Are You Ready for Fun

I’m totally enamored with this video, created by @boxofcrayons. Take 5 minutes and watch it:

If you can’t see the video, click here.

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  • tokyoterri

    love it! thanks for sharing this, Chris.

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  • chinese herbs

    Very interesting video.I can say it is very inspiring post for everyone.The point I liked the most is “Dont waste time”,as I believe time is very precious thing in our life.Once it goes it will never come back…

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  • Weathervane

    That was awesome – thanks for sharing !

  • Elizabeth

    This is SUCH a great video!! I absolutely love it. I also love all the PMA in it :) Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


  • Weathervane

    That was awesome – thanks for sharing,
    Think i'll decorate my self with bananas and stand on the side of the freeway

  • socialsea

    Timely video for me. I've made a point of changing my career path. I've experienced all 8 and could add a few more. While I went through each of these self changing awareness fun principles in a different order, it wasn't easy for me to step outside myself and be the creative person that I was meant to be. I bloomed where I plopped, found success, built an income stream that is difficult to replace and navigating a new career is difficult in our current economy. I can personally relate to the scare yourself into fun principle. I felt like I was going to lose it all by not returning to my old career, but doing what I really want in life is slowly turning into a “win” for me. I've made many new friends in the social media arena. This group is more helpful and sharing than any group of professionals that I've encountered throughout my career. And, Chris, thanks for all the material you share.

  • Cyndi Papia

    I'll be redundant — this was great!!!!

  • Cyndi Papia

    I'll be redundant — this was a great video! Thank you for sharing.

  • Dale Callahan

    Like so many others – love it.

    You have a bad link for the “Also, check out” – but what is a little typo among friends;)

  • melaniekissell

    Best 5 minutes I'll spend all week! Absolutely mesmerizing. Every quote roped me right in and awakened every single neuron and nerve ending.

    Awesome-O-Matic. Thanks for starting my week off with some fun!

  • Susan

    What fun! Thanks for sharing.

  • Lynnette

    Thanks for sharing this, Chris! We're all about “fun” at The Fun Times Guide… so this was great to see :-D

  • jimwalczak

    You have to love Yogi Berra and Lou Holtz –
    Yogi – We were lost but making good time
    Lou – When all is said and done – more is said than done

    Great video – thanks for sharing

  • Nancy Baum Delain

    I love this video, too, Chris. It helps me detox from stressing out over the little stuff, and over life in general. Anything to help keep things in perspective….

    Thanks for sharing it.

  • Gabe Young

    Seriously, this is a great vid. I'm sure I recall seeing many of the messages before but this is the single best presentation of the entire package.

    That said, I'm not sure if “fun” is the right term when it comes to those messages but certainly they are great words to live by.

  • Marci

    It's cool to see something that says what I'm trying to live. I've been going after my 101 dreams come true with full gusto. The journey sometimes goes against everything society says we should be. But it's much more fun than doing what society says we should be. Check out my site I would love to chat with someone who feels the same way about life. There is also a book called the 7 Lively Sins that I think everyone should read. It's kind of like the video but in book form. Have a great day, Marci

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  • patromboletti

    who couldn't benefit from watching this video on a regular basis! Thank you.

  • pat

    Fabulous – thank you SO much!

  • Mat Maynor

    I love it! I love it! I love it! Principle #6 is my favorite. I wonder what would happen if I watched this every day for 30 days straight? Hmm, yet another home page tab in the works?

  • cynthiacol

    Great video! I think we get our perspectives all out of whack sometimes.

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  • Jeffrey

    Like the content, but that really doesn't seem like the music … at least not for me.

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  • Manuel Jiménez

    Great piece of motivating… will share it with some friends for sure.

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  • Hugh Macken

    Thanks for sharing, Chris. You have your head in the right place. Thanks for helping all of us do the same.
    This reminds me of a well-know story I heard (can't remember where) about a consultant who was asked by a struggling company to talk about the importance of fun and how to encourage it at work to increase productivity. Being the orderly company that had rules for everything including how presentations should be done, one of the company's executives asked for a preview of the presentation the consultant was planning to give, in the form of a poweropint with bulletpoints highlighting the key points. Sure thing, said the consultant, and promptly emailed the executive a powerpoint with the following bulletpoints:



  • igobydoc

    Thanks for sharing this video. It is an eye opener for sure.

    This is one video that some folks (including myself) should possibly watch at least once a week as a reminder and to keep you on track and to be focused.

    I am adding to my favorites, that's for sure!

    Thanks for all you do as always!


  • leewoodford

    I've only just caught this but it's a great pick me up

  • Andrew Edmonds

    Enjoyed the video, also thought the music suited to perfection.

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  • Paula Suita

    Hi Chris,
    This is a fabulous and very inspirational video. Thanks for sharing it. I plan to refer to it often whenever I need a pick-me-up. Love your daily thoughts.

  • micheled87

    A great video-so inspiring. I'll need to watch it everyday to be reminded of everything that's in there. It's so right-on

  • micheled87

    Loved this. Absolutely inspirational. Something to watch everyday until the message totally sinks in & gets incorporated into my life!

  • Dr. Seuss Children's Books

    Very nice video. The message is clear and full of lessons to be learned.

  • yuregininsesi

    What fun! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jimmychoos

    Thank you for sharing!

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