Crush It – A Video Book Review

NOTE: I couldn’t be any MORE biased than I am for Gary Vaynerchuk. This video review of Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion (amazon link) is essentially me shaking the book at the camera and loving Gary. You probably know Gary Vaynerchuk, but on the odd shot you don’t, this is your chance to check out how the insides of his head worked on the way to his big success.

This book is worth picking up, though I hint in the review that I’m really anxious to see what book 2 brings me. (He’s got a series planned.) Watch the video and then pick up Crush It! You can’t deny Gary. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  • Ricardo Bueno

    Chris: he doesn't leave you with a cliff-hanger or anything at the end does he? Cuz I gotta tell ya, I don't like cliff-hangers…

    Seriously though, I didn't know he had a series planned. Either way, I think it's exciting and I'll definitely be picking up a copy! Could always use a good dose of motivation and it sounds like that's just what this book delivers…

    See you soon at Blogworld!

  • startabuzz

    First off, don't get your blue light saber in a bunch when I mention that, actually, in the middle is EXACTLY where we started with Star Wars. ;)

    But I digress.

    I ordered Gary's book and can't wait til Amazon delivers it in October. I love hearing what Gary has to say and think his enthusiasm is totally infectious. He is one of the best examples I can think of where a regular, but supremely motivated guy, just kicked the crap out of everyone. And he's a wine guy, so he had me at merlot. ;)

  • Chris Brogan

    Not a cliffhanger at all. But I just come out of the gate with the feeling that this is groundwork for something even bigger.

  • markshaw

    Hi Chris, and thanks for the short video.. Funny, you mention you have to start at the beginning with book 1 and then you mention Star Wars… that actually started at episode 3… and then went 4,5 and then 1 and 2. about 15 years later… LOL…

    Like you, I think Gary Vee is great.. unlike you, I dont have an advanced copy, so will wait for the general release.. which as I am in the UK, will be way after you guys in the US… LOL..

    keep up the great work


  • gerardmclean

    I'm working on my second book. The first one is too hard to write. :-)

    October 13 Apparently books need to be aged just like wine….

  • BenSpark

    Hey Chris,
    I already pre-ordered the book or else I'd help you out with your amazing affiliate and buy through you. I am so excited to read this book. I think that between Trust Agents and Crush it, Affiliate Summit, IZEAFest and Blog World Expo by dang head is gonna 'splode from all the great ideas that will be wanting to get out. Love the video review, this is the first I have watched. (note to self: go back and read more)

  • ozzybeef

    Really – Gary's got a book coming out?!?

  • Donagh Mc Sweeney

    I've been listening to Gary for quiet a bit now. Does the book offer anything different than the advice he gives in his videos?

  • therisetothetop


    Great video and super cool that you shot it on my set. I love the simplicity of the review and I'm about half way through the book.

    Keep rocking,

  • JesseNewhart

    Hey Chris I love you bro but 'Star Wars' did actually start in the middle of the series.

    Never thought my first comment on your blog would be so dorky but hey if it got me off the bench :)

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  • remarkablogger

    Good point: how is it that he's the most self-promotional guy ever but everyone loves him? That's worth examining, I think.

  • Justin Thorp

    So what you're saying is if you've ever seen Gary speak at an event before, you've probably heard what he has to say in this book? I too am looking forward to book #2.

  • Wesley_Craig_Green

    I really dig these video reviews you are doing, Chris. I've actually bought a couple of books based on your video reviews!

    I'm looking forward to reading Gary V's book soon as it arrives here at headquarters. The thing about Gary is that while he does promote his business a lot, he also spreads the love by talking about his passions, other people, and other blogs / web sites. He has that X Factor which makes him fun to watch and inspirational to listen to.

    Wesley Craig Green
    The Geek Entrepreneur

  • lewishowes

    I wonder if this book will be as good as Matrix 1 was…. if so, I may read it about 20 times and find something new and and amazing every time I read it!

  • Bernard Molek

    Okay, I ordered the book Crush It! and looking forward to whatz in store for my brain once I get to read it. I've learned so much just from skimming your tweets, blogs and tapping into a few of the people you refer to that I ought to really get enlightened with this book.


  • Chris Brogan

    Okay, let me address the Star Wars thing.

    YOU might think Episode 1,2,3 exist. I'm here to tell you that they don't. Some alternate universe created those. EVERYTHING starts at 4. And so 4 is 1.

    That is all. < / crazy>

  • Chris Brogan

    It's awkward to watch Gary in the bathroom. Problem SOLVED with the book. : )

  • Chris Brogan

    See above. No it didn't. : )

  • JesseNewhart

    I hear you loud and clear! How did Lucas manage to hire such AWESOME actors back in the day and you can't watch the 'new' movies without wincing.

    BTW I hope this fanboy convo doesn't take away from Gary's book. It truly is special and Gary's well worth the attention I subscribe to his personal blog. I've never been a huge fan of winelibrary but his keynotes, business videos are must see web TV. I only offer one caveat he is coming from a multi-million $$$ business and is not starting 'from scratch' w/ only hustle although he does work hard. Besides that you can't help yourself but believe in his principles.

  • mikesearls

    Chris -

    Gary is such a cool guy. I interviewed him last night and he was a trooper.

  • Bill Moore

    Uncorrected proof? Uh, oh. Hope it's not with Wiley. ;-)

  • JohnAtkinson

    Can't wait to read Gary's book.

    Chris, loved your line: “He's the #1 self-promoting guy that people don't hate” – So true.

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  • Tia Nelson

    Thanks for introducing Gary to me. I read an excerpt of his book and it's just what I need. I ordered one.

  • Tia Nelson

    Thanks for introducing Gary to me. I read an excerpt of his book and it's just what I need. I ordered one.

  • David LaMorte

    I'm a little confused about what the book is about. You said how it made/makes you feel, but didn't really talk about the specific content/thesis.

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  • Allyn

    not everyone loves Gary… he has plenty of haters. in fact , he has anti-Gary-wine-reviewers out there… but he addresses those folks by embracing them and he respects their opinions, THAT is why he is loved. Guess you guys don't really follow him that much eh?

  • geoffabrown

    You said, “Pluck off of that” right? Just checking. Cool story about how I came to buy this book today: Gary tweets “If you're thinking of buying the book but haven't done so yet, email me”. I email him to say that I read the free chapter PDF and I'm still on the fence (having already bought “Trust Agents” this week, “Tribes” the week before and “PR 2.0: Putting the Public Back in Public Relations” the week before).

    He says, “Don't buy it if you don't want to, but thanks any way for taking the time to consider it”.

    Guess what…I bought it.

    Once again, just being genuine, authentic and real helped Gary V. close one more sale.

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  • Timberland shoes

    I like what you said.

  • joystick

    Awesome, one of my favourite bloggers reviewing one of my other favourite bloggers – And I got both books on the way :)

    I'm gona come to the US soon to interview you guys (if you'll have me :) )

  • jeux xbox 360

    Chris, thanks for the review of Crush It. Your opioon means a lot. I have truly enjoyed your book Trust Agent so your review of Crush It holds a lot of water! Looking forward to receiving my copy.

  • jeux xbox 360

    Chris, thanks for the review of Crush It. Your opioon means a lot. I have truly enjoyed your book Trust Agent so your review of Crush It holds a lot of water! Looking forward to receiving my copy.

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  • jillrapley

    Hi Chris – Great video review. I especially liked your comment about how Gary gets away with his “self promotion”.

    That got me thinking. I personally run a mile from hype and self promoters, yet I could not put Gary's book down. I loved it. Go figure right?

    It is indeed a “shot in the arm”, certainly worth reading.

  • usb flash drive

    Well, I ordered this book crush! Whatz in store and forward looking to my mind once I get to read it. I refer to so few of you guys in your tweets, blogs and just found out that I flew from tapping to get enlightened with the book should really.