My Newsletter is Like a Vitamin

Healthy Vitamins If you think my blog is neato, you should see all the great stuff I share every Sunday on my amazing newsletter. The next one comes out tomorrow, and it’ll be about “work-life harmony,” and how we can get over that obsessive need to be always checking the stream.

I’m telling you this because a good lot of you still subscribe to only the blog, which is good (don’t get me wrong), but it’s not where I’m sharing my best work these days. Why? Because I’ve come to discover that my newsletter is a lot more responsive. People hit reply by the hundreds every Sunday, and talk with me directly. They ask me questions. They ask me for future posts. They share their triumphs and sometimes their frustrations with me.

What I get in the comments on this blog are wonderful, but the interactions I have when it’s more 1:1 are the difference between going to a tweet-up with a few hundred people versus having a nice mug of coffee in a little shop at a small table while someone catches you up on how they’re doing. It’s day and night, really.

So, I’m going to ask nicely. Please? Please consider signing up to my newsletter. It’s fun! You’ll know tomorrow whether you like it or not. I promise.

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  • Lesliekm

    What are you using to create your newsletter? Your post made me think differently…

  • Daniel Decker

    I’m a HUGE fan of email marketing. Love blogs too but have always felt email is still king (for engagement that is). BUT, it takes a personal approach like you are doing. Most people make the mistake of saying they want to build a tribe or a “platform” but they treat it like herding cattle. They want the numbers but don’t realize the significance and the power of the personal approach. That’s what makes the difference. Well done sir.

    • Chris Brogan

      You know, YOU and I should do a talk. : )

      • Pilar Arsenec

        Oh yeah, I think it would great! :)

      • Daniel Decker

        I’m game. : )

    • Pilar Arsenec

      You are so wise, Mr. Decker, which is why I like you. :)

      • Daniel Decker

        Thanks Pilar. Just trying to follow after you.

        • Pilar Arsenec

          You are too kind. Thank you. :)

  • Jeff Korhan

    I agree.

    • Chris Brogan

      Thanks, sir. Thanks again for that video we did. It’s going live to my class in about 3 weeks. (Holy cats it takes a while to do 16 weeks of material). : )

      • Jeff Korhan

        Outstanding! I’ve been watching, leaning, and designing some courses of my own – holy cats is right! Plus, I’ve decided to take the plunge with Infusionsoft to keep my biz organized. No turning back now!

  • Elaine Spitz

    Chris! I love your Batman smoothy glass! Indeed, your amazing newsletter is like a vitamin in that it’s good for us. But much tastier (I’m drinking Starbucks French Roast) than vitamins will ever be. Keep doing what you’re doing. I learn something from you and your community every time I check in. Thanks!

    • Chris Brogan

      Well thank you! That sounds delicious, by the way. : )

  • Chris M.

    Chris, here’s my problem with newsletters: if I get an email message when I don’t have time to read it, it’s very likely it will remain unread. With a blog, I can come here and read it whenever I have the time, at my own pace.

    I don’t typically check my email on Sundays to be able to relax and have a real life outside the computer, and Monday morning is too busy, so I end up not reading most of your newsletters, just marking them as read. That’s why I loved Google Reader (and now moved to feedly to continue to access my favorite resources when I want to check them) — I could just let new blog posts accumulate there and read at my convenience.

    Sure, I could start to create rules to move newsletters to specific folders I can check out later, but RSS is much less time consuming to set up for readers like me (I know it’s not just me by the number of complaints I read when Google announced the end of Google Reader).

  • Pilar Arsenec

    Ok, confession time… I actually look forward to and read your newsletter faithfully, but I infrequently visit your blog. :) I love your newsletter and everyone who isn’t subscribed to it is missing out big time. :)

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Chris, this is the first newsletter I have signed up for….after 5 years doing the online bit. Looking forward to it!


  • DJ Waldow

    Email (Marketing) FTW!

  • Guest


  • Joseph Manna

    Your blog is neato, Chris. Your newsletters I find that you are able to be more intimate with your audience email, though. I like that style in how you can take conversations from your blog and expand on them into your newsletter.

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