Send Christmas Cards Whenever You Feel Like It

I just got done talking to friend and coworker, Ron Hood, and he said the most marvelous thing. He said that many times, in a conversation with a client or someone connected to our business, he’ll feel a nice connection with the person. He’ll say, “Oh, I’ll have to add you to my Christmas card list.” But that’s only the beginning. Ron Hood

Ron then sends the card a few days after he tells them this. It could be May. It could be July. And it’s a Christmas card, not a card. It’s whatever it is, a tree or Santa or Jesus. I don’t really know because I’m not on his list. Yet. :)

But I love the concept of this. I love that Ron has decided this is the touch he will add to the interaction. One touch. He has a lot. I love that every time someone gets these out-of-season cards, they laugh uproariously, contact Ron, and thank him for making his day. It’s brilliant. And it has absolutely nothing to do with my business, except that it’s human business. And that, as it turns out, is exactly my business.

Thanks, Ron. I enjoyed our conversation immensely. You’ll be able to see the full interview at Owner magazine. Not subscribed? Get on that. You’ll enjoy it. And of course, it’ll be in my new book, coming in early 2014.

Christmas cards in June. Clever man, Ron Hood. Clever man. (Want to know what else Ron does? Check THIS out.) runs on the Genesis Framework

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  • Ken Montville

    What a concept! I bet that captures people’s attention. I’ll have to give it a whirl and just hope they (whoever gets the Christmas Card) doesn’t call the men in the white coats to come and get me.

    • Ron Hood

      Ken, It certainly does, but not in a way that it EVER feels like an intrusion. Remember, I am sending cards to people I have built a relationship with for the most part! I do not allow the men in white coats in at all! ;)

  • Lucy Chen

    This is really cool! I’ll make sure to send more people more cards. After all, I have all my paintings to be printed as greeting cards.

    By the way, Ron, do you want to check out my cards ;)

    • Ron Hood

      Lucy, of course I want to check out your cards…I may have to change my system a bit, but always open for other thought!

      When you get a card it is really awesome because you know someone took the time in their day to stop, pick out a card and physically write words with meaning. That is pretty powerful in my opinion. It’s a warm fuzzy that we all need from time to time!

      A smile or laugh is all we need some days! (Raul and Chris can confirm this silliness as they have seen my FB page! LOL).

      • Lucy Chen

        I’m going to check out your facebook page now.

  • Raul Colon

    I am so privilege to be able to interact with Ron he is someone that clearly brightens many of my days with his unique way of being himself.

    I am also a big fan of the things he does to keep his daughter smiling. Thanks for sharing this Chris!

    • Chris Brogan

      Thank YOU, Raul. You’re part of the monchu. : )

      • Raul Colon

        Does that mean I am on your Christmas card list? LOL

        • Chris Brogan

          I don’t send cards. Never appreciated the process.

          • Raul Colon

            Maybe Ron can create a process for you and makes it enjoyable. About 18 months when I moved I found christmas cards I bought in 1996 for my first customers when I was a Dog Groomer. I threw them away. Last year I bought some cards with sand dollars and my thoughts was to send a real sand dollar with them. They are still sitting in a drawer… I was just joking of course. I don’t send cards either. But at least I have you on my list. LOL

          • Ron Hood

            Do not get me started! LOL! And Chris is on one of my card lists. :)

          • Raul Colon

            LOL now I want for Chris to please share what you sent him Ron!

    • Ron Hood

      Raul, you know how I am about the kids!!! And it shows you are my FB friend! :) Thank you for your continued kindness and friendship.

  • Daniel Decker

    Love it! It’s a Purple Cow, it’s different and enables Ron to stand out by doing something unique that shows he cares. Well done.

    • Chris Brogan

      No question. Ron stands out by being the top of this game.

    • Ron Hood

      Daniel – My Mother read this and said, “What’s a Purple Cow?” I replied, “Me!, I am different!” She said, “Yeah, that’s you!” LOL Thanks for the note!

  • Mish & Rob

    I LOVE this idea! At my company, we’ll often send personalised cookies/cakes to our lovely clients, but this idea seems so much better because it’s just so weird, wacky and hilarious.

    Officially stealing this (if that’s OK with Ron…)!


    • Chris Brogan

      Ron’s that kind of guy. STeal away. : )

    • Ron Hood

      MIsh – Absolutely….take it! It’s yours! And thanks!

  • Ria

    This is great! @Ron – what a trendsetter. @chrisbrogan:disqus thanks for sharing.

    • Ron Hood

      Thanks Ria! You are so kind. ;)

  • karenputz

    I’m a card sender, so I love sending wacky, unexpected cards for no reason. I like this xmas idea!

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  • Dan Erickson

    I have a co-worker who always says he’s going to add me to his Christmas card list but never does. But I like this idea.

  • Skip Prichard

    Love this idea, just like another. I have a friend who always remembers half-birthdays. Because who else would do that? And that makes her stand out.

  • Jennifer Radke

    What a fun idea! Definitely sets Ron apart from the pack. Thanks for sharing.

  • tinagleisner

    Love it as you don’t have to worry about when to send cards … and for sure, you’ll make them notice you.

  • Michael

    I wish everyday is Christmas! I would love to receive warm greetings from friends everyday.

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