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Heatmap of ChrisBrogan.com

Look at this. If you can’t see the graphic, click here to visit the post. I used CrazyEgg.com to do this graphic (people were asking).

The #1 clicked thing on chrisbrogan.com in the last many days was my about page. Holy cats. Believe me, with all my heart, I had no idea. In fact, it’s a strange revelation. It’s a VERY strange revelation.

Because in my mind, what I thought you’d do is what I want you to do (see how that never works?). I want you to subscribe to the blog. I want you to get my email newsletter (not the blog). I want you to hire me to speak or work with me.

But YOU, because you’re smart, because you’re new here, because you need to know who’s talking with you, click my ABOUT page more than anything else.

Oh, what a powerful lesson.

If your About page is poopy, please rethink what’s on it. Make your about page VERY sexy. Do it. Do eeeeeeet.

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