy account not attached to the name Chris Brogan and see what happens. Report back to us.

    Full disclosure: I pay for Dreamhost

  • http://martynchamberlin.com/ Martyn Chamberlin

    Yeah I'm the one hacking your WordPress. It's been a good ride. jk

    I use RackSpace Cloud too, and it works. Things load quickly. After going through two disappointing experiences with others, RackSpace is all the sweeter. Good hosting and good service is important.

  • http://scobleizer.com Scobleizer

    Foodie: at Rackspace we have thousands of employees who are totally focused on making sure you have a good experience. We have more than 300 employees on Twitter and I see them help everyone, not just the Chris Brogan's of the world.

    The other thing is, if we ever don't help the “regular non-celebrity people” guess what they do? They come over to Chris Brogan's comments and get his attention. Which is actually WORSE than if we just didn't pay attention to Chris.

    The entire world can watch what people say about Rackspace and how we handle it (or don't handle it). http://search.twitter.com/search?q=Rackspace

    I watch too and have helped dozens of “regular people” get great support from Rackspace and if you ever don't get good support from Rackspace my cell phone is +1-425-205-1921

    Does anyone else from any other hosting company give you their personal cell phone number to guarantee you are taken care of? By the way, our CEO and Chairman have shared their phone numbers too on the web. Does your hosting company do that?

    I'm at http://twitter.com/scobleizer and my email is scobleizer@gmail.com or scoble@rackspace.com — we'd love to help you build your Internet business.

  • http://nikolay.com/ Nikolay Kolev

    I've been using Amazon Web Services at work since 2007 and never needed to contact them. At this present moment, we have around 20 servers with them. Actually, we're gonna contact them for the first time these days as we want the 20 servers limit to be lifted. So, I guess, my employers have saved a bundle during all these years!

  • http://www.lookwhatmomfound.com Rob Babiak

    Glad to hear they were able to get you back up and running. Nothing better then great customer service. Makes everything so much better. Plus RackSpace is in MD where I live which is cool too. LOL.

  • Rob

    Love to agree with everybody here but Rackspace cloud were a nightmare for our startup. We wasted a month trying to get them to fix a CDN issue and ended up back with Softlayer. They seem to be “fanatical” when it comes to supporting stock stuff like wordpress or joomla installs but anything off the beaten path is put in the “too hard basket” and tickets stay open for ages with no action or updates. I guess the 80/20 rule is in full effect here.

  • http://www.webdesigncompany.org.in James ( Web Design Company )

    We have hosted a couple of client sites on Rackspace and they are very happy with the service. It is expensive but according to our clients, it is worth it.

  • http://www.newmediasideshow.com Marek

    That's the kind of service that really sets a business apart, and its great to see that some people are taking the message you and others are preaching seriously! I think one important point to make is that even if they are expensive, great service is worth the cost.

    Especially if you're serious about your website. You need to be able to deal with issues quickly and efficiently!

  • avilbeckford


    I went to the Rackspace website because I am looking for a host for within the next 6 months. I have both a website and a blog and I would like to host both at the same place. I have sent an email to sales for a quote. I am not technically inclined and I do not have a clue what a cloud site is. For where I'd like to take my blog The Invisible Mentor I want reliability and scalability.

    I'll see how long they take to respond. I am really expecting a response today because it's Sunday. I have sent emails who talk about great customer service and I never receive a response. I do not have the name recognition like Chris Brogan and I do not have his influence. So let's see what happens.



  • http://tinyurl.com/cabezas haroldcabezas

    I completely agree with Foodie….then I completely agreed with Robert's response as well.

    I guess in the end, no company will always be able to 100% satisfy everyone and there will always be certain times when things fall through.

    But, you can't ask for more than Scoble's response as well as the CEO's availability, from Scoble's claims. :D

  • http://scobleizer.com Scobleizer

    Sales might take until tomorrow to get a quote back to you.

    But hey, it's Sunday morning and we're all here, so would love to help you here in public anyway.

    http://rackspacecloud.com is a great place to start. There is a chat room there, no need to send emails. They usually answer within seconds in the chat room.

    A cloud site is a server. You decide what OS you want. What database you want. What CMS you want (Drupal or WordPress or other). You pay for bandwidth and storage. So if your blog never gets many hits you don't pay much. If you turn out to be more popular than Chris Brogan you pay more (the guys who won Techcrunch 50 paid about $2,000 in hosting a week right after winning).

    Some of this is a bit technical, so you might need some help in getting going, which is why we have support people you can call or chat with on the website.

    Hope that helps!

    By the way, you are in Chris Brogan's comments so you DO have his influence! Think about that one for a minute!

  • http://www.facebook.com/holmespi Rob Holmes

    Totally agreed. I began using their services a couple years ago when they pushed the “Fanatical Support” campaign. I have been using them for my hosted MS Exchange since and am always amazed that I get a real person in Texas who is courteous and knowledgeable. No outsourcing + no voice mail = Happy client.

  • http://www.BeyondThePedway.com Tim Jahn

    “For those evaluating a host, they cost a bit more than others, but if you want REAL service, it’s worth every penny. “

    And yet you just said in this exact same post that Rackspace hosts your site free of charge. So you have no idea if it's worth every penny, because you don't pay them any pennies.


  • http://www.gosmart4u.com Misty Lackie

    We have had multiple dedicated servers with Rackspace for years now and recently purchased a cloud server. We tried other dedicated server companies before Rackspace and I still have nightmares about our experiences. We are not Chris Brogan but Rackspace has always made us feel like we are.

  • avilbeckford


    Thank you for using layman's language. Sales replied to my query. Right now my blog is at 400 MB which is small in comparison to most blog sites and I do not get a lot of traffic yet. I have been blogging for a year, but for over 7 months it wasn't public knowledge because I was building up the content. With the information that I received from the sales department I can try to make an intelligent decision. If you have a suggestion I would welcome them. Analytics say I get 1500 hit per month and my primary focus now is to increase subscribers.

    Thanks for your response.


  • http://apatontheback.com Jodi Henderson

    So, Chris, would you say this experience exceeded your expectations? I just started a blog (got a whopping 2 posts under my belt at apatontheback.com) dedicated to recognizing great customer experiences and one thing I would like to explore in the future is trying to define why an experience seems or feels exceptional. Is it because we have low expectations? Is it because someone truly went above and beyond? Or, in this case, was the experience what it was because of who the customer was? Curious about your thoughts on your Rackspace experience, especially considering a couple of the comments posted by your readers. Thanks!

  • http://r4adaptors.co.uk/ iedge card

    I really appreciate its service. I would like to say this Rackspace services offer a solution to many of customers base that probably should not be using Slicehost for production web hosting.

  • http://twitter.com/BTRIPP Brendan Tripp

    Chris …

    This reminds me of how I feel about AT&T … their cell service “might not be the best” and we might save a bit going elsewhere for our phone/cell/web connectivity, but every time I've had to deal with their customer service (which has been infrequent, and mainly dealing with glitches in our wireless network), I have been treated like I was the only customer that rep had to deal with all day long.

    It makes a HUGE difference.

    - @BTRIPP

  • http://www.igobydoc.com igobydoc

    I totally agree with Chris and Robert. I have been using the Rackspace Cloud for quite some time, back when they were called Mosso.

    From when I started my service to this day I could not be more pleased with the service I get from them. I have only had a couple of hiccups along the way… no issues like I used to have with other hosts, and The Rackspace Cloud team has always come through for me.

    The BIGGEST thing for me is customer service… They answer the phone every dang time, and rarely do I have to wait or be put on hold! These guys are fanatical about their service, and it shows! No matter if it is a challenge I am having, or just a dumb question, these guys are the best, and most friendly host I have ever dealt with in the last 6 years!

    Sure I pay more for the service, but I can have so many sites on my cloud that if I ever maxed it out it would be very… very cost effective. But for now, I pay a little more and I am very happy to do so!

    Disclosure: I PAY 100% for my Rackspace Cloud service, and have yet to set up an affiliate link. How duh is that with as many people I have sent their way? Putting on the to-do list!


  • danieloyston

    Nice to see an ad under this post about Rackspace with a big cleavge pic of Pamela Anderson! Maybe she should be a spokesperson for RACKspace?

  • http://www.argonhosting.com Shannon Cox

    They are amazing. Been with RS for 7 years and each and every time I have needed help they go above and beyond the call of duty with me on the phone. No asking “Have you created a support ticket…” like Fastservers always does for our servers there and no attitude like Fastservers always gives me on the phone. Not turning this into a Fastservers bash, just showing a comparison. With Rackspace there is no support time limitations, attitude, etc… just incredible service

  • http://www.winningworkplaces.org Mark

    You're right on their support, Chris. However, have you noticed they've had reporting gaps with their traffic stats provider, Urchin? I've noticed it off and on for the past year or so. Each time they advise to use Google Analytics code as a workaround, which I've done.

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  • http://www.yuregininsesi.com yuregininsesi

    Love to agree with everybody here but Rackspace cloud were a nightmare for our startup. We wasted a month trying to get them to fix a CDN issue and ended up back with Softlayer.

  • http://www.perfectoled.com digital billboard

    hah ,i can not agree more

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