Free eBook on Personal Branding

personal branding ebook I’ve compiled a free ebook on personal branding called Personal Branding for the Business Professional (pdf format). It runs just about 15 pages (including the cover) and contains everything from strategy advice to some considerations to over 100 tactics and ideas on what to do next.

Most of the ideas come from previous blog posts, but as there have been several new subscribers in the last several months, and because I believe that the information might spread further in an ebook format, I wanted to give it to you free, and without any sign up or anything.

Free eBook on Personal Branding

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this post so that people know where to get the ebook. If you’d like to share copies with someone else, please point them to this post and not the file directly, so that I can update the post and the file without concern.

And if you’re happy with what you’re reading here, please consider subscribing for free. I’d love to know that you’re coming back for more.


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