LinkedIn and Trust

Mario Sundar Snaps My friend, Mario Sundar, from LinkedIn contacted me and wanted to do something fun to give away some copies of Trust Agents to folks on Twitter. The thing I love the most about LinkedIn is the reputation engine. Recommendations and referrals there are an awesome tool. That’s what we wrote about in Trust Agents, by the way: the reputation engine and how Trust Agents use LinkedIn.

So, Mario had an idea for a giveaway. Here’s how it works:

LinkedIn LogoAnswer this question ON TWITTER (not on this blog): “Who from your LinkedIn network would you endorse and why?” Respond VIA TWITTER and either share the URL to that person’s profile, or at least tag the post #linkedin to be considered.

The first 50 people who respond ON TWITTER appropriately to the question will get a copy of Trust Agents sent to them, courtesy of LinkedIn.

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  • Mario Sundar

    we almost had 50 endorsements in 5 minutes? I'd endorse @jowyang for sharing his learning generously + being a great mentor / friend #linkedin #trustagents

  • ruthanndisotell

    I would recommend Steven Firrello of Bridgewater Autuobody. He is an active listener when you are decribing your problem and is proactive in helping you to see areas that need more attention.

  • Mark Copeman

    Seeing as I can't enter the competition as I looked at this 7 minutes after the post!! I thought I'd enter it here…

    I would like to endorse @LesleyEverett. My first 8.45 Club subject matter expert partner with a fabulous outlook on life who's very good at what she does in the personal branding space. Couldn't wish for a nicer person to do business with too – which is always a bonus!

  • TimMoore

    Love it! Great idea Mario.

  • Batman

    It would seem that I've come too late to the party…. That's what I get for working :) A reminder that Multitasking is not for the weak, or faint of heart….

  • MLDina

    I love this idea! LinkedIn is really the only universal business networking tool out there. Of course there are other fantastic social networking platforms, but they're either personal contact-based or on a smaller scale.

  • Ken Montville

    Done deal. This is a wonderful way to get the word out!

  • EyeView

    It's a great idea for a promotion, Chris. Thanks to your support it worked really well for EyeView when we did the same thing last week.

    I hope the kids at LinkedIn have even half as much success as we did with the giveaway.

    Twitter is an amazing tool for this kind of targeted promotion. I think we're going to see a lot more of these kinds of things in the future and it feels nice to have shared an idea with a company as cool as LinkedIn.

  • BenSpark

    I only saw this way too late on my feed reader to get in with my endorsement, however I did one for a friend I met at Affiliate Summit East. He was not fortunate to get a copy of Trust Agents and I think he certainly would be a great candidate for this. Just wish I'd have gotten my endorsement in as soon as this was posted. Here was my endorsement anyway. –

  • Nicholas Dragon

    Dang, contest is already over? Guess I will have to just buy the book, haha.

    NicholasDragonRT @chrisbrogan #linkedin I recommend… because he is a local social media guru!

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  • Tyler

    Did I miss it, or have the winners been announced? Great cross promotion.

  • freya3377

    Jeez I missed it… and by a lot more than a hairs-breath. :)
    But here is my endorsement.

    I would like to pick up a copy Chris. Is it available in India? Can you help me out?
    Did ask earlier too but I guess you must have missed it. Hope to respond this time :)


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  • Jonathan G

    Chris, any idea as to when the copies of Trust Agents will be mailed out? I was one of the winners; I am really looking forward to reading it. Thanks for your time.

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    I like what you said.

  • Timberland shoes

    I like what you said.

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  • buy dsi r4

    Wonderful idea.Really LinkedIn is one of those sites that tends to get brushed aside in the sexy, shiny world of social media. It's not flashy, we rarely hear buzz about billion dollar valuations and you don't get eleventy billion email reminders to visit because your contacts on LinkedIn are not encouraged to write on your wall, send zombies after you or take lengthy and inane quizzes.

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    rong” — they’re just serving different audiences, and both of them have been successful for a long time.

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    at least tag the post #linkedin to be considered.

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    I love the most about LinkedIn is also the reputation engine

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      I have been with Triond for the past 1 year. I hope if I had got such suggestions, it would have been much more helpful for me. I learnt it the hard way. Hope the new comers an easier time.

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    I love the most about LinkedIn is also the reputation engine

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