Seeking Permission

I’ve noticed a trend lately: people seem to be waiting for permission to choose not to follow the herd. It's Not About the Tights

What’s that about?

You Are The Author of Your Life

If you don’t like Facebook, don’t use it. If you don’t want to tweet, don’t. If you hate going to the gym, find another way to get healthy. You make all these choices. You’re the author of your life.

“But my boss makes me.” That’s a choice, too. You choose the interactions you have. You can disagree with me, but it’s not so. You choose everything. You choose where you work, whether you work, how you execute that work. It’s all you.

Permission is Yours

In It’s Not About the Tights, I write about permission being one of the four most important elements of personal bravery. This bravery is what fuels your decisions, what empowers your choices, and what gives you the life you intend to have. It’s that choice to stop letting life make your choices for you.

Permission is about claiming your crown. You can choose what you want to do next. You can choose how you respond. You can decide that now is a great time to get strong.

Don’t wait for others to grant you this permission. Be brave. Take it for your own.

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  • John Spence

    Chris – read your new book on the plane yesterday – what fun – and superb ideas!! Really feels like you are talking with me instead of reading a book – very, very much enjoyed your thoughts and suggestions – a super useful and important book. Congrats on another winner amigo’

    • Chris Brogan

      I *am* talking with you! : )

  • Dave Crenshaw

    “Don’t wait for others to grant you this permission. Be brave. Take it for your own.” Awesome, Chris!

    • Chris Brogan

      Well thanks!

  • Elaine Tindill-Rohr

    Chris, I see this all the time with my face painting business. “Face painting
    is for kids” is the mindset of most adults. And I only paint the kids until the first adult is either dared, or is bashfully talked into getting painted. Then
    the flood gates open with permission for EVERYONE to get painted. Once
    that permission has been given, everyone is allowed to indulge their inner child/creativity/silliness. Its the same for many other settings as well, who will give us permission to do what we are wanting to do, but no one else is visibly doing.

    • Chris Brogan

      I totally agree with you! : )

    • zachariahblair93wh

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  • Mack Collier

    Yes there’s far too much herd-following in this space, and in life in general. The leaders are the learners, and if we only follow them the best we can hope for is to understand what they have learned.

    We all need to be more willing to break stuff and figure out how it works without waiting for someone to do it first for us.

  • Greg

    this is a great post. Its true we are the authors of our own lives and we have the control of our lives. This post is exactly what i believe and i think it was a great read.

  • Shily-Virtual Office Assistant

    A very interesting read. “Reach for the dreams that are beyond your current capacity. How else do you think you develop a higher capacity?”
    ― Brandon A. Trean

  • Prerna

    Oh.My.God. “Permission is about claiming your crown. You can choose what you want to do next. You can choose how you respond. You can decide that now is a great time to get strong.”Printing this out and pasting it all over. Awesome as always, Mr. Brogan. Hat tip.

    • nanineklemperer46mz

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  • LaDawn

    Incredibly powerful post. Want everyone to read it

  • Katelyn Collins

    I couldn’t agree more. Life is a blast when you really start to grasp this concept. You can make your life into whatever you want it to be. PS I’ve got to get this book! Always great to have reminders like this. Thanks, Chris!

    • shirley321

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  • Laurie Baines

    Thank you Chris! I’m reading your book for the 2nd time this week. For me it’s about accepting where I’m at in my life, knowing it’s not where I thought I’d be, and taking the steps to move forward! It’s all about the action… enough talking and planning, Do it already!

  • Darragh Mulryan

    What if for what you want to do and where you want to go you have to do things you don’t like before? I might try get my hands on your book somewhere, studying in a smallish city in Spain I can’t imagine it being sold here!

  • Arushi Gupta

    Love the book and analogy you used to get across a simple yet extremely significant point about us having the courage to stand up and practice in what we believe in especially if we feel strongly about it. This not only applies to our use of social media and the web but in every aspect of life as well.

  • Tameka Renee

    This is an amazing read! Truly inspired me and yep I stopped asking permission and started taking action~no turning back. My life has felt extraordinary since I grasped the concept, frustrations gone! Living this life to the fullest, creating as I go!