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Every Monday I send out Blog Topics: a collection of writing advice and blog ideas for people to write from and explore. We have a strong community of writers hoping to build businesses with their blogs, or sometimes just hoping to improve engagement and attract more readers. It’s one of my favorite projects I’ve ever launched.

Here are some posts from people in the Blog Topics community:

Never Lose Sight of Your Dreams

My Best Advice About Parent/Teacher Personality Conflicts

How I Find Time To Make Media

When I Win the Lotto

Why Being a Photographer is Like Being a Jazz Musician

Beware of “Group think”

Who Encourages The Encourager?

Twitter in thw Front Porch of the 1960′s!

Thinking Back About Freshbooks

You Should Check Out Those Blogs AND Join Topics

The biggest worry people had was that these topics would spawn hundreds of Chris Brogan clones. Do these people seem like they’re writing the same post? I think not.

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  • amy parmenter

    Hey Chris!

    ‘Twitter in the Front Porch’ link doesn’t work…   just sayin’ cause I’m sure it’s a good read…

    Amy Parmenter
    The ParmFarm 

  • Rick Manelius

    Honestly, losing my personal voice has been one of my biggest fears as a writer. I read so many other interesting people and ingest so many of their ideas that I sometimes feel I’m going to be nothing more than a parrot, spouting off facts I’ve read versus having my own original thoughts. And I NEVER want to become a copycat like that.

    The reality? When I actually write, yes, you might be able to sense a hint of influence from something/someone else (especially if I write quickly and without a purpose). But my hobbies and interests are such a mish mash that I’m always going to have a different take. 

    So are we clones? I don’t think so either and I honestly don’t think its actually possible if we tried short of actually copying posts and simply changing around the sentence structure. 

    Personally, I use the blog topics emails as inspiration, but also as a guide to learning writing techniques from a blogging perspective. 

    Thanks again Chris. I really appreciate your work.

  • Commoncents

    I like the ‘When’ word in When I Win the Lotto, by Rick Manelius. That is positive thinking… and yet (as we all know) not so probable.  It is very safe to dream of winning the lottery.
     I think people don’t follow through with their positive actions because they are not afraid of failure….. they are actually afraid of sucess. With failure you can pull up the covers for a day or two and accept it.  With success you are responsible to act!   I KNOW I will succeed when I start something. Just not sure if I want to.  Make sense? Enjoyed reading Rick Manelius. Thanks Chris!

    • Rick Manelius

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I get a little buzz knowing that, at the very least, people have a reaction and their own thoughts to my ideas.

      You’re spot on about ‘responsibility to act.’ It’s easy to dream about the winning the lottery, because dreaming requires no action. It can inspire, yes. But its the action that can make it into a reality.

      I bet many, even if they won the lottery, still would not act on their dreams. I know I’m at least trying, so hopefully I don’t fall into that trap as well. Time will tell.

  • Jeff Goins

    Thanks, Chris. Enjoyed the first one on goal-setting. Cool community you’ve started with Blog Topics. I just may have to join…

    • dougmcisaac


      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the Dreams post.


      • Jeff Goins

        It was great!

  • Anonymous

     It might be interesting to see several different posts created from the same topic suggestion you send out, the next time you provide a list like this.

  • dougmcisaac


    Thanks for sharing my post, Never Lose Sight of Your Dreams. I was surprised by the amount of traffic and the new comments I was getting on a month old post today so I had to track down where the traffic was coming from. I had completely forgotten that you asked us to share posts with you in Blog Topics and that I had shared that one.

    For anyone who struggles with ideas for your blog, I couldn’t recommend Blog Topics enough. It’s a great concept and has helped me a lot. Now if I could just get myself to be more consistent. :-)


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  • Anonymous

    Hello Chris!  I can’t believe I’ve been talking about this but haven’t commented here… THANK YOU again for the special mention of my post “Who Encourages The Encouragers”.  I truly appreciate that!  You know, I have copied and pasted your Blog Topics Monday emails for the past few months and that has become the ONLY blogging guide I have!  I still have so much to learn, especially planning my blogs as I tend to just blog “in the moment”.  It’s work in progress but you make it so much fun and effective!

    Thanks again for all you do!

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