Are We Experience Facilitators

Trey Pennington I just heard this from Trey Pennington at this offsite summit event that’s the after-event for Like Minds in the UK. I can’t really talk much about the whole conversation that spawned this, but I wanted to pull out this nugget that Trey said:

We are experience facilitators.

My take on his line is this: we’re building bridges between companies and customers in how those two parties experience their interactions. Want that a little less fuzzy? (Remember, this is a thought in progress.)

We social media marketing types can help companies build better experiences back and forth between companies and people. So, the project New Marketing Labs did with Sony about DigiDads was to work with dads and their children to tell interesting stories using Sony products. Our role, NML, was to help the DigiDads experience some new things with some new products by recommending some interesting group projects. Our role with Sony was to facilitate that relationship and help make that bridge.

There are other projects with other clients that make sense of this, too, but maybe you’ve done this yourselves.

Do you see that? This is related to my ideas on guest experience design. How can we improve the experience of customers (b2b or b2c)? And part of this is the facilitation we can accomplish via social media tools. Be it communication or media exchange or idea sharing, etc, there are many possibilities.

Do you see this at all?

More coming soon. I’m really really really big on this idea of guest experience (instead of customer service) and the value of things like social media to participate. I’ll wait for Trey to write up the idea I had for his new client. : )

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