Brand Against the Machine

I had the pleasure of interviewing first time author John Morgan about his new book, Brand Against the Machine: How to Build Your Brand, Cut Through the Marketing Noise, and Stand Out from the Competition (amazon affiliate link), a book that tackles personal branding and the need to stand out. What I like about John’s book is that it’s told from a somewhat different perspective than other books about what’s come to be known as personal branding. John points out that there are lots of people out there vying for attention. His plan is to help you rise above the clutter.

I like that the book is broken down into smaller bites, and that you can find one or two tidbits to consider and bounce against the way you do things on every other page. Because John comes from some very competitive roots, the book has some interesting points to consider. Check out my video with John for a bit more.

Can’t see the video? Click Here

If you’re wondering what to do to get seen and heard in the louder world around us, John Morgan’s book is a worthwhile add to your collection. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  • Diane Brogan

    Excellent interview. You can keep the pony, but I want to read the book.

    • John Morgan

      haha! Thanks Diane!

  • John Morgan

    Thanks for the interview & review Chris! It was a lot of fun!

    Also, thanks for the screenshot on the video of me looking crazy.

    • janet wallace

      Oh my god, i was completely thinking that the screenshot nailed you. HAHA.

      • John Morgan

        Ha! I do look just like that often. 

  • Matt Medeiros

    I’m in the business of building great web sites that get results for people. 

    When I hear someone title a chapter, blog post, or speaking headline with “your website sucks” I’m immediately drawn like a mosquito to that deep purple light. 

    Like that mosquito, my expectations of Brand Against the Machine website crackled, fried my skin, and dropped me to the floor. 

    Typical template, with a banner image slapped into the header. 

    When you visit the blog, it’s not a blog at all. In fact, it’s not even completely setup. Default WordPress widget boxes instructing you to place cool things there. 

    Footer with a conflicting brand logo that is not consistent with book or header.

    Standard call to action page clipart with no effort to make images transparent to blend the background. 

    No call to action in interior pages.

    No social proof. 

    These are just some of the most obvious marketing 101 blunders that I’ve seen. No offense, but I think the attention grabbers that come out slinging, “Your stuff sucks” “don’t be a douchebag” and so on have outlived their presence. Unless you’re @julien:disqus 

    We need less flash in the pan marketers and more true thought leaders like Brogan, Godin, and Meerman Scott. 

    My 2 cents.

    • John Morgan

      I appreciate the feedback Matt! I’m not going to argue most of these points because I’m the first to admit that there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be improved on my own sites. The chapter in the book explains a lot of what you’re talking about rather than just saying everyone’s website sucks. 

      But I do have social proof on my site!

      You’re 100% spot-on about attention grabbing marketers that come out slinging “your stuff sucks”. There’s nothing I hate more and sadly the industry is full of them. When I claim something sucks I then follow it up with how to build something better in it’s place.

      I appreciate your 2 cents greatly although I’d like to think I’m not a flash in the pan marketer. Mainly because I’ve been doing this way too long LOL!

      • Matt Medeiros

        John, thanks for responding. 

        As you know our attention is the most valuable thing we have today. I don’t mean to come off harsh, as flash in the pan may not fit your bill. 

        But with all the online marketers I follow and content I consume, I have a much lower tolerance for it. In the beginning I consumed everything I could. 

        As I learned more, I started ducking and weaving through a lot of it. Now I check the pressure points real quick and keep moving onto the next outlet. 

        Just the sign of the times I guess. We’ve all got that 3 second window now. 

        Props though, you’ve published a book and debuted on Brogan’s site – so you’re doing something right! 

        Cheers my man. 

  • janet wallace

    1. I want a pony.
    2. Chris, you will be interviewing me one day. That’s a fact.
    3. I am so proud to live in same town as John Michael Morgan and call him friend.
    4. The book is gold — Don’t be a douchebag. Be bold. and Brand Against the Machine.

    • John Morgan

      Thanks so much Janet! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a pony as well!

  • owengreaves

    I don’t to worry much about the website nearly as much as the voice of that site. My site design sucks, but I have seen sites that suck be very successful, so do we call this elitism or just making an observation?

    If a sad website is saying the right things, and the content or the voice of that site draws me in, site design is the last thing on my mind. Having said that, site design can be and usually is a HUGE distraction.

    On another note, I enjoyed the interview with Chris, but I am biased when it comes to Chris and his work. Yes, I like his work, there I said it.

    I have yet to read the book, and I will because it sounds convicting. ACK! You mean I’m doing something wrong? I hope so, it’s how I learn.

    Congrats on the Book, you are a step ahead of me, I look forward to reading it.

    Many Blessings,


    • John Morgan

      Thanks Owen! We’re all doing something wrong, but this book focuses what to do rather than just telling people what not to do :)

      Looking forward to knowing what you think!

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  • Laura Click

    So glad to see you here, John! Congrats on the launch of your book. So excited for you!!!

    • John Morgan

      Thanks Laura! 

  • Henry Louis

    Hi John! It is very interesting to watch your interview in this video. Congrats to you on the launch of your book.

    • John Morgan

      Thanks Henry! Much appreciated. 

  • Matches Malone

    Continuing the conversation we started on Twitter; is this what you were talking about?

  • m2m

    Really very nice video ..

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  • Monica Nielsen

    Excellent “A Must Read” I highly recommend. Thanks for writing a book on what my soul has always told me. Love being different and being the best I can be. The book message for to me is be the best at being you! Thanks

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