From Boston To New York – A Supply Run

With my love, @jcqly My girlfriend, Jacqueline Carly, is going to make a truck run from Boston (well, Cambridge) down to NYC to deliver some goods, and to do that, I’m asking for Boston area people’s help.

Can you meet up with me Monday afternoon at 3PM ET at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge to drop off whatever you can spare on the list below? Then, Jacq will take down a truck stuffed to the gills and deliver it to people there.

If we get more than we can haul in her truck (and I really hope that we do), I’m already trying to find a way to get a delivery company to help us get the rest of it sent down that way. (Know anyone?)

I’ll be bringing a bunch of signed copies of my new books (and a few of my older books) as gifts of thanks (first come, first serve), but no matter what, please come if you can.

Monday: 3PM
Where: Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA
What: see this list

*Granola / energy / Cereal Bars
*Fruit snacks / Fruit rollups
*Pop Tarts
any ready to eat food that does not require heating or a can opener

*Flashlights w batteries
*First aid
*Ziploc bags of all sizes
*Hand sanitizer and antibac wipes
*Paper towels
*Toothpaste / Toothbrushes
*Baby Wipes
*Baby food
*Work Gloves
*Garbage Bags
*Cleaning Solution

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  • Kelly Shibari

    Posted on both G+, Twitter and FB. Hope everyone stops by to drop items off!

    • ceb

      Thank you!

    • Chris Brogan

      Thank you, Kelly!

      • Deb @ Focused on the Magic

        Thank you so much Chris & friends! It’s just so heartwarming to read about what you are doing in MA and to know that you haven’t forgotten about all of us in the Tri-State area!!

  • luissandovaljr

    Posted everywhere I could. Good luck on your fundraiser and I’m really hoping you get a ton of overflow. I passed it on specifically to some friends I stayed with through Airbnb that live in Somerville, MA.

    • Chris Brogan

      Thanks, Luis. I appreciate it very much. : )

  • jeremyvaught

    I’ve got some things that were going to goodwill this week before I roll out… I’ll show up with the ones that are appropriate and grab a few things at CVS on my way.

    • Chris Brogan

      Nifty! : )

  • Sharon

    just in case you need to, Goodwill and/or Salvation Army runs could also be great way to get quick cheap stuff that you can ‘grab n go’ … excellent effort!

    • Chris Brogan

      Great point.

    • bea

      Most places don’t need clothes now. Diapers, cleaning supplies, contractor trash bags, flashlights, blankets. Occupy Sandy has a Facebook page with more information about what is needed and where. Bringing down giant bags of used clothing that people won’t actually wear can be more harmful than good.

  • Susan Giurleo

    I’m Boston-ish, but can’t get into Cambridge at 3… have a 3rd grader to get off the bus at 2:45. If there’s a way I could get some stuff to you earlier in the day to bring down let me know…

    • Chris Brogan

      If you drop it off at the NERD center earlier in the day, just mention it’s for the 3PM Chris Brogan event on Floor 1. That might help.

  • Lisa_earlymorningrun

    As a New Yorker I just want to thank you and Jacqueline for doing this. A lot of people here need help and what you’re doing is incredible.

    • Chris Brogan

      I’m just the pretty face. Jacq’s doing the tricky part, and YOU are surviving the tricky event. : )

  • Thuriayaa

    And I like this support. Thanks…

    • Jacqueline Carly

      Thank you!

  • EricFriedberg

    Chris I have a bag full of clothes for a baby age one. But are you donating books. Why are you donating books confused on your post….I can meet you Sunday where do you live email me at

    • Jacqueline Carly

      Chris is giving away copies of his book to people that drop off donations in Cambridge on Monday (first come, first serve) :-)

  • Candace Lindemann

    Thank you! Batteries and flashlights are also in need!

    • Jacqueline Carly

      Yes, thank you!

  • Arnie Harchik

    I can’t be in Cambridge on Monday. But I have free time tomorrow (Sunday). Can I bring items to donate? Where?

    • Jacqueline Carly

      Hi Arnie, could you come to Watertown?

      • Arnie Harchik


        • Jacqueline Carly

          email me at J AT JACQ.TV DOT com too coordinate. Thank you!

          • Jacqueline Carly

            if that fails try Fitarella AT gmail DOT com

          • Guest


  • Toni McNulty

    Folks, keep in mind that disaster victims don’t need old clothes, and they come in by the truckload. What they really need are the items in the post. Think items that get used up fast, especially by babies, sick people, elderly, and the shelters that take care of them. Bless you, Chris and Jacq!

    • Jacqueline Carly

      Bless YOU!

    • Jen

      Just spoke to friends in NJ who say that gently used clothing IS being requested there, as both individuals and shelters lost everything. Especially for the coming cold, for both kids and adults. I can’t confirm if it’s needed, but it’s being requested.

    • shirley321

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  • Guest

    I may be able to help with driving extra supplies down if you have them and can’t find a company. I have a smallish SUV and currently have the spare time. But I’d love to ask that if there is extra and I do drive, that I can take things to NJ. I grew up there, and I have friends along the coast whose towns are just wiped out. Plus I know I have somewhere to stay there if I need to. If interested, let me know! Either way, I’ll bring some supplies Monday…

    • Jacqueline Carly

      Thank you! Please email me at J AT JACQ.TV DOT COM.

      • Jen

        Have tried several attempts at various possible combos of the above but all bounce back. Try emailing me at jannsk162 AT hotmail.

        • Jacqueline Carly

          Sorry, Jen. Don’t know why that’s happening. Will email you :)

          • Erika Lanier

            Jacqueline – any chance you’d be coming down from north of Boston? I can’t get into Boston for Monday, but if you’re north, I can meet up with you today and get some stuff to you….

  • NJRes

    Baby formula and batteries are two helpful things to donate.

    • Chris Brogan

      Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Jacqueline Carly

    Thank you all for your support!

  • The Money Mail

    Chris, this a great initiative. I wish I was in the Cambridge area to help. Will pass the message to my friends living there.

    • Chris Brogan

      Super! Thank you.

  • Wendy Pitts Reeves

    Too far to drive from Tennessee, and I don’t have a ton of contacts in that area, but do have a few – and have sent out word where I can. Good work, Chris – and Jacq.

    • Chris Brogan


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  • Julie

    What a wonderful idea! I’m sure you know this, but finding gas is a major problem down here. To the tune of people getting shot in the gas lines. Please make sure to fill up as you go and as you are able — I know folks in NY/NJ are driving well into CT, etc. to find gas. Better yet, keep enough fuel in your own spare tanks in the back of the trunk to get you back to MA. Wouldn’t be good if you got stuck down here as well!

    • Jacqueline Carly

      Thank you, Julie. Yes, we are making sure that end is covered. :) Peace!

  • Joann

    Chris, I hope Jacqueline has an outlet for the goods once you get to the disaster area. I have seen stuff abaondoned on street corners when no one knows how to get it to the people who really need it. A church or a non-profit agency are good places to start. FEMA also has a NGA list that can help.

    • Jacqueline Carly

      Thanks Joann, yes I do. Already coordinating with local relief effort there for drop offs :)

  • Judy Martin

    Where are you going in New York? If you are headed to Long Island I can probably line up some resources. The City of Long Beach was devastated and is still without electric. There is a great need for children’s clothing – especially infants. Infant formula and non-perishable goods. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring kids games – stuffed animals. They are not necessities for life – but certainly for the soul. It’s great that you guys are doing this!

    • Jacqueline Carly

      Right now, I’m coordinating with relief efforts in Staten Island. If you have people to connect me to in Long Beach, please email me at Fitarella AT gmail DOT com. Thank you!

  • Judy Martin

    Also – gas is a HUGE problem down here. SO be aware.

    • Jacqueline Carly

      Thanks Judy, I’ll be bringing gas with me :)

  • P&P’s Mom

    This is fantastic and I’m passing the word on. Jacqueline is amazing for doing this!

    • Jacqueline Carly

      Thanks for spreading the word. We are all ONE! xo

  • Linda

    From across the ocean: respect for Jacqueline! You are a role model and inspiration for all of us!

    • Jacqueline Carly

      It’s a massive group effort, I’m just the driver :-) Peace & Love xo

  • Maria Bendoni

    Hi! I have been wanting to help but don’t know how. All anyone wants is money and i dont have much. I have time and a big heart. Is there anything I can do to help you? I live in Dedham so I can come to Cambridge. Do you need anyone to drive down with you or help organize things?

    • Jacqueline Carly

      Hi Maria, I’m not sure there will be room for another person in the car, yet. My daughter has been asking to come, but not sure about that one either :) But your help is greatly appreciated at NERD. If we get as much as we hope, the more hands, the better! THANK YOU!

      • Maria Bendoni

        Great! A few of my friends jumped in and nowI have several boxes all labeled with itas contents…hope it helps

  • Jennifer Spencer

    We’ve got some diapers, blankets, clothes, and toys and stuffed animals my son won’t miss – I’ll send my husband with them tomorrow.

    Also helpful for folks to know: the dollar store carries batteries. The one in Allston, near the Stop & Shop, has 8-packs for a dollar. Can’t vouch for their long-lastingness, but at that price we might as well send as many as we can.

    Thanks for doing this!

    • Jacqueline Carly

      Thank YOU, Jennifer!

  • Dina

    Until what time? I don’t get out of work until 5pm, but I’d love to donate some items.

    • Jacqueline Carly

      I understand. Unfortunately, we won’t be there at that time. The NERD center is very generous to allow us to do this, and we need to respect the time that we’ve been allotted. Perhaps you could come during lunch?

  • JMF

    I work next door and I’ve shared this with my colleagues. See you tomorrow!

    • Jacqueline Carly

      Great, thank you!

  • Jacqueline Church

    I’m glad you are jumping in to help. I’ve been reading that well-intentioned donations of food and clothes can really strain local resources. I hope you’ve vetted the needs and the ability of someone on the receiving end to accept& distribute? I have heard that personal care items and diapers are most needed. Good luck.

  • Jill Kaufman



    The organization 596 Acres is posting volunteer opportunities on its Facebook site.


    Freebrook Academy (375 Stuyvesant Ave. at Decatur St.) is accepting donations. Their drive goes until Monday, Nov. 5 at 3pm.

    Residence – 136 Jefferson Ave, apt 2 11216

    Fort Greene

    Brooklyn Technical High School is looking for volunteers to help prepare and serve meals. They are also accepting donations of money and bagging clothing.

    Park Slope

    Councilman Brad Lander says volunteers are needed at both the Park Slope Armory (8th Avenue between 14th and 15th streets) and John Jay High School
    (7th Avenue between 4th and 5th streets). He says you should be willing
    to put in a 6-8 hour shift. Kids cannot volunteer and should stay at

    Park Slope Armory
    is an emergency shelter in need of volunteers and donations. In
    particular, they need overnight volunteers and donations of men’s and
    women’s clothing, sizes L, XL, XXL.

    Red Hook

    Red Hook Recovers is connecting volunteers and givers in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

    The Red Hook Initiative is
    collecting toilet paper, water, candles, food, flashlights, cell phone
    chargers, batteries, paper towels, and paper for printers.

    Here are details on The Red Hook Initiative’s operations for Sunday:

    Please report to 402 Van Brunt Street
    10am – 5pm

    Hot Meals
    Hot meals should be delivered to 767 Hicks Street
    11am – 6pm

    Please tell us if you plan to deliver hot food and at what time. We’d
    like to try to make sure we have enough and that we don’t get too much
    knowing other communities need the same.
    If you plan to bring a meal, send an email to

    Cleaning Supplies / Water Pumps/Generators
    Please deliver to 402 Van Brunt Street
    10am – 5pm

    Canned Food/ Non-perishables / Flashlights/ Candles/ Blankets
    Please deliver to Good Shepherd Services, 173 Conover Street OR
    Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 98 Richards Street/ Verona Street
    10am – 5pm


    Donations being collected at 190 Withers Street, between Graham and
    Humboldt, #1. Until 4pm on Sunday. Contact: Jennifer (917) 586-4153

    House of Yes: 342 Maujer Street, contact: Kae Burke
    (585) 217-7209. Accepting donations of supplies, food, water, but not
    clothing, from 10am-10pm through Friday.


    Harlem: Volunteering and donation

    Residence 47 St Nicholas Avenue, #4D between 112 and 113

    938 St Nicholas Avenue, #25 corner of 157th and St Nicholas Avenue

    Lower East Side:

    Lower East Side Recovers is
    an effort to match volunteers and givers with people who have needs in
    the Lower East Side, coordinated by the folks at Occupy NYC and
    community organizations on the ground.

    Drop-off locations for goods like clothing, batteries food and water:

    CAAAV is taking donations from 10am – 2pm on Sunday, but no longer needs volunteers. 46 Hester Street, Frnt A (212) 473-6485.

    The Bowery Mission is accepting donations for the
    homeless at both locations. Volunteers should report only to the Bowery
    Street location. 45-51 Avenue D, (212)777-3424 and 227 Bowery (212)

    Upper West Side:

    There a collection drive from 1pm – 5pm for food, water, and clothing outside of Brother Jimmy’s on 80th Street and Amsterdam.

    Brandeis High School on West 84th Street is in need of overnight volunteers.

    BJ Synagogue
    is collecting donations until 5pm and transporting them to a synagogue
    in the Rockaways. In particular, they need blankets, warm clothing, milk
    and batteries. Donations will also go to The Educational Alliance, a community-based organization that provides social services. 257 West 88th Street (between Broadway and West End Avenue)

    Upper East Side:

    Saloon NYC
    is accepting donations to the Rockaways and Broad Channel. Supplies,
    clothing, and food dropped off there will be delivered to St. Francis
    des Sales church in Belle Harbor, NY. 1584 York Avenue, New York, NY
    10028 ( Between 83rd & 84th St ) 212.570.5454


    Staten Island Recovers is connecting volunteers and givers in the borough and @SIrecovers

    SI Live has a list of organizations and locations accepting monetary donations and goods.

    To register to foster a displaced animal on Staten Island, register with Anarchy Animal Rescue.


    Astoria: Astoria Recovers is connecting volunteers and givers in the Queens neighborhood.

    Breezy Point: Virginia’s House of Hope is
    non-perishable foods, toiletries, diapers, clothing and clean-up
    supplies to people impacted by the disaster.

    202-30 Rockaway Point Boulevard Breezy Point, Queens 11697

    202-30 Rockaway Point Boulevard

    Breezy Point, Queens 11697

    Far Rockaway:

    The Silver Gull Club is accepting donations to help
    Breezy Point. They are collecting batteries, flashlights, toiletries,
    water, food, blankets/bedding and other necessities. No clothing,
    please. 1 Beach 193rd Street (718) 634-1500

    Occupy Sandy Relief has been collating drop-off locations, volunteer info and requests.

    Drop-off location for goods like clothing, batteries food and water:

    Firehouse on 59th street across from the train station – contact person: Jean Dupont 917.975.5623

    Veggie Island – 96th Street and Rockaway Blvd.

    Store Front Community Center – B113 and Rockaway Beach Blvd.

    Rockaway Recovery has instructions on how to aid in getting food and goods to Far Rockaway.

    NYC Parks is looking for volunteers Friday, Saturday and Sunday to help aid in clean up and recovery, including Van Cortlandt Park and Orchard Beach in the Bronx, Prospect Park and McCarren Park in Brooklyn, Happy Warrior Playground, Annunciation Park, Carl Schurz Park, Anne Loftus Playground and Randall’s Island in Manhattan, and Brookville Park and Baisley Pond Park in Queens. You can follow @NYCParks on Twitter for updates on park cleanup needs.

    Donate a Room: With the cancelation of the ING NYC Marathon, runners are being encouraged to donate their rooms to victims of Sandy seeking a room.


    Community Food Bank of NJ is seeking food donations – call 908.355.3663 or visit the website to find out how and where to give.

    Jersey Cares is
    coordinating volunteers with opportunities near them. Sherry Fazio,
    with NJ Cares, says the most important thing to do is register with
    their website to help in the coming weeks as projects look for help. If
    her family is any indication, she expects water, blankets and
    non-perishable food will be items requested in the days to come.

    An emergency response hotline: 1-800-JERSEY-7
    (1-800-537-7397) – they’re looking for trained volunteers who are
    affiliated with an emergency response organization to volunteer their
    services. Gov. Chris Christie’s office says the hotline is getting an overwhelming response, so another number to try is 609-218-0460.


    The Long Island Volunteer Center is registering volunteers.

    The Town of Oyster Bay
    is holding a clothing drive that continues until 5pm on Sunday.
    Donations can be brought to three locations: Marjorie R. Post Community
    Park, Syosset-Woodbury Community Park, and Oyster Bay Community Center.


    Food Bank for Westchester is accepting donations of food to help area residents without power. Check the website for a detailed list.

    The Volunteer Center is coordinating volunteer and relief efforts. The website also includes a list of places in Westchester accepting donations and help.

    • Jacqueline Carly

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  • Ciao99

    A lot of people need help, it’s not just New Yorkers.

  • Erinm

    Great idea!! Are you taking used sweaters, jackets, etc? See you tomm with a few boxes of stuff.

    • Jen

      I’m helping drive stuff south (I’m headed to NJ), and I’ve been told they need warm clothing and coats. So definitely bring any you want to donate that are new or gently used (especially coats). Blankets for the cold weather that’s started are also a critical need. I’ll be meeting Jacqueline at the NERD Center, so one way or another they’d get down to people who need them. Thanks!!

  • Irma

    Hi Jacqueline, fantastic you are doing this! I have 3 bags of supplies ready to go.
    I work for Google in Kendall Square, and several people here are preparing supplies for you! Would it be possible for you to stop by Google office with the truck to pick up supplies if we end up having a lot? Thanks, -Irma

  • steveplace

    Feminine hygiene products deserve their own line item.

  • Marc Ensign

    Good karma coming your way guys! If you need anyone on the New York side of this to meet the truck or help unpack it, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You have my info!

  • CraigEYaris

    As a Long Islander still without power, I appreciate all the help that people can bring to areas much worse off than I am. I am one of the lucky ones, as my only problem is a first world one, no power. The number of people who have lost everything is staggering, and I thank you for helping them.


  • jill

    is there a place to park near the NERD center? and may i drop off items before 3?

    • Andrew Brent

      There is free street parking in front of the building (2hr limit I believe). If you want to come by earlier and don’t have a large quantity of items I can store them in my car at the NERD center and bring them up a 3.

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  • Debi Bulmer

    will there be anothe run in the future? We got the message at 1pm today and were not prepared with any items, but would really like to help!

  • J

    Post an update if you can! Just dropped of some goods & it seems like there was a healthy turn out. Excited to hear the update.

  • Diane Willmont

    just got your message at 3:30….rushing over now with everything i could gather… Thanks!!

  • Judith

    Another item that will be of help is Boost, baby food (everyone can eat baby food…)
    Best of luck with your venture. :)

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