How to Get Your Email Answered

I’m not going to lie. I STOLE this entire email from my inbox and copy/pasted it here for you. It’s from DJ Waldow, who is one of the smartest people talking about email marketing out there. But this? This is a great email he sent me. Not because he praises me. In fact, I’ll explain why.

SUBJECT: Tea. Podcasts. Online Stalking. Vine. Secret audio.



    Short version:


    Longer version:

I hope you are not TOTALLY creeped out by my recent “online stalking” of you. You are sharing some really interesting/funny/helpful stuff on G+, FB, your blog, Vine, etc these days so … well … I’m … yeah.

Good stuff.

The thing I’ve been enjoying the most however, is your podcast. HOLY SHIT. Dude. This is your calling! I honestly could see you hosting a TV show. I’ve been trying to get my ass back in shape and your podcast is the perfect length for my 20 or so minute mid-day runs.

I really loved the Dan Pink one as well as the David’s Teas episode. I drink a boat load of coffee every day. However, thanks to your interview, I’ll be finding a local David’s Teas this weekend.

I also – thanks to Nick (cc’d here) – recently uncovered the “secret audio” portion of your podcast. Brilliant! Nick and I are starting to “professional borrow” some of your podcasting tricks, starting with the interview we did with Craig Jarrow – The Time Management NINJA – which will publish a week from Wednesday. We recorded an intro.

So, if you are still reading this, that all was a long way of saying this.


P.S. I bolded that in case it’s all you read.

Have a kick ass weekend. Do something Kid President like…

DJ Waldow

The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing

Why This Was Awesome

In case I have to explain it, I will:

  1. Great subject line. Dragged me in.
  2. Respectful of my time.
  3. Great conversational tone and off-the-record. (He never knew I’d be printing this or he’d be a lot more polite. Maybe.)
  4. It wasn’t just praise but a sense of what I did right, so I could consider doing more of that.
  5. It let me know that I’m doing well by the running crowd, time-of-show wise.

So, I think there’s a lot to learn from DJ. What do you think?

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  • daddy yank

    :/ just wasted 5 mins of my llife

    • Chris Brogan

      So sorry to hear it. You can go back to yanking now.

  • Annabel Candy

    I love it and am always impressed by the way you reply to my emails.

    I like this guy a lot because most people don’t take the time to say thank you and he did. In a great way. And now I want to listen to your podcasts too. They are on my phone already but this has made me want to tap into the asap :)

    • Chris Brogan

      DJ’s a really nice fellow. : )

      • DJ Waldow

        Well thanks Chris. I probably should add that to my resume. “a really nice fellow.” Ha! Thanks Annabel for your kind words too!

  • NeverMissGift

    Random act of kindness – I like it. Also like it because I did not know you did podcasts – will check it out!

    • Chris Brogan

      Well cool!

  • Mike Kawula

    Sincere and Just a nice thank you with no motives attached. Acts of kindess pay back in more ways than anyone can measure. You’ve done a great post and even Tony Robbins has tweeted it out. Just put the podcast on my list for my walk this morning on Stitcher (Love Stitcher)!

    • Chris Brogan

      So nice, right? And cool that Tony shared. He’s a good egg. We met a few years ago to shoot a video for his project.

      • Mike Kawula

        I am such a huge Tony Robbins fan and will hopefully soon do his Fiji Resort with my wife. I’ve met so many great people to learn from by following Tony (the late Chet Holmes being one who’s taught me a ton). Must of been awesome doing a video with him. Look forward to following your blog and podcast. Enjoy the week.

  • Michael Belk

    Chris, the email was very effective. I would have read it as well. I love the way he was respectful of your time and the praises are not overly done because it is how he really feels.
    He is also getting an unexpected benefit by working out during podcast. That has to be good, it gives me an idea.

    • DJ Waldow

      Thanks Michael. I was actually worried that I was OVER-praising Chris. See: online stalking. Ha!

  • Dave Walsh

    Hi Chris.
    I think it’s a great email and I love the fresh approach – guaranteed to make an impact.
    I noticed there was no question in the email nor any call to action so I was wondering if this formula was actually best suited to the How To Get Your Emails Answered question.
    I hope you don’t mind me picky, I’d really like to hear what you think and like I said at the top – I love the approach.

    • Chris Brogan

      I think it was more a point that he had a great way of capturing and owning my attention.

    • Joseph Manna

      I think the value is in being human. Not every email has to have a call to action. A kind gesture goes a long way.

  • Mitch Jackson

    Chris- Thanks for sharing such a great email. Because we’re all so busy and have such short attention spans, this approach (with a couple of slight modifications) probably works very well in everyday one on one communications both on and offline. Wish more lawyers wrote this way. Sharing it with my tribe. Maybe they’ll get the hint :-)

    • DJ Waldow

      I’d love to get an email from my lawyer that was more human.

      • Mitch Jackson

        We’re working on it DJ. It’s a process… :-)

    • Chris Brogan

      So thrilled it worked for you. : )

  • Jack

    Post should be titled How to Warn People Never to Email or Work With Me. If you have that little respect for privacy you don’t deserve any of my attention.

    • DJ Waldow

      Jack: I was perfectly fine with Chris posting this verbatim on his blog. I’m pretty sure there was nothing in the contents of that email that was all that personal. Carry on…

      • Nixon Virtual Strategies

        As long as permission was asked before posting, that’s cool.

    • Chris Brogan

      I’d love to not have your attention.

  • DJ Waldow

    Well that sure was unexpected. Ha!

    Glad this email resonated with you, Chris. And I hope your community sees value in it too.

    I’m a big believer in being human when you communicate – via email, text, IM, Twitter, FB, face to face – whatever. I also think subject lines matter … not just in email marketing messages, but in personal emails too. Be direct. Be funny. Be human.

    • jackinessity

      Oh wow… was in a low moment/lull in my workday and thought I’d see what Chris had to say lately, but this is a nice twist. DJ, after seeing that exchange, am really regretting that I didn’t quite manage to find you at Dreamforce last year. Let’s actually meet one of these years, hmm? Also, Chris would probably appreciate if you taught me a thing or two about, like condensing emails and bolding important stuff. Because I’m afraid I’m a little prolific when it comes to mails. And comments. I’d go back and bold things, but that’s probably inadvisable at this point…I’ll message you :)

      • DJ Waldow

        Ha. Well, I’m glad that this helped brighten up your day (my words, not yours). We will meet one of these days. I don’t actually get out of the house much. Need to change that!

        • jackinessity

          Yes! I sent you a group message through facebook with several suggested dates for a group thing with the PureSocial team. Hop over and see if anything works, ok? Or shoot me a gmail ~@jackinessity We’ll get you out of the house, for sure. :)

        • jackinessity

          woops I meant PureMatter… haha though they are social, so you can’t blame the slip. Basically the awesome Kramer duo. You’ll like.

    • Jared Easley

      Subject Line: Taking Notes & Mt. Rushmore of E-mail Marketing

      Short Version: Well-played

      Long Version: You’ve got it DJ (the write stuff)! I am a New Kid on the marketing Block & your e-mail to Chris is a fun example to others. We are better equipped on how to “Hangin’ Tough” (please pardon the boy band pun) with great templates & advice like this! I appreciate your example & thank you to @nothinglost for sharing it!

      • Timothy

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    • shirley321

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  • John Kamal

    Amazing. Great job @djwaldow:disqus. I jotted down a couple of notes for my future “professional borrowing” lol.

    Thanks for sharing @chrisbrogan:disqus. And DJ is right. The podcast is awesome. In addition to the Dan Pink one, I really liked the Chris Guillebeau one. Good stuff.

    • Chris Brogan

      Thanks, John. I’m doing what I can. : )

    • DJ Waldow

      Thanks, John. As Chris would say (and did above), STEAL … don’t borrow. If you borrow, I’d have to ask for it back (and I’m not sure what “it” is)

  • Sarah Argue

    This is amazing. Love the personality that shines through the email. You can tell he really appreciates your work! Thanks for sharing

    • Chris Brogan

      Just a swell way to get a point across, I say. : )

  • Rick Noel, eBiz ROI, Inc.

    Loved the email Chris. Subject lines are the all important gatekeeper necessary earn readers attention to open, then read on. Also loved the thank you which is perhaps the most under utilized currency at all of our collective disposal. Your response to yank was priceless! Thanks for sharing :-)

  • SL Clark

    Brilliant post via an email Ninja. May we each be so precisely elegant in our communications and Chris, thank you for everything you’re doing!

  • Eddie Gear

    Now that a clear template has been published, everyone is going to use this and its going to become common :)

  • Joseph Manna

    This is why DJ Waldow is a badass. Glad to be in both of your company.

    Way to be personable and remarkable, DJ! :-)

    • DJ Waldow

      Why thank you, Joe. I’ll have to add “badass” to my (online) resume.

  • Polo duffle bag, Caprese handb

    Nice article. Good to see this…

    Thank You Very Much for posting this.. :-)

    • DJ Waldow

      Dear Polo duffle bag, Caprese handb:

      Thank you. I was good to see, right? Thank YOU Very Much for leaving that comment.

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  • Jared Easley

    Where’s Waldow? Thank you for finding & sharing the hidden treasure in this great e-mail.

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  • Sheetal Sharma

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