My Best Twitter Advice

I’ve written lots about Twitter over the years. If you want my best advice, here’s a list of some of my best Twitter advice:

50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business

50 Power Twitter Tips

Using Twitter Search For Business

Get More Twitter Followers Today

Spread Your Wings – Get More Retweet Action Today

As time goes on, I’ll add to this. But that’s a decent start for you, right?

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  • Steve Shoemaker

    Chris I love your blog and have read a lot of your post.

    I really liked 50 power twitter tips so much I put a link to it in my twitter resource page of my blog.

    Your knowledge about the subject has been very helpful.

    Thanks for sharing real value,
    Steve Shoemaker

    • Chris Brogan

      Happy to help, Steve. : )

    • Chris Brogan

      Happy to help, Steve. : )

  • Jason mKey

    Quick question: Do you think Twitter is valuable to any business? Is there an occasional circumstance where being on twitter just doesn’t make sense and not worth the time or effort? Curious about your thoughts on this.


  • Anonymous

    Excellent curative effort I need to go back and evaluate some of the older content on my blog and re-share. Going to share this..

  • amsall

    Cool weekend post. I’ve just “Amplified” it :-)

  • Bryan Bliss

    I like the content aggregation model you’re using here. just as i was resolving that not every single post goal of mine had to be groundbreaking original longform content, i feel more comfortable with the idea and your format here because there is ( or there can be) such depth of value in the resources.
    Synthesizing, streamlining and refocusing the existing content into easier to find and digest chinks really does provide a valuable service, especially when everyone is so pressed for time and dealing with information overload/overwhelm.

  • Chris Brogan

    No, not every business. I can see several situations where it won’t matter. I guess the better question to have asked was, “Do you think a ____ business should use Twitter?”

    : )

  • CAM Auto Mag

    Thanks for this post Chris, I will be implementing some of these ideas in my site.

  • Rosmadi Mahmood

    Great post, Chris! I find it very useful and will definite share it.

  • Rogersstones

    It sounds cool. All this advices and suggestion are really effective and producing the results in a required period of time. Most of the experts suggest that.

  • William Hushburn

    I’ve been trying to get more followers on Twitter. That seems to be helpful for advertising my site.

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