Social Media in Pharma

I’m going to be speaking at an online event called Online Social Presence in the World of Pharma, at Pharma IQ’s upcoming “Social Media in Pharma Online Summit.” It’s an interesting experience, because I’m not directly in the industry, and I know that it’s a very rule-laden universe. So what I did was come up with some ideas that should work without upsetting any policies. I’ve got a few teaser videos that give some advice on this that I shot for them, as well. If you want to check out the videos, CLICK HERE to land on my site and watch them:

To me, the best opportunities lie in making the patient the hero of the story. Writing around the medicine and talking about what the person who needs that medicine will be facing is a powerful way to bring good information to bear and build a connect. There are lots of great examples of this already happening, as well as several wellness initiatives that I think bear talking about. I hope to give you lots to think about at this event.

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  • Danny Brown

    As someone who works with pharma clients both in the U.S. and Canada, all I can say is good luck – with all the red tape, legalities and approval systems the big guys have, you’re going to need it. ;-)

    • Chris Brogan

      Me? CRAP? You’re hearing things. :)

      Oh, and speaking at their events is about as far as I would like to go on this journey. It’s a really tricky industry.

      • Danny Brown

        Haha, pretty sure the first letters of the four descriptions were C,R,A,P in that order. :)

        I hear you on the trickiness – we hit roadblock after roadblock. It’s like building a steel house with a plastic hammer in 100 degree heat…

  • Tom Ewer

    Sounds intimidating – enjoy! ;-)

  • Jennifer Iannolo

    Hey Chris!

    I applaud what you’re saying here, particularly about framing the conversation around the patients. There is so much to be gained in pharma by companies not only listening to, but communicating *with* their stakeholders. Fear and distrust of big pharma is pervasive with many illnesses (I am intimately familiar with this), so there is a huge opportunity to offer not only more transparency, but also a true sense of support and useful information for people struggling with health issues.

    Thank you for delving into this arena. Your thoughts echo many of my own — and I hope they listen. :)


  • susangiurleo

    Good to see pharma talking about social media, now if they’d actually DO something….

    • Marjorie Clayman

      I was just gonna say, “Better watch out for Susan.” But you seem to be having a better day today :) *smush*

  • susangiurleo

    Good to see pharma talking about social media, now if they’d actually DO something….

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  • Virtual Business Assistant

     Its really good to see pharma using social media . This would help them to listen to the customers and get good communication with them and build a great relationship.

  • Total Protect Home Warranty

    Ultimately I think that Social Media is a highly untapped marketing resource for pharmaceuticals and I’m very interested to see how it will be used in the near future.

  • Joey Farr

    This is really interesting. Always something to look forward to.

  • Joey Farr

    This is really interesting. Always something to look forward to.

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    Thanks for the video

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  • Jon Kaskey

    Hi Chris, this is really interesting.  I work for Sermo, which is a physician only social network with over 20% of the doctors in the US as members.  I think our site would be relevant to your, “Listening…” and, “Which social networks…” video suggestions.
    Great post!
    Jon Kaskey

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  • The Nerdy Nurse

    I was approached to be an online community manager that was tied into pharma. I was apprehensive at the time because I wasn’t sure how about I felt about pharma, and social media in healthcare. I think you are right in saying that it needs to focus back to the patient and their stories. 
    Thank you for this new perspective.

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    Great article… Social Media can’t be ignored by any industry. Really great point on finding the internal champion Scott. When working with new initiatives and anything that carries potential risk it’s a great help to have that advocate working to educate from the inside out.

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