Sponsor Thanks – GoToMeeting


At our New York ImpactNEXT event, we were lucky enough to have our friends at GoToMeeting sponsor “GoToLUNCH!” I’ve worked with Citrix Online (now, I guess, just Citrix) for a really long time, now. Why? Because:

1.) I like what they sell (the work anywhere lifestyle).
2.) I love the humans there (Lisa Horner and Justin Levy especially, but Beth and Scott and tons more people).
3.) They support the kinds of communities that matter to me.
4.) They support me. (Selfish, I guess.)

I’m saying thank you with this post, but I’m also saying that the reason they sponsored my event, from my side, is that I like what they do and endorse their stuff.

Check out Podio for project management.
Check out GoToMeeting, especially now that they have HD Faces.
Check out GoToWebinar, which I use for my live online educational events.

And check out the people behind the company. You’ll fall in love. I sure did.

Thanks, GoToMeeting et al for sponsoring “GoToLUNCH” at my NYC event. Meant the world to me.

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  • http://twitter.com/LisaHorner LisaHorner

    Thanks Chris, we love you! Hope the event went well – what a great idea for us to partner with you for GoToLunch! Talk soon.

    • Crystal Carey

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  • http://www.boydjane.ca/ Jane Boyd

    Super thoughts Chris! Podio, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar are all tools of choice in my world too. I have come to realize that Citrix prodects are a big part of what enables me to be more intentional – both in my work and in life. That matters to me. A lot. Plus – you are right – there are some pretty special that work there too :)

    • http://chrisbrogan.com/ Chris Brogan

      Quite so! : )

  • linnielenart40cx

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  • http://www.spindows.com/ Clay Hebert

    Lisa, Justin, Rhonda, Grace and everyone over at Citrix are awesome.