Video is SO Powerful as a Motivator

Julien shows me new things all the time. In a recent post, he talked about MovNat as something to go along with the Paleo diet (something I’m on, also thanks to Julien). In checking out the website, I had an interesting realization: as much as I wanted to learn about the ideas inherent in what was different or augmenting between MovNat and Paleo, what really happened was that I scanned the page, saw the guy in the tree at the top, slid down the page to the bottom-right area, and my eyes hooked on the video offerings. I immediately pressed those buttons to see the videos.

Video as a Call to Action is Powerful

MovNat Videos Now, as a marketer, this is just me saying, “the most likely call to action I saw was to click those videos.”

I’ve gone back a few times, and frankly, I don’t see the most obvious call-to-action if that’s not it. Meaning, video on the page is the most visually motivating thing the site offers.

How are you using video?

So, the question/lesson: are you using video as a motivator? Second question: is video distracting people from a more powerful call to action? Can you do both? (My vote is yes, as evidenced by Man on the Go).

If you’re not already doing video for your site, I strongly recommend it. It doesn’t have to be amazing. It might still draw our attention if it’s just plain useful.

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