Conversations Matter in Google+

Conversations matter in Google+

So far, one thing I notice about Google+, is that you get rewarded for starting and carrying on good conversations. Wow, doesn’t that sound like the Kumbaya phase of social media? Well, it’s true inside of Google+, at least for now. There’s a ranking system that puts people’s most interacted-with stuff at the top of the stream of information, such that the most talked-about pieces are the most relevant. To that end, conversation certainly matters.

The conversations I’ve started that have had “legs,” so to speak, have been:

  • Which no-longer-necessary tech do you still like, just because? Like Sony Minidisc recorders. Any others? (39 comments as I write this).
  • Okay. I’m totally really honestly getting off G+ for a whole… I dunno… 3 hours or something. No, really! #icanstopanytimeiwant #ilearneditfromyoudad! (26 or so comments)
  • Obvoius things that SHOULD be integrated but aren’t: Docs (maybe it’d become a Wave that makes sense), Places (not geolocation, but places pages), and… your turn! (65 comments)

And so on.

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Conversationlists Wanted

The key things going on inside Google+ so far are sharing stuff, where the interesting factor rules, and conversations, where the ability to keep an interesting and participatory conversation matters. To me, these are the keys to the game at these early days. Well, that and managing your circles so that you keep reasonable filters on things as they grow.

Just another dispatch from my experiences inside of Google+

Oh, and if you’d like a screencast of Google+, I’ve got that, too:

Can’t see the video? CLICK HERE.

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