Another Reason I Use the Tools I Do

I have another reason why I love using the Genesis WordPress framework (affiliate link): they just made it really easy to claim authorship of my blog in Google (the search engine) by linking it to Google+ (the social backplane service).

Click Here For Instructions

And the other tool I’m glad I use is Google+. Between the live video Hangouts features and the new Communities features, I’m thrilled that I have a place to interact with my community, and also find new prospects via search.

Content marketing is a strong part of how I do business and how I cultivate relationships with potential buyers. My blog has brought me the lion’s share of my business over the past many years. By being able to link up my authorship of this blog very easily using the Genesis setting, it means that I’ll be getting even more yummy search value for my work here at [], and that’s a benefit.

Plus, I just love the themes. But lots of people have pretty themes. I like that mine is mobile dynamic, that it has all these added SEO benefits built in, and that it’s a framework and not just a pretty face.

Have you claimed authorship for your blog yet? runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Theme Framework

The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. Whether you're a novice or advanced developer, Genesis provides you with the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go.

With automatic theme updates and world-class support included, Genesis is the smart choice for your WordPress website or blog.

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  • Louie Baur

    Thanks for the reminder Chris. I am signing up for it now.

  • Raul Colon

    Thanks for pointing that out. I need to do a better job at looking at the new features once a new version of Genesis is launched.

    • Jeff Quandt

      Thanks. I have been using Genesis and StudioPress for some time. The added SEO benefit of authorship is another reason to continue using Genesis. I also love the platform RESPONSIVE designs.

  • Mitch Jackson

    Chris- Nice. Done!

    • Carol T. Singer

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  • Jeff Korhan

    Backplane service? Can you elaborate on that? Is this a metaphor for social connectivity – social – open – graphs?

    • Chris Brogan

      To me, Google+ isn’t a destination. It’s a serving suggestion. You know how you use Facebook Connect as a logon for certain sites? THAT is a backplane service, too. I think Google+ the actual site will fade into the background a bit once they open it up a bit more with the API.

      • Jeff Korhan

        I get it. Hadn’t thought about it fading as a result – but possible. So, it becomes more a passive identity service.

      • Mark Gavalda

        But do you feel like Fb and Tw faded into the background in recent time because people use them to sign into other sites? I use Fb Connect all the time, it’s fast easy and very convenient but I never thought of using Fb less because of that.
        Edit: or maybe I just misunderstood what you were getting at? :)

        • Chris Brogan

          It might or might not fade, but that’s not really my interest.

  • Tabita Green

    Yes indeed! I’m a Genesis fan all the way. :)

  • Daniel Decker


  • Michael Belk

    Genesis makes a professional theme and Chris your blog shows what is possible. I appreciate you for telling us why you use what you use.
    I have seen your blog many times and every time I am impressed. thanks

    • Chris Brogan

      Thanks, Michael! : )

  • Steve

    This website is beautiful. Good job Chris.
    So I did some research and it seems like you used to use the ‘Generate’ child theme on the Genesis framework. I haven’t been able to find any more details about your current site layout – did you get a designer to customize your own personal child theme using the ‘Genesis Framework’?
    If so, which designer ? :)

  • Dave Crenshaw

    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing, Chris!

  • Sam Adeyinka

    Hi Chris, it’s so nice finally land on your great blog, thanks to searching on Google for the “child’s theme Chris Brogan use for his blog”. It was a very beautiful sight to behold indeed.

    Speaking about your post, Chris, despite the simplicity of the post it was however very potent and I like it.

    Choosing a theme for ones blog is highly critical to the success of the blog and its owner and that’s why intelligent bloggers turn to Genesis for a better and responsive theme.

    I’ve always make use of Genesis but have constantly been changing my child’s theme and I seriously need one I could stick with to build a better brand for myself.

    It will be nice if you could tell me the child theme you make use of here or other ones you know as there are no better ones.

    Thanks for sharing and you must know I’m going to start being a fanatic visitor of your blog from today. :D