Instagram Video and What It Means for Vine

I was a latecomer to Instagram. I didn’t much care for it. I called it “fake record covers of your boring life.” And now, I much prefer Instagram to Facebook. I like the little vignettes of people’s lives I see in photos. I like it more than Flickr. I like it more than a lot of places. Maybe even Twitter. And now, Instagram is offering video – 15 seconds. And everyone wants to know: Is Instagram a Vine Killer? 2013-06-20 11.19.56

What’s Instagram? What’s Vine

Instagram is a photo (and now video) sharing site. People log in, post photos, “like” other people’s photos, etc. Vine is a video sharing site. The other difference is that Instagram allows 15 seconds of video. Vine allows 6.

Will Instagram Kill Vine?

Instagram currently has 16 billion photos, 1 billion likes a day, and over 130 million users. It’s pretty big and getting some video in there is going to be useful and kind of interesting.

People’s first reaction is that because Vine has a six second limit and Instagram has a fifteen second limit that Instagram will do better. Twitter has a 140 character limit and Facebook has a reasonably endless character allowance, and Facebook has more people using it, so there’s some understanding why you think that way.

But no, Instagram will not kill Vine. People who like Vine and Twitter a lot will use that. People who like Instagram and Facebook a lot will use that. Some people will bleed over and do everything.

Use What You Like

When you worry about where people will spend their time, you miss the point. That’s an advertising mindset. If you’re going to spend MONEY on either platform doing something with ads, well, I guess worry about who can best serve your ad to the very specific people you hope to reach. If you’re looking at this as another social media outpost, then do what I tend to recommend in these cases: use the platform that lets you tell your story the way you best want to tell it.

What’s the Value in 15 of 6 Second Video?

People asked the same thing about Twitter. A few years later, they grudgingly got on it. Now, it’s pretty much embedded in how media is shared and how we talk about various events in realtime. Don’t ask the question, is my point. Just get involved. Start using it. See what people are doing there. That’s always the best way.

We live in a world of multitudes of channels. Pick a few, use them, find value. Don’t worry about which kills who. It’s all good. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  • Scott Ayres

    Yeah for many it won’t be an either or. They’ll use both. But for half hearted users of Vine, like myself now since moving to Android last month, I won’t use Vine anymore probably. As it didn’t work well. The looping factor on Vine makes it unique and creative types will be able to continue making cool stop action type videos. But Instagram (like Facebook) I think appeals more to the social user and the average joes. Just like Google+ appeals more to tech oriented and biz types.

    • Chris Brogan

      Agreed that Vine has to step up its game now, tech wise. They were a bit buggy and didn’t have any pressure to work faster.

  • Merlene

    My initial thought after the Instagram video announcement was RIP Vine – until I saw the other news that Gary Vaynerchuk has just launched a Vine Talent Agency “Grape Story”. I figure if someone as video savvy as Gary is and putting his weight into an agency based on Vine, it’s not going anywhere.

    You’ve just confirmed this ;)

    • Chris Brogan

      It’ll all be vine, er fine. :)

      • Merlene

        Wondering if Gary will branch out to Instagram?

  • Jason HeadsetsDotCom

    YouTube vs Vimeo.

    • Chris Brogan

      YouTube for search. Vimeo for premium private content.

      • Jason HeadsetsDotCom

        Completely agree.

    • hardlynormal

      YouTube for community, quality and mobile. Vimeo charges money for 1080 and their videos don’t automatically convert to mobile. I like the look and feel of Vimeo better, but the point of putting a video online is so people see it. YouTube will always out preform Vimeo in getting views.

      1/4 of my video views (average 60k per month) are now from mobile. That percentage will grow. All YouTube videos are instantly converted to mobile free of charge.

      As a nonprofit, YouTube gives us lots of cool features. Vimeo does nothing to give back.

      I actually use both, but only promote the YouTube videos

  • http://Cate.TV/ Cate.TV

    It’s all good in the hood :) every day I hang my hat where my hood is …. That is all :)

  • Media3

    people experienced short video sharing experience from vine but it won’t get killed but may be left alone…..

  • Sardar Mohkim Khan

    I think its more about preferences. Perhaps Vine’s 6 second limit is in sync with Twitter (keep it short and simple), which is what keeps it going. 15 seconds, honestly doesn’t really bring anything unique.

    The only advantage Instagram has its userbase.

  • Theresa Ceniccola

    Thanks, Chris. You are my Go-To Guy when it comes to understanding the latest social media sites and tools and I appreciate the clear and simple explanation. Curious about your thoughts as a dad – kids on Vine and/or Instagram?

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  • Hashim Warren

    “When you worry about where people will spend their time, you miss the point.”

    It’s a worthwhile question. People want to know if they’re betting on a dying horse.

    Imagine the difference between the people who went all in on Twitter, and those who bet on Pownce.

    One person is rewarded with the compound interest of community attention, and the other person gets their content and connections flushed down the internet drain.

    Here’s my prediction: not only is Vine a dead end, but its parent, Twitter. Twitter is the new MySpace. It has legacy popularity, and the fiery growth has fizzled. Celebrities and their fans get value out of it, but your business or cause will be ignored.

    Instead, master Facebook and Youtube, and experiment with Instagram, and Google+. We’ll still be typing those 4 brands into our browsers 5 years from now.

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  • Chris Norton

    Hmm Vine is slick because it is essentially tweets in video. The 15 secs Instagram version is likely to take longer to download and use more bandwidth. I love Vine but then we use that and Instagram for our clients. This move just shows that Facebook realises it needs to innovate on mobile. I think I agree with you though – this won’t kill Vine but it shows you the power a new app can have. What’s App has really taken the social market by surprise because it sends more than 27 billion messages a day. Not bad for a relatively newbie.

    • Wanda Davidson

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  • Jared Easley

    I keep telling my wife that good things can happen in 15 seconds.

    • Andypandie


  • Stacy Summers

    cool post! thanks

    • evelyn582

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