Be Naked

Not Naked You could’ve learned this years ago by reading Naked Conversations. It’s still a worthwhile book. You should pick upTactical Transparency to go with it, actually, to understand when it’s not cool to be naked. The thing is this: if you’re going into this space of coming off-script and being social, you’ve gotta be naked. Want some tips?

How to Be Naked (and then, how not)

  • Be who you are, not an icon. People want the real public face of you (at least, the “best of” you).
  • Speak like a human. Try removing jargon and business-speak. No one says “next generation” in person.
  • Go where the people are. If you’re not at the face-to-face events, you’re not really committed to the larger opportunity. (This is really subjective).
  • Be ready to apologize. If you do something wrong, say so. (Mind you, be clear on what the legal implications of saying such might be.)
  • Ask about other people. If you’re using social tools to try and drive business, be a human about it and ask people about themselves, too. If you’re not participating in both ways, you’re acting like you’re using the community.
  • Be helpful. It’s not always about pushing your brand. Sometimes, the best way to get results is to help others be successful. Can you equip others to do their job better? Do that.
  • Be there before the sale. The best way to drive stronger marketing experiences and convert people into customers is to be there long before you need something from people. Sure, it takes longer, but I’ve seen lots of situations where this is what brought in the big sale over another person. If your prospect feels like she knows you, it works really well.

You don’t have to do any of this. You can just keep doing what you’re doing. But if you’re wondering why social media stuff isn’t working well for you, look at the list above and decide whether you’re giving this work the effort and intent that it requires.

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  • Jeff Wolfsberg

    Hi Chris,

    I love this post and almost missed it. You are one of the first blogs I subscribed to when i began using Google Reader. As time goes by, I have begun to read many other bloggers and social media titans like Seth, etc… Where does this leave me, less time to read you! I'd like to throw out a radical idea that may be met with “what!” Has anyone ever suggested – blog less! I don't know how you do a post each day, but it is overwhelming to keep up just the reading part. I'm more likely to delete seven posts after missing a week and starting fresh than to read 3-4 posted over the course of seven days.


    Jeff Wolfsberg

  • iamkrissy

    You're correct. Be who you are, help people. If you need help later perhaps others will reciprocate. Why not? Just be yourself, be real. Social Media IS the real world, if you are the same person online and off! I hate it when some tweeters say “I have my online friends,” and “I have my real life friends.” Or whatever phrase they use. The first time I heard it I was flabbergasted. So what was being said was that we weren't real while we were online, or anytime for that matter, if we were “online friends.” Now that's just preposterous. If we're consistent, we're the same online and offline. And hopefully that's someone helpful, someone genuinely interested in others, someone who doesn't bust in and become a taker — someone who is a giver not a taker. Just be a giver and it will be reciprocated. :)

    krissy knox :)
    follow me on Twitter

  • Steve Reeves

    As always I really appreciate the focus you bring to these subjects – thanks.

    Unfortunately there's a large number of contributors to social space who haven't (and won't) read you on the subject :-(



  • williamarruda

    Your first point is key – authenticity.

    It is all about being yourself – your best self. That's at the heart of effective personal branding. It means understanding what makes you exceptional and using it to stand out and add value to others.

    Thanks for this strong endorsement for authenticity. The new world of work requires that you use your best self to deliver value – and all communications (on- and off-line) require this.


  • Ryan

    “Be there before the sale. The best way to drive stronger marketing experiences and convert people into customers is to be there long before you need something from people. Sure, it takes longer, but I’ve seen lots of situations where this is what brought in the big sale over another person. If your prospect feels like she knows you, it works really well.”

    This is well worth banking thought on!

  • Jon Ward

    Love that slogan: “Be there before the sale”. That's what true branding is about. Generate interest, build a connection, give value generously… Then sell without selling.

  • frank barry

    Ask about other people … i relate this to caring about other. Sometimes i find this hard to do on the web. shoot, it can be tough to do in person on a large scale. having close friends takes work and the same is true online. you have to work at it. maybe more than offline because you don't have the same type of personal connection with people like you can get with face to face interaction.

    Be helpful … this is kind of a next step of sorts. if you are caring and building relationships with folks online going the extra mile to be helpful makes logical sense. the trick is actually being this way all the time. like point one above, it takes a lot of work and persistence.

    Why does it have to be so hard man!! :)

    Come to think of it nothing in life worth a thing is easy, right. I've got to work at having close friends in real life evrey day.

  • SM

    I completely agree with Chris's comment on being helpful. Lot of people talk about it but all along their intention is to see what they get out of the interaction. I have seen people who pretend to be long-lost brothers and once they realize they are not getting anything don't even bother to keep in touch.

    Any/all relationships would prosper with give and take (did you notice the order of the words – give and take). Always try to help others and your deeds will find a way to come back and help you when needed.

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    You have to learn to not blog just for yourself. Or blog just to see the rewards. We have to help others when we blog, whether it be by asking or answering questions, or teaching something new.


  • Paid Survey Sites

    You have to learn to not blog just for yourself. Or blog just to see the rewards. We have to help others when we blog, whether it be by asking or answering questions, or teaching something new.


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