Blog Topics Rides Again

Adventure Starts With Curiosity

One of the most common searches that lands people on my site is “What should I blog about?” One day, while talking with Julien Smith, he said, “You should totally do something with that, like start a project or something.” This was, like most advice Julien gives, great advice, and I did. I ended up gathering hundreds of active weekly subscribers to a product that delivered 10 or more post topic ideas per week, plus more. And then I closed it for a little while, because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next.

Blog Topics for You

Here it is again: Blog Topics is back in a slightly different format. You’ll still receive weekly emails filled with topics and blogging ideas, plus solid writing advice, but instead of paying a monthly subscription, we’re doing it as one lump payment, and you’ll be sent 45 weeks worth of posts.

PLEASE NOTE: If you subscribed to Blog Topics in the past, this is the same product you received (somewhat refreshed), so it might not be a great idea for you to sign up for that again. However, I have something for you, too.

Introducing Blog Topics: Master Class

If you’re looking for a writing course to help with your blogging (and your other writing), something that’s full of meat, something with accountability, something with plenty of information for you to work with, I invite you to sign up to Blog Topics: Master Class.

BTMC (what we’re calling it for short) is my best effort at creating my best advice, writing exercises, interviews with experts, tutorials, resources, live interactions, a group of peers learning with you, homework (with consequences), and more. The course runs for 16 weeks (just about 4 months), with weekly information being sent to you to work on and act upon.

Want a tiny peek at some of the modules? This is my little note list of what goes in which order. There may be a few shifts around, but it has at least all of these modules in place.

BTMC00 – Welcome letter
BTMCB0 – Bonuses – and the Tech / Reading List
BTMC01 – Your Promise to Readers
BTMC02 – Building Strong Habits
BTMC03 – The Magazine Building Crash Course
BTMCB1 – Interview with XXXX (it’s a secret!)
BTMC04 – Procrastination and Discipline
BTMC05 – Breaking Down What Works
BTMC06 – Topic Hunting
BTMC07 – How to Conduct an Interview
BTMCB2 – Interview with XXXX (it’s a secret!) 
BTMC08 – The Conversational Tone
BTMC09 – Make Your Own Editorial Calendar
BTMC10 – Sprinting, Marathons, and the Awkwards
BTMC11 – Video, Audio, Photos, and more
BTMC12 – Money and the Blog
BTMC13 – A Blogger’s Media Plan 
BTMCB3 – Interview with XXXX (it’s a secret!)
BTMC14 – Fastblogging
BTMC15 – Secrets I Have Learned
BTMC16 – Blogging Versus Book Writing
BTMCB4 – XXXX (it’s a secret, but really really fun!)

The very first class starts now, so if you want to jump in, check out Blog Topics: Master Class. (It starts when you sign up, so you won’t miss anything if you didn’t get to this blog post for a day or two, but don’t delay.)

And If You Want to Sell This?

We’ve also opened up our HBW Affiliates program, which means you’re invited to sell the above courses to your community, if they appeal. We share 50% commission on both projects, so that can amount to some decent income, if you’ve got a community that can benefit from these courses.

If you’re not sure how to do affiliate selling, don’t worry. I just put together a welcome letter that hopefully gives you some of the basics, plus resources on how to learn more.

And if NONE of this is of interest to you, I’ll see you next post with information that I hope is useful to you.

If you’re interested, check out:

Blog Topics

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  • Craig Jarrow

    Chris… good to see you recently in NYC!

    PS – Check the affiliate link above. Needs updating. :)

    • Chris Brogan

      All fixed, sir. Thank you!

  • Bradley Jones

    Desperate for money again now people know your business “acumen” is non-existent?

  • DJ Waldow

    Very very smart, Chris. Love that you are monetizing what you are awesome at. Excited to see where this goes. A win for you and for your community.

  • sgregory57

    Just my MHO: if you have to ask someone else “what should I blog about” then you shouldn’t be blogging.

    • Chris Brogan

      Some folks feel that way. In 2011, 624 people felt differently.

      • Megan Elizabeth

        I adore your outlook and your willingness to share information, both for free and for fees. If you have something people need then…..that what makes the world go around. When I can afford your course I will happily sign up! Thank you!

      • sgregory57

        Hope my comment is not considered an affront. I am interested in human behaviour and wonder what motivates those 624 people. They are the ones that want to blog but have no topic, yes? Doesn’t that seem odd to you?

        • Chris Brogan

          Athletes have a coach.
          Chefs look for recipes.
          Masters students go for PhD.

          There are lots of cases where people look for inspiration externally to spark internally.

    • Megan Elizabeth

      Many people feel that they have something to offer to the world, or hope they do. Most of us are unsure of what that is. This topic brings excitement and fear into the “average” person because of the desire to share our thoughts and opinions with others, but also because of all the little gremlins that tell us we have nothing to give back. Getting a kick in the pants can be a turning point.

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  • Susan Savkov

    I’m excited and just signed up. I’m managing multiple social media accounts and my own so it’s great to have help when you get stuck for ideas.

    • Chris Brogan

      So happy to hear it : )

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  • Ayaz

    I am really exciting and looking forward to check out the above mention list and I am interested about building strong habits.

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  • Janet L Davies

    Clicky click.

  • Jayson

    This is awesome, although I can’t spring that kind of dough, I know those who can will be enriched by your excellent knowledge of relationships and genius, take care Chris

  • Chris Guillebeau

    Looks great, Mr. Brogan. Glad to see you getting this out again.

  • Kristine

    Hey Chris, is their still time to sign up for the Master Class?? When is the latest you can sign up. Thanks!

    • Kristine


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