Now a New York Times Bestseller

Trust Agents We just got word from Wiley last night that YOUR effort paid off. YOU made Trust Agents a New York Times Bestseller.

You pushed. You tweeted. You blogged. You showed people twitpics. You took part in the Trust Agents community. It was all you.

Julien and I thank you. It was amazing. I’m so glad for all that you did.

We’re way down in the belly of the list, and HOPING that if we sell a few hundred more this coming week that we’ll start showing up in newspapers in the more common part of the list.

There are still three more offers of “buy 300, get a 1/2 day of Chris Brogan,” left. I’ve sold two. Remember that when these run out, I’ll move the offer up to “buy 500” so if you want to make that deal with me, jump in now.

But for the rest of you, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. runs on the Genesis Framework

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