There is NOT a new episode of Shhh!

Do NOT go to see if there is a new episode of Shhh! The Secret Show. It doesn’t exist. In fact, it’s not even a real show. There is no interview with former pro wrestler turned yoga king, Diamond Dallas Page. You will NOT hear from bestselling author and New York Times investigative reporter Charles Duhigg. I don’t even know that guy. So don’t go here. I do not have GoToMeeting as a new sponsor, either. Why would they ever give someone as shady as Chris Brogan any money? runs on the Genesis Framework

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  • Shelia

    Thank you to Amy Porterfield for posting a link to this on FB!  I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t know about this nonexistent show.  Can’t wait to catch up and catch on!  Thanks for the nonexistent content :)

    • Chris Brogan

      It doesn’t exist. shhhhh. : ) 

  • Bob @ RLK Builders

     Thanks for the update, it is nice to know someone is paying attention.

    • Chris Brogan

      Not me. I’m not. : ) 

  • Marquita Herald

    You’re so funny Chris … ugh, gotta get back to writing my next post but I’ve bookmarked your non-existant show to catch later this evening - hopefully with a nice big chilled glass of wine!

  • Amy

    I did NOT like this episode and I am NOT looking forward to seeing you at Blue Glass.

  • Robin Reid

    Funny boy.
    That is why I do NOT read you.

  • Matches Malone

    So, reverse psychology steps up to the plate….

  • staff handbook template

    This does shock me to say the very least. Shocking tactics!!

    • term-paper-writer


  • dianebrogan

    I must say son, this is one of the best productions you have done so far in your young life. Too bad you are keeping it a secret.

    • Chris Reimer

      Proud mama

  • Pablo Andreu

    I always think it’s funny that social media naysayers cite lack of concrete metrics as a reason for not engaging.  Those same people engage in traditional networking situations without necessarily establishing a clear ROI, because they  understand that networking is an important part of business development.

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