A Million Miles in a Thousand Years- Video Book Review

My friend, Jon Swanson sent me a copy of Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life (amazon affiliate link). Miller is the author of probably my favorite book on religion, BLUE LIKE JAZZ, which is more like, “A not-exactly-buying-it-all person’s guide to a perspective on religion.” This book, however, is about story.

Miller has a very simple premise threaded through this book (which covers the time in his life that people came and decided to make a movie about Blue Like Jazz), which is simply this: if your life is a story, why not make it a better story? It sounds simplistic, but there’s a lot to it. In Miller’s case, one of the first things he did was go from watching the Tour de France to getting off the couch and getting a bike, and from there, he took on a few bicycling challenges, including a cross-country ride.

That’s the point, that you can move from a dull story to writing your own life into something a bit more engaging and interesting.

The book is a total winner and I loved every bit of it. Here’s my quick video review:

This is the kind of book you buy a bunch of times in a row. But then again, Blue Like Jazz was like that for Jon. He “lent” me a copy months ago, maybe years ago. I can see that I’ll be loaning out my copy and buying new ones over and over. Maybe you will, too.

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